Laser Time – How to Japan


Let our tales from the Land of the Rising Sun be your guide to having a blast in Japan! Arcades, Studio Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Disneyland, what to do when you lose your passport, live moneys and more…


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22 thoughts on “Laser Time – How to Japan

  1. Oh man I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this.
    Hopefully this informs my trip to Japan if I ever end up going…

  2. I was hoping the podcast would be 12 hours long, but alas, this will have to do. Happy holidays to the Laser Time community!

    Also, love the fact that the ads the site is showing me are about Japanese tours lol

  3. Charlie was so mean to Henry in this episode, it was great!

    Maybe getting out more into other countries will show the guys that just because something’s a stereotype doesn’t mean that it isn’t an absolutely true aspect of a culture, and doesn’t always qualify as racist.

  4. This is easily one of my favorite episodes of Laser Time. Such an amazing selection of tales and experiences. I’d probably pay to be able to watch that scenario unfold in the airport, Chris.

    Bonus 2+ hour podcast is icing on the fruitcake and a lovely Christmas present for us listeners.

  5. This is without a doubt one of my favorite episodes you all have done. I’ve really liked earlier Japan episodes but this one is phenominal. It was so good that it helped me get through a significant portion of my Christmas Eve graveyard shift at UPS distribution, which is as terrible as it sounds. All the talk about how beautiful Kyoto got me excited of visiting it myself one day. And Brett’s story at the end was great.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas, gents!

  6. Guys, seriously, this was one of the best shows you’ve ever recorded, and I know you complained about it being too long… But it felt short to me, at the end I wanted to hear more sky tour trip because it was so damn entertaining!

    The filthiest Christmas songs episode might be this year’s funniest episode, but this one was the most engrossing, informative and just plain fun one. Also? Man it was great to have Charlie back!

    Also, before this episode, I didn’t feel that much of an urge to go to Japan, but all the cool shit you guys saw and did make me wanna visit dinner than later!

    And yeah! Merry Christmas everybody! 😀

  7. 2+ hour episode with personal stories about your trip to Japan with a rare appearance from Charlie? Shit this is a nice surprise. Merry Christmas to Chris and everyone else, you guys consistently have the most entertaining podcasts on the internet and 2014 has been a great year with all of the extra effort that Chris has put into the streams and videos. Here’s to another year of great podcasts.

  8. Woah, I almost missed this one. So many updates.

    Travel stories are always some of the funniest anyone can have so it’s a no-brainer I’ll be looking forward to this one. How much odd ball pop culture and casual racism is over there this time?

    It’s been a varied year of podcasts and topics. Thanks to all the hosts and guests across the network!

  9. Thanks for the extra episode, super interesting stuff! And please get Charlie on the podcast more often, I didn’t realize how much I missed him!!!

  10. I’m a little late saying this but this was such a great episode! It really helped me get through the holidays. I always love when you guys do Japan themed episodes. When are the rest of the Japan videos going up?

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