So It’s Come To This: Marvel releases two trailers for trailers


Get a glimpse of Ant-Man’s legs and dread the notion of The Avengers forcing you to watch college football

Got 30 seconds? Good, because that’s all Marvel’s asking for when it comes to this duo of promotional promotions. Look, bitching about trailers promoting trailers is a bit of an obvious moan-and-groan. But it ain’t like this is the first time this has happened, and it wouldn’t even be happening if we all weren’t so batshit excited about the product being pimped. The more you care, the more indirect guilt lays on your shoulders! So let’s examine the good and the bad of this little slice of marketing nonsense.

Even though I couldn’t be more excited about Avengers: Age of Ultron, I’m definitely filing this into the BAD column. This micro-teaser contains no new footage to get me excited (outside of arguably┬ánew blink-and-you’ll-miss-it footage of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but I swear I’ve seen it elsewhere), brings all the visual finesse of a DVD menu, and worst of fucking all, teases a January 12th airdate during an extremely uncomicbooky college football game. Factor in that the college bowl game, the channel on which it’s airing (ESPN), and the movie and and characters ALL OWNED BY DISNEY, it all seems like a fiendish plot worthy of Ultron himself. I just hate watching football that much!

Now onto the Good:

It’s not so much that I love this trailer-trailer (new word, deal with it.) After all, there’s next to nothing special to get excited over. And much like everyone else in the world, I’m not the biggest Ant-Man fan. Personally, I’m more of a Pym fan anyway, so I’m kinda just looking for Marvel to surprise the shit out of me the same way the did with Guardians of the Galaxy. But damned if I didn’t love the way they promoted the trailer for the trailer a few days prior… with another trailer! AN ANT-SIZED TRAILER!

Goddammit, that’s adorable. You can literally toss marketing materials at me all day just so long as it makes me giggle a bit. This reminds me of the time Adult Swim aired the entire Aqua Teen Movie in a postage stamp-sized window to promote the theatrical release. Or when Pixar tweeted out the entirety of Toy Story 3 on a Final Cut timeline. Marvel’s taken damn near every marketing avenue to promote its’ movies, but I believe this is the first time I’ve seen them do something you could call “cute.” Add to that, it’s promoting a reveal during Agent Carter, a show I couldn’t be more excited about.

But what say you, little darlings? I haven’t dug into the Ant-Man footage with my normal dorky diligence, so let us know in the comments below if you noticed something noteworthy. It’ll undoubtedly come up on the next episode of Cape Crisis!

11 thoughts on “So It’s Come To This: Marvel releases two trailers for trailers

  1. I know it’s a douchy sentiment, but I kinda want Ant-Man to be bad. I like most Marvel movies, but I feel that no one can keep a good streak forever, so if they are going to screw a movie up, I’d rather have it be this one, which is a property that frankly, almost no one really cares about.

    And yeah, the whole trailer for trailers is ridiculous, but I definitely chuckled at the ant sized trailer for Ant-Man, Definitely one of Marvel’s best trolls XD

      1. True, Thor 2 was pretty mediocre, and along with Iron Man 2, they are probably the worst Marvel films so far. But even then, they are not “terrible” they are just not very good. But what I mean is, they are bound to make a “Green Lantern”, “X-Men III: The Last Stand” or “Spider Man 3” level monstrosity sooner or later, so it might as well be with this, a character that no one really likes that much to begin with.

        Iron Man 3 was NOT mediocre however. Haters gonna hate, but the twist in it was pretty damn funny, and the movie always straddle a nice line between Stark’s personal drama and trauma, and comedy. And while the villain is fairly forgettable, the final act was appropriately bombastic and much more interesting to watch action-wise than what had been done for both previous Iron Man movies.

          1. Who fucking cares? it works within the tone of movie and the Universe as a whole. And besides, one has to wonder how much of that one shot is meant to be cannon, or simply a gag.

          2. Id prefer the first, terrorist mandarin, yknow the good compelling one, not the this needs to be kid friendly cliche twist fake one or the apologist alluded to one afterwards.

          3. What was so compelling about the first one? He was your stock chewing the scenery villain, no different thanall those other extremist terrorists we’ve seen countless other places before, like Amon in Legend of Korra, or your typical Bond villain. Turning that whole idea upon it’s head was far more interesting than if they had played it straight.

  2. Eh. I’ll still watch it. My guess is that they are holding back on plot details because Ant Man is heavily linked to any and all fallout from Age of Ultron while also acts as a kind of epilogue to it.

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