Anime Watch Week(s) 8 & 9, Part 1

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After a week off, Anime Watch returns with a double helping of your favorite anime!

Hi everyone, apologies for the break, but the holidays and traveling to Oklahoma to meet the boyfriend’s parents kind of took precedent, but I’m back, and I’ve got a lot of anime to talk about! I’ve decided to do a bulk post, since I’m covering 2 episodes for each series, save for Parasyte (which actually got two episodes the week of Thanksgiving) so there will be quite a bit of writings coming your way. I’ll still separate the respected series into their “Parasyte, World Trigger, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fate/stay night UBW” pairings, but each post will cover multiple episodes. Got that, all ready, because I am, so let’s talk anime!

Psycho-Pass Episodes 7 & 8

*HEAD-BANGING-UPON-DESK* Why, why, why do I keep watching this show? Even more than that, why do I keep expecting any more than mediocrity every week? Every week, I load up Psycho-Pass, but as soon as it starts, I cringe in anticipation for what misery lies next. I’ve been trying to think back to the first series and what made it so captivating and had me marathon it nearly nonstop over two days, and the answer is surprisingly simple: it was good writing. Not especially one-hundred percent terrific writing mind you, just good writing. Oh, there were plenty of amazing, well-written plots and episodes in the first series, but you could always count on each episode to be at least “good” by the end. Out of the eight episodes that have aired for this pile of shame, only episode five and seven have had me even mildly interested in Psycho-Pass’ second season.

Episode 8 has completely taken Psycho-Pass into a level of messed up, poorly planned, and utterly garbage writing that it’s almost like the producers and directors are messing with us. They know how much the fans like the franchise, and are toying with us to keep coming back. Unfortunately for them, I’m not coming back; after this season is over, I’m dropping Psycho-Pass, and it will forever go unfinished. I absolutely cannot tolerate the bile they’re spewing at us every week, and I apologize for hating on it every week, but as busy as I already am, and spending 20+ minutes a week on a show that’s sheer trash is a peeve of mine. I could be doing much more enjoyable things with my time than devoting it to Psycho-Pass and its plot.

*SIGH* Sorry, but I’ve been needing to say that for a while now, and Psycho-Pass has brought out the worst in me this week, haha! In episode 7 we learn Kamui was in a plane accident as a child, being the only survivor of 200, and the holograms he’s been using are adult versions of the other kids involved in the crash. Hence why they’re undetectable and unrecognizable; but If that was enough of a twist, episode 8 explained more, mainly as to how Kamui “clears” people’s Crime Coefficient. It’s drugs, he gives them a combination of drugs…

*GROAN* Even better, the reason he himself is unable to be read by Sybil, are you ready for this? He’s an assemblage of a bevy of those aforementioned dead children’s bodies. He has seven different brains making up his one, and god only knows how many other parts. What. The. FUCK?! You know, what though, that’s actually kind of interestingly cool. At least those both explain something and answer something. Kamui is the most interesting characters in the entire show, so the more time spent on his character is good in my opinion.

Oh, and the Chief is the “mother” of Tougane. That was the lesser revelation to hit, but it did happen, but at this point, it’s too little too late. Let’s just get through these next few weeks, Psycho-Pass, and you’ll never have to hear from me again, I promise… Look, I highly recommend the first series of Psycho-Pass, and nearly everything else that Gen Urobichi is involved in, but this show is simply a bad show. Everything about this series that makes it good lies in its first series, stick to it, and enjoy it, because it’s fantastic. Avoid season two at all costs.

Terra Formars Episode 9 & 10

This show, for the past few episodes, could have been called “The Adolf Reinhardt Show” given how much screen time he’s had. Sadly, as much as time as he’s gotten, his story was told in episode eight, so these episodes were drawn out, really saying nothing, and making his character and actions overblown and boring.

Typical anime episode run about 20 minutes, minus the opening, ending, and recap; so saying Terra Formars followed this setup, these two episodes had ~40 minutes to handle Reinhardt’s division and allow the story to advance even further. But no, we spent 35 minutes of that time with Reinhardt sprawled upon the ground for a good chunk of time, with Eva screaming at him incessantly to get up, and Terra Formars obliterating him and then them being obliterated endlessly. It was a cycle of boredom, blood, and repetitive incessant actions.

Terra Formars is a show I can defend to an extent, but stuff like this, when there are several other things going on during this, and you focus too long on a character that has told his tale and it’s wrapped up, it’s just too much. He literally would not die, and just kept getting back up after inhuman odds kept him down. I get it: “it’s a testament to the human spirit”, “humans are better than these creatures”, etc. But focusing on it for 30+ minutes was unnecessary. I only needed one more episode with Reinhardt’s division, and then move on to the next one. I really don’t care about these characters already, seeing as how you given no real reason to do so by now, so let’s get to the meat of this series and kill them off already.

That’s the bulk of Terra Formars, introduce the fodder, and have them die in the most vicious, almost sadistic ways. That’s why we watched the OVA, also that is why Crunchyroll put up the uncensored version, and that’s why the Blu-Rays will be circulated. Characterization was never this series’ strong point, but suddenly you’ve introduced it to the foray. It’s too little and way too late. This show is mindless action, with a razor-thin plotline; nothing more, nothing less. Trying to make it into something more at this stage is a fruitless endeavor, and let’s just move the plot along. Given the episode count left, and no real end in sight, it’s likely this will get another cour in 2015, but like Psycho-Pass, I won’t be joining it there. I can take mindless shows and action, but I still like good shows that fight those genres. Terra Formars is about as basic as you can get, and there are a number of better programs out there to spend your free time with.

Gundam Reconguista Episodes 9 & 10

I still cannot figure this show out. It’s all over the place, and yet somehow focused. Too many unanswered questions, raising more and more every week, and it’s almost intolerable. Not on the level of Psycho-Pass or World Trigger, but it’s close. At least with Gundam Reconguista, it’s almost fun trying to figure out how the Sunrise team is developing this story into a somewhat competent narrative.

The pirates and the Capital reunite and discuss their various situations, but are still eager to attack one another and defeat the other side. It’s chaotic, but not like there’s a battle every few minutes. Bellri and crew are always enthusiastic to defeat any and all comers, but at some point they must stop and think about what they’re doing and how it may not be helping anyone. Ceaseless, faceless fighting can’t possibly be good for everyone, so perhaps have a dialogue between the heads of each party?

This idea of “irreconcilable differences” that plague too many shows is a huge pet peeve of mine. I mean, if the sides have tried it in the past before, that’s fine of course, but show us that. Don’t have us go in blind, assuming these states, people, or countries are at war without the attempt(s) to have a conversation between one another. I also realize that going that route, having characters debate and argue isn’t as fun or flashy as robots fighting one another, but at least with good writing and characters, it can be done. Attack on Titan did it well with Erin’s trial, so it’s very possible to pull it off.

As colorful and creative the designs of Gundam Reconguista are, unless the show leaves me wanting more by season’s end, I doubt I’ll be returning to it any time soon. Tomino and crew have had too many opportunities to pull this show together and make it an instant classic, but are faltering with every episode. And don’t argue that it can’t be true, as both Parasyte and Fate/stay night UBW have proven that this season; those after only a few episodes. Gundam Reconguista isn’t a terrible show; it’s just bad and hardly capable of carrying the Gundam name and legacy. Maybe that will change by the show’s finale, but I won’t be there to learn that, I’ll have moved on.

I apologize once again for the slow response on getting these reviews up in a timely manner. The Thanksgiving holiday and general busyness of my life has created an unhappy schedule for me. Luckily, there are only a few more weeks/episodes of this season to cover, and next season I’ll be back with a less busy season. 2015 will be a terrific year for anime (like most are) and I’ll be better about being on time and topical with the series I cover! I sincerely want to thank Laser Time and everyone here for giving me the chance and opportunity to do this on a weekly basis, and I’m eternally grateful to Chris specifically. Seriously, the guys with Laser Time and formerly of Games Radar have always been a huge inspiration to me, and I’m so thankful to be able to do this stupid stuff for them and with them. Bah, enough sappy writings, on to the next week!

6 thoughts on “Anime Watch Week(s) 8 & 9, Part 1

  1. You say favorite anime, but one of these shows is a train wreck. Urobuchi has started shows and let other people keep writing them (Aldnoah Zero, Suisei no Gargantia) but those shows have all had solid to great writing. I don’t remember the last time I watched a show and wished that they stopped at one season. Psycho Pass season 2 really does spoil the fun for a good first season.

    1. In my defense, I don’t write the blurbs under the banners; not usually anyway!
      I definitely noticed the decline in aldnoah almost immediately, though it was still bearable, and I’ve got Suisei in my queue, but Psycho-Pass is just GOD AWFUL!

      Only a handful of episodes have been good (not great, terrific, or excellent, simply “good”) this season. After 8 weeks I finally realized every show in this particular “part” are the shows I can’t bear any more. World Trigger is also another one, but it’s slid into the other part. I dislike that this is a bit of a “hate-fuck” to these shows, but if they were good… Well, I wouldn’t have to say such harsh things!

    1. Sadly no, it doesn’t. It a watchable show, but not a “must-see”; not right now at least. Perhaps by the end it can become something better, but if you’re considering starting back up, there’s not need to do so currently There are many better shows out there to spend your time one *COUGH* Parasyte *COUGH*

      1. Gundam Unicorn is a great show, 7 fairly epic OAVs.

        I am interested in Gundam the Origin, since I am far too young to have been around when Gundam was THE BIG THING

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