A Very Podcast Christmas Guide!


If you’re in need for some audible Holiday cheer, here’s a quick and handy guide to Laser Time’s semi-beloved Christmas content…

In a timeline I personally consider baffling, Laser Time is about to celebrate our FOURTH CHRISTMAS together. Jesus Christ! Now, I’m guessing most of you know that I’m a massive fan of Christmas and would never stop talking about it/creating podcasts around it if I had my way. I have zero problem enforcing mandatory cheer! But I also know a lot of you don’t share in my enthusiasm, so if you fall into that category, you better thank Ebeneezer Brelston for stopping me from piping all of our previous Xmas content directly into the subscriber feed.

This Holiday we have a ton of new content to listen to. A super-sized Japan episode, and hey, even some Christmas movie commentaries if you’re so inclined, but since I can’t seem to get our iTunes feed to show all of our past episodes, I figured I’d whip up a handy guide to Laser Time’s Christmas Past for those of you with an abundance of downtime.


Laser Time’s Xmas Special Special!
Again, I’m all about animated Christmas specials, and if you are too, I assure you this here’s a Yuletide multimedia extravaganza! I wish I could update this episode very damn year. Cartoons, claymation and puppets abound!

Cartoon Christmas Music!
In one of Laser Time’s biggest format deviations ever, Hank and I guide you through classic Christmas tunes old and new!

“The Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made
Here’s where we began a weird counter-programming effort. Tragically, I noticed a huge traffic dip every time we posted full-on Christmas content and needed to find a compromise for listeners who aren’t immediately reduced to tears by Emmet Otter music. So even the Holiday haters can have a bit of fun mocking idiotic Christmas offerings from Mario, He-Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more!

The Manliest Christmas Movies of All-Time
This is essentially a look at all those films you love and often forget take place around the end of December. There’s a lot of festive nastiness in here, so once again, loving Christmas is hardly a prerequisite.

“Killing Christmas”
In our final batch of Christmas counter-programming, we quiz one another to find the most ultra-violent, hyper-serious, least-Xmasy entertainment ever released on or around Decemeber 25th. If we only  knew about Star Wars VII

“The Christmas Toy”
Diving back into full blown sincerity, here we have Laser Time’s first and only fictional Christmas special. A full-on radio dramedy! However, it’s one I don’t expect many folks to get, let alone like. But I’m ridiculously proud of our Christmas Toy parody/topical look at the vidjagame console wars. Plus it was an absolute bitch to make, so it probably deserves another plug.

“The Worst Christmas Ever”
And we’ve arrived at 2014’s Holiday content, but DON’T STOP SCROLLING YET! Going to include a couple bonuses below. Anyway, this is us trying to figure out “The Worst Christmas Ever” using personal anecdotes and actual historical milestones. Tragedy + Comedy = THIS!

“Xmas Ad Nauseum” 
Our attempt at reflecting upon our favorite Christmas marketing… yeah, this admittedly may be our weakest offering of the holiday season, however…

“The Filthiest Christmas Songs Ever Made”
BOOM: Laser Time and Christmas come roaring back! Our latest Christmas podcast is being hailed as the funniest episode of 2014 and I’m inclined to agree. And holy shit, this might also be our most graphic episode ever. NOT SAFE FOR SPEAKERS!


While Laser Time only has a single narrative-driven Christmas special (and I really wish there was a better word for that) we’ve been involved in numerous Christmas specials/parodies throughout the years, most notably at GamesRadar.com

“A Very TalkRadar Christmas”
From 2009, I believe this is our first stab at a proper Christmas special. But yeah, it’s essentially a Best Of skinned in a parody of those old-timey “Snowed in with special guests” Christmas specials you’ll children won’t even recognize. A stroll down memory lane!

“A GamesRadar Christmas Carol”
God I love this. Ebeneezer Elston learns the true meaning of motion controls in this utter desecration of Dicken’s classic Christmas tale. This was a truly epic undertaking, I’m incredibly proud of how it turned out, and yes, it practically belongs in a time capsule at this point.

“It’s A Terrible Life”
Mikel’s stab at It’s a Wonderful Life, which I barely remember recording and have never actually listened to. This year, I swear…

THAT’S IT! Thanks for all the years of Christmas cheer, everyone! Now go off and have a happy everything!

15 thoughts on “A Very Podcast Christmas Guide!

  1. “Dear god, thank you for blessing this family with a working playstation 2 and this delicious five dollar footlong that our family is about to recieve.” GR Christmas Carol special is my favorite and here is the only link I could find to it. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone! P.S. remember to watch a bullet to the head and Driven on Christmas

    1. Oops forgot you cant post links. Google talkradar christmas carol WordPress and it will show up. “Thats a fine sports championships score” “And a merry motion christmas to you my dear.”

  2. Not technically a Christmas episode but what’s become an annual tradition for me is listening to TalkRadar 83.
    The drunken storytelling of what everyone did over their Christmas break is one of my favourite TalkRadar episodes and started the theme of similar Laser Time episodes with post-Christmas wrap ups (episode 14, episode 65, episode 108 I believe).

  3. Hey, I loved Christmas toy! And I didn’t even watch the special it’s based on! It was sincere and funny regardless, and it might be the only appearance of Lizzie in the laser time network ever! Stop selling it short Antista!

    And this is a pretty cool guide! I was actually interested in listening to those old Christmas related specials, but was feeling a tad lazy to look for them. Do this guide is very much an awesome Christmas gift!

  4. Always loved the Christmas themed episodes, since the TalkRadar days. Actually had relistened to the LT Christmas episodes recently, they’re definitely great stuff and a nice way of getting in the mood of the season.

  5. man, those TalkRadar Christmas Specials. thanks for putting this all together, as lot of us will have a great time relistening, and the lucky ones will hear some of these for the first time.

    The Christmas Toy was awesome and I won’t hear a word to the contrary

  6. YES! The Christmas Music episode with Hank and Chris is my very favorite episode of LaserTime ever ever. Brings a tear to my eye every time. Sad it’s no longer on iTunes so I can’t get it on my iPhone to listen to whenever, but oh well.

    Also yay for highlighting the great TalkRadar stuff you guys did! You went above and beyond putting this together. Love it!

  7. Damn, this is great! Thanks Chris. I know will have plenty to keep me entertained while isolated for the next couple weeks.

  8. Nice, i’ve already been through and listened to these over december, i was thinking a playlist would be cool. But yeah thanks for putting the Tdar specials up too!

  9. I love the future proposed in “It’s a Terrible Life” for its bitter sweet beauty. You guy’s really step up to the plate when it comes to Christmas time.

  10. For the last few years I’ve really enjoyed listening to whatever christmas stuff Laser Time does on christmas eve; it really gets me in the mood.

    Also, I just wanna say (given how it’s the perfect time of the year to say it) that I really appreciate all the Laser Time content (the various podcasts and the articles on the site) and hope everyone has a great 2015. The last few months you’ve been royally pissing me off with all the -Enormous Consumer/Hobbyist Movement That Shall Remain Nameless- bitching and so forth, but I can sift through my angry opinions and remember that I’ve been a fan of you guys and your work for years now and that hasn’t changed a bit. So thanks for the laughs and keep up the good work.

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