Anime Watch Week 10: Part 2

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Anime Watch wraps up Week 10 with Fate/stay Night, Parasyte, Seven Deadly Sins, and World Trigger!

Parasyte Episode 10

We’re back again, and the world of Parasyte has gotten even more ambitious and enthralling, as Shinichi and Hideo face off, and the world opens up about the parasites.

The bulk of this episode focused on Shinichi’s hunt for Hideo, along with locating Murano to ensure she’s safe and alive. Shinichi himself is still not 100% as a parasite-ridden host, and although he’s gotten stronger thanks to Migi, he’s still human, and seeing the splayed, bloodied bodies strewn about his school, it’s enough to bring him to his knees. Whether it’s sympathy, empathy, or sheer fear, Shinichi is still questioning his abilities, and unsure if he’s able to handle his new life anymore. Thankfully Migi is there to assist in this mindset, and encourage Shinichi to continue helping and trying to find Murano to make sure she’s okay. It’s this already budding relationship between the host and the parasite that helps make Parasyte very charming and its main characters likable. Shinichi has is still new to everything he’s coming into, and Migi, despite his “evolutionary existence”, is still accommodating to his host and helping ease him into the situation; almost becoming more and more human, as Shinichi seems to be losing his humanity.

Shinichi is able to ensure Murano’s safety, as well as deal the death blow to Hideo from afar, and help return the world to a more normal state…for a short while. As news about Hideo’s life came to light, the government gets a bit of the limelight and reveals that they’ve been aware of the parasitic threat for a while now. Testing, experimenting, and learning more and more about them as the days go on. What does this mean for Shinichi? And does this mean that the government has some sort of secret parasite (or multiple parasites) under wraps in case of “emergencies” that will inevitably escape and wreak havoc amongst the people? I honestly hope not, as that would a rather cliché, predictable idea to throw at us. I trust though, even if that is the case, that Parasyte can handle that line of storytelling and present in a satisfying, glorious light.

World Trigger Episode 9

It does indeed look as though things are turning around for World Trigger, and perhaps it is going to be as good as fans are saying it is. Unfortunately, it’s taken too long to get there, and very little else from its world building is actually captivating me at this point.

The production values are practically non-existent, the characters are bland, and the Border agents are the only majorly interesting creations thus far. Luckily we got more attention on the Border agents this week, along with what they’re there for, but its pace is so slow in presenting it all, that a lot of the time, I’m tuning out just trying to get through an episode. There were a couple of good moments found here though; actually involving the main character Yuma. His explanation to Chika about the various Neighbors and their also varying worlds was pretty interesting to follow along to. They’re not mindless beasts or monsters simply are surviving, much like humans, and although they do attack and kill, they’re not fully aware they’re doing anything “bad”; just surviving and basically trying to help themselves.

This presents a dynamic I always enjoy in various series: good and bad, nihilism, dichotomy. A lot of series do present this in themselves, and it’s not a new, or often well-done writing style, but when done well (Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica, nearly any other Gen Urobichi work) it can be astounding. Presenting two sides to a world’s struggle, no matter how small, can immediately invest me in your world more than you’ll ever understand. I like to think I’m a very objective person, though there are times wherein I also jump to conclusions or give knew jerk reactions. I’m not perfect, but oftentimes, I tend to weight each and every argument, and like to “see it from all sides”, and although World Trigger is doing its best to do that currently, it’s not doing it well; although I appreciate the attempt(s). it’s a matter of too little, too late.

Seven Deadly Sins Episode 10

We’re still moving at a very brisk pace for Seven Deadly Sins, and it has me somewhat worried in regards as to how this show may end. Seven Deadly Sins remains to be one of my favorite shows of the season, along with one of my favorite weekly manga series to read, but given the pace it’s making at almost halfway through its episode count, I’m more and more fearful we may head towards an anime only ending; spoiling the strength of the already terrific manga’s plot.

The Byzel tournament is nearly halfway over, with only one first round match to commence: Ban and Meliodas, so next week so provide adequate action for those who may think this show is rather lacking in that department (it’s totally not, by the way). But this fighting tournament has actually been poignant for showing us a varying side to each of the Sins. Diane shows us her diversity and strength, despite her being a Giant, she’s capable of participating in the tournament thanks to the help of some local mushrooms (don’t use drugs, kids!) and dominates her opponent, Griamor. The following battles were rather brief as well, but that will come back to play in the coming episodes and weeks, because they’re setting up characters and stories for later on.

I still can’t recommend Seven Deadly Sins enough, along with Fate/stay night and Parasyte, this season has quite a few of series well worth starting, even with the winter season just around the corner. Also, apparently, Netflix (of all places) own the licensing and streaming rights to Seven Deadly Sins, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it immediately on their streaming service by Spring 2015. Much like Knights of Sidonia earlier this year, it looks like the series will wrap up its Japanese airing schedule, and then hit most countries. This is terrific news and can only hope it makes it to the US Netflix, as I’d love to share this series with my friends; not to mention it helps grow Netflix’s anime library even more. God knows it’s been doing a terrific job lately, but it’s got a while before it can compete with the likes of Crunchyroll.

Fate/stay night UBW Episode 9

Phew, after those back-to-back episodes last time, it was great to have another slower episode to help Fate/stay night not overblow too much at once. There are still a lot of pyres in the fire, and they’re being stoked heavily, so let’s hope that Fate/stay night can ride it on into its finale that’s quickly closing in on us.

Shinji, Rider’s Master, is still defeated over his loss, and turns to Kirei’s church for Sanctuary and guidance. As I expected, Kirei is more to this story than he seemed initially, and is looking to rile up some more mischief as another Servant is still in need of a Master, and he’s looking to provide it to Shinji. Shinji seems more than desperate enough to accept the help, but I highly doubt it will end well for him in the end. But how does this Priest have this knowledge and capability to seemingly pull the strings this well? I suspect he will play a larger role more and more as the finale inches towards us; along with his blond-haired confidant that was lurking about Matō’s house. Rin and Shirō will no doubt be keeping an eye on him, but I’m more curious as to who his Servant may be. That detailed and already well known character wouldn’t simply be fodder, he must be playing some role in this game already. But, he’s likely Caster’s Master, given her presence already, and just the vibe I get from both of them.

The latter half was more information about Shirō’s past, which was overdue, and helped flesh him out even more than the last 8 episodes ever did, but there is still a lot more to go, so I’ll be patient. His ties to Kiritsugu (from Fate/Zero) will undoubtedly be touched on more as the weeks go on, but the pacing is terrific. It’s taking its time and never throwing too much at the viewer as to scare them off and confuse them. Fate/stay night and the Fate “slash” series is already rather convoluted if you look into it, but the way the writers and staff and taking care presenting it in this adaptation is incredibly commendable. Sadly, with only about three more weeks of Fate/stay night left before its finale until its Spring 2015 premiere, I’m hoping the staff take everything up to eleven to leave us wanting more into next year.

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