Cape Crisis #117 – Dark Night Returns


Thanks for waiting, everyone, because a brand new episode is HERE. Henry and Chris do a bit of audio-decompression in the first half, unloading all the excitement from their vacation and all the bad things that have been going on in the world in the last days… well, weeks… well, more like as far back as they can remember. They then dive into the big comics news that happened since the last show, deconstructing it all in the humorous way you expect (honest, they get happier in the second half). Listen and enjoy, folks!


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Sorry guys, no question this week, but we’ll do big community stuff next week, promise!

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #117 – Dark Night Returns

  1. I’ve been awake for over 21 hours straight now, and 8 of them spent calibrating a fucking analysis machine. So this episode comes as a godsend right now, because I still have at least two hours more to go -.-

    Anyway, glad to see cape crisis back!

  2. Chris, I know people expect others to intervene during fights or situations like that but it is not worth risking your life over. Also, listen to Henry and stop going to that Denny’s.

  3. Hey, you don’t have to apologize for the break you guys are one of the most consistent weekly pod-casts out there! I’m really excited to see all the films coming out, but you guys should really check out the new “The Flash!” tv show. It’s got some ups and downs but the mid-season finale was amazing! Also I’m excited at a possible BVS trailer debuting in front of the Hobbit next week if the rumors are true.

    Also Chris where can I send my comixology download codes to you and the Laser Time crew?

  4. Ive missed Henry hating on Man of Steel and Zack Snyder
    I want a whole episode about hes an incompetent director
    Has no cinematography or directorial skill at all
    Hes just like Michael Bay, but worse
    Any director thats worked for Marvel is way better.
    Every Marvel film is better than Man of Steel, not a single one has flaws
    It never gets old,

      1. Ooh well la di dah…
        Are thou a high lord of grammar Nazism?
        I say I spelled not one word falsely.
        And commenting is to be a free form for all.
        I behest thee, stfu.

        1. I’ve gotten over it. I just kinda half ignore when he does it. I still maintain Man of Steel was bad ass but oh well.

  5. Honestly don’t mind the tangents one bit on these shows, including the Crisis. Especially now that finals are murdering my brain it’s nice to have a good distraction, if only for an hour or so.

  6. Ah, the glorious return of Cape Crisis! Honestly, I don’t know why you guys kept apologizing, this episode had everything I want/expect from CC: a generous recap of the hosts’ time away from the mic, hating on Zack Snyder, Liberal politics, Newsroom discussion, Henry crushing on CM Punk, and a lot of comic talk in between. I’m serious, this is why I listen to this podcast.

    Also, when the Suicide Squad cast was announced, I immediately thought of the mutual boners Chris and I would be popping over Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn,

  7. I really liked the casting for suicide squad. Jared Leto as joker feels specially interesting to me, because Leto has proven he definitely has the chops to play crazy, unhinged characters, and because he’s bound to play a different interpretation from what Ledger did, which is the best way to go, I think.

    And yeah, Margo Robbie as Harley is perfect casting. And Will Smith is sure to add tons of charm to a comic character that honestly, feels pretty bland most of the time. My only real complaint is Boomerang’s casting, mainly because I just saw a really badass interpretation of the character in arrow, and now feel that actor should be playing boomerang on the film.

    And BTW, the actress that played precious is Monique, I believe.

      1. I actually don’t find her that attractive myself, but I do think that physically, she fits the description of Harley Quinn like a glove.

  8. Initial Tangent and Zach Snyder hate aside, this was a good episode. (Real truff: Zach Snyder fixed Alan Moore’s awful Space Octopus ending of Watchmen.)

    1. I’m not sure the ending to the movie makes any sense, to be honest.

      In the comics, Ozy kills Comedian (setting off the events of the rest of the book) because Comedian had discovered the island where the Octopus creature was being created, and discovered Ozy’s plot that way.

      In the film, Ozy kills Comedian because…?

      I may be missing something, it’s been a while, but it doesn’t make as much sense to me.

      1. In the movie, The Comedian had been running extra black ops for the government and figured out the connection between Ozy and Pyramid while on assignment. Remember that the US government didn’t like Veidt for promoting clean, renewable energy (pinko commie, etc.), so they were looking into his affairs. I don’t remember if that’s consistent with the comic?

        Also, the space octopus ending in the comic is a moronic, masturbatory move from Alan Moore. In his ending, a group of brilliant artists, scientists, and writers create a horror that halts nuclear war? Rather wishful author surrogating, isn’t it?

        Having the hatred directed at Manhattan instead of an intangible space octopus was cleaner and better. Taking Manhattan’s “nothing ends” line and giving it to Silk Spectre was unfortunate. Trouble is, Silk Spectre was a bad character in the comic and a bad character in the movie, which is less Zack Snyder’s fault and more the 1980’s fault. It’s tough to do a deconstruction and have the characters evolve past the archetypes they’re representing, and Moore failed in doing so with the women / sexpot superhero-type. Image that.

        If you can track down the Ultimate Watchmen Cut, which is the director’s cut + Black Freighter animated sequences spliced in, you’re in for a 3.5+ hour treat. I recommend it!

    2. I just love the fact that the main criticisms about Watchmen the movie are:

      1. It sticks far too closely to the book!
      2. … They changed the ending!

      I love nerds. I’m one of them, but they make no sense sometimes.

  9. Tangents, silliness, and the like. It’s why I tune in. So it was late, it’s no big deal. Lasertime is the best podcast/network in my eyes. Carry on sirs, carry on.

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