Vidjagame Apocalypse 93 – Classics Revisited


The longer a tie-in game takes to come out after the movie it’s based on, the better it tends to be. By that logic, the five games in this week’s Top 5 — which all adapted movies that came out at least two decades before — must be AMAZING. Then it’s on to some chatter about Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Suikoden II, the PlayStation Experience, and the games that made you cry.

Question of the Week

If you could turn any old movie (let’s say pre-1990) into a game, what would it be?



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28 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 93 – Classics Revisited

  1. The Marx Bros classic Duck Soup, I’d like TellTale game where one switches between the Bros, Zeppo included and engage in political decisions and espionage. A second choice would be Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein it could be a comedy/horror game where you can switch between Bud Abbott, The Wolfman and Dracula etc. In case your wondering my sister and I lived with my grandparents for awhile thus I absorbed alot of shticky vaudevillian comedies in my formative years.

  2. Maybe you could make a game based in the world of Blade Runner. I think that world looks compelling enough to tell a story in.

  3. I would shit my drawers with excitement if Platinum made a Star Wars character action game that played like Revengeance, especially with the blade mode/zandatsu and parry system, just with a lightsaber instead of the HF blade.

  4. Jason and the Argonauts, not just so we could have a good non-God of War Greek myth game (Rise of the Argonauts was really lacking) but also we could keep the old 60s swords and sandals adventure style and presentation.

    The film already has a game flow with regular NPCs, quests and monster boss fights but also the classic Ray Harryhausen monster design that many retellings of Greek myth have been influenced by since.

  5. Duke is back! Yay!

    Although mainly, I love him just because I get to hear Baker’s street. That song is fantastic.

    Also, holy shit, you guys played Macross music during the news segment! Man, that show and universe is so under appreciated.

    All this talk about how suikoden II is so great and rare have convinced me to download it and the first game. Hopefully this will be a series that has warranted praise and nostalgia, unlike the overrated Chrono trigger. (No, in never gonna shut up about that, the world is wrong for thinking it’s so great when it really isn’t. It’s just solid, good game, but not one of the best ever, not by a long shot.)

  6. I’d love to see Sean Connery’s Outland turned into a game. It could use the Alien Isolation engine and have action and detective elements to it. In case you don’t remember Outland was a sci-fi movie in which Connery is a space marshal at a mining colony on Jupiter’s moon IO. The miners start going nuts and he has to uncover the conspiracy behind it. It had uneven acting but it was a cool setting and premise.

  7. I want telltale to make a game out of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, and yes, I do want chief smothering jack nichaulson to be a quick time event.

  8. To Dave about a Running Man game, your wish has already been mostly granted! Platinum’s Wii game MadWorld. You play a dude fighting through various city locales, junkyards, rooftops and what not, fighting big crazy bosses all while two crazy commentators (voiced by John DiMaggio and Greg Proops) talk about everything you do.

    It’s not a perfect game, but I had a fun time with it.

  9. QotW:

    Remember 007 Legends? It was a really poorly reviewed FPS that came out as a tie in to Skyfall. The opening is the same as the opening to Skyfall, but when Bond nearly dies he has flashbacks of past missions which are basically remakes of the older Bond movies updated to a modern setting with Daniel Craig as Bond. In addition to being a bland FPS, I didn’t like a lot of the movie choices. Moonraker and Die Another Day, really? 2 of the worst.

    I basically want a game like that one, only done well. For one thing, despite Goldeneye being regarded as one of the best FPS games every made, I don’t think the FPS genre is really suited to the character. In a Bond movie, you have parkour foot chases, various vehicle chases, fist fights, stealth sequences, etc. Bond is not just about going around shooting people. I don’t know why he has been pigeonholed into shooters. There is plenty of room to make a game that has all of these. I’d love to see classic Bond films updated for modern times with the Daniel Craig cast doing the voice work. Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and Live and Let Die would make particularly great games, in my opinion.

  10. Everyone eat a bowl of fuck, the best answer is either Beverly Hills Cop or Lethal Weapon made by Rockstar or Ubisoft. Why? Because my other answer was Adventures in Babysitting and I would like that since it’s a childhood movie of mine… and I was born in ’87.

    1. Goddamn it, those are movies IN the 80’s… okay my answer changes to Chinatown.

      “But wasn’t LA Noire basically…”
      No shut your mouth and sit down. Please. I love you.

  11. Hey everyone, apologies for my drunkeness levels in this episode. We had some surprisingly strong beer at the pizza place right before recording and it hit me pretty hard during recording. I’ll be way less rambly during my next podcast recording.

  12. I would love a Monster Squad game. It could be a Castlevania\Bully mash-up where you hunt for the amulet at night while still trying to maintain decent grades. Give it a bit of an RPG vibe where every 10 levels is followed by an 80’s training montage.

  13. Would it be possible to list who is on each week’s show in the show notes? As hard as I’ve tried to listen and enjoy every episode, it’s gotten to the point where I just turn it off if I hear Anne and Tyler are on that week. I know you guys are all friends, and I’m sure they are a lot of listener’s cup of tea, but they ruin the show for me. It would just be helpful to know in advance if it’s even worth me downloading.

    I realize those comments probably make me sound like a dick, but I’m an avid listener / supporter of all the shows, and I don’t think it’s asking for much.

  14. I would love to see a Mad Max game with just crazy upgradable cars (spikes and shit). Maybe done Red Dead style because who wouldn’t want to rope and drag an enemy behind your car. Or maybe an Aliens game that doesn’t suck….

  15. Let me start by saying sorry to everyone for bringing down the show HARD when the crew read my Company of Heroes answer to the QOTW. I can tell it was a real downer, but thanks for the read.

    QOTW: War of the Worlds

    YES I KNOW THERE ARE GAMES ALREADY, however rather than a rudimentary RTS or a puzzle side scroller (awesomely narrated by Patrick Stewart), I’d love to see an open-world survival game.

    You control a custom character with absolutely no connection with the military, scientists, or anything that could help fight the Martians. Instead, you are an every(wo)man that must survive however many days it takes for the invaders to die.

    The entire game could be procedurally generated. A lot of the game can be you engaging in randomized typical apocalyptic scenarios: scavenge and craft, trade with survivors, stave off the wildlife, fight psychotic gangs, avoid deranged military officers, etc. All of this in a San Andreas-sized map with various major metropolitan centers connected with town and countryside.

    The kicker that would truly make this a War of the Worlds game is the completely random arrival of the Martian fighting machines who show up just often enough to make it a big fucking deal when they do. There is no way to kill these monstrosities, only survive through hiding/running (like the chaotic scenes in the Spielberg remake). Again, all procedurally generated with hundreds of NPCs on screen.

    The main quest/plot could force you through the entire map – including the urban death traps. Sprinkle run-ins with characters from the various interpretations of this license for good measure. In fact, because the license really only needs the Martians exterminating humans then suddenly dying, it could be set pretty much anywhere: 1940s East Coast America, Victorian England, 1980s Brazil, modern-day China, the possibilities are endless.

  16. I think some of Hayao Miyazaki’s early movies would make good adventure games. Perhaps a game from “Valley of the Wind” that focuses on the apocalyptic war that destroyed humanity.

  17. Seven Samurai

    I know they made a bullshit third-person hack and slash about a decade ago on the ps2, but I’m talking full on Akira Kurosawa-inspired, feudal japan take. They’d have to take some liberties it being a game and all, but I could see one part of the game being the villagers trying to hire the samurai, and the other half as the samurai kind of doing quests in town, talking with the other samurai to convince them to help, preparing and training villagers, and obviously fight bandits. Could be really bad or really good. (but that’s the risk you take with licensed games). I would really like a well done, Triple A samurai game.

    Escape from New York. endless possibilities.

  18. QOTW
    Gimme a Metroidvania style (im so sorry for using that…) version of Die Hard, exploring and unlocking new parts of Nakatomi and upgrading my guns, turning into a mclaneball and navigating the vents, getting C4, a radio, etc.

    Also acceptable would be some sort of gauntlet (dragon age inquisition multiplayer?) style version of Big Trouble in Little China. Dibs on egg shen yall.

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