Mad Max: Fury Road is probably the greatest movie ever made


Judging by this trailer, the fourth Mad Max movie is everything we’ve ever wanted in a movie…

HOLY SHIT! I just watched Beyond Thunderdome for the first time recently, so obviously, the last thing I was all that interested in seeing was another Mad Max romp. This is a franchise that’d been dead for three decades after going out with a watchable, yet ridiculously campy whimper. I was done, so was the rest of the world. As of two minutes and twenty-nine seconds ago… everything is different now.

Jesus Post-Apocalyptic, Bigfoot-Flippin’ Christ! We’ve been writing up trailers for a while here at Laser Time, and I can’t remember being so won over by one to this extent since the first Avengers trailer. And that I was anticipating. Mad Max I’d all but written off entirely. I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised living in a world with six, soon-to-be seven Fast and Furious movies that keep getting better and better, but good God, was I floored by the practical effect heavy BOOM/BAM on display. I’m not even sure if Tom Hardy said anything, but then a semitrurck was gobbled up by a fucking tornado made of lava and I was practically tripping over myself to get over here and toss up what might be the greatest piece of consumer marketing material of our generation. This will be the trailer we tell our children about! I’m barely joking – CLICK THAT SHIT, PEOPLE!

mad max fury road boom

Even better, this is from the brain of George Miller, the man behind the original films, and his last directorial efforts were fucking Happy Feet movies. Don’t think to much about it, just enjoy. Man, looks like somebody’s ass will be catching up on the Mad Max Trilogy over the Holidays.

14 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road is probably the greatest movie ever made

  1. Best produced/edited trailer of the year! This film knows exactly what it is and has now became my most anticipated film of 2015.

  2. I sure as shit wouldn’t call Miller a genius or mastermind, but this movie looks about seven shades of fucking awesome. 2015 is going to be a great year for movies

  3. When I saw the 2014 Comic-Con trailer, I made Mad Max: Fury Road my most anticipated film of 2015. This new trailer just reinforces my excitement and anticipation.

    While we will have to wait and see if Mad Max: Fury Road is great or not, the two trailers did their job and more. They were both perfect trailers, showcasing the action and practical effects in the film (which I love a lot). Plus, you can never go wrong with Tom Hardy.

  4. I’ve never watched a Mad Max movie before, so I have no affection or nostalgia for this franchise. But this looks unashamedly chaotic and over the top, which I love. And also something that’s rare to see in post-apocaliptic scenarios, which are usually very morose and dreary.

    Will be checking it out for sure!

  5. Any trailer that uses “Dies Irae” wins points in my book.

    We haven’t had a good desert apocalypse movie in a while, so I am glad. But Mad Max always plays second fiddle to Fist of the North Star in my book. Sure, fire tornados are cool, but I want a Holy Emperor with a motorcycle/throne that enslaves children to make a pyramid dedicated to his awesomeness.

  6. TOE CUTTAAA!!! is in this, at least the actor is. It’s good to see that Miller was happy to direct a full mad max again after what happened with thunderdome where he only directed the action sequences due to his parter and co creator of mad max dying while scouting the film.
    Also, hope he can bring back the Aussie vibe that was lost on thunderdome.

  7. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t watched a film in the series (yet!). I will certainly get on that soon.

    So, is this intended as a remake or a continuation just with Tom Hardy replacing Gibson?

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