Have a look at a Japanese Cat Cafe and a Wild Monkey Park!


Come and mingle with the wildlife and not-so-wildlife of Japan…

Did ya like our video look at Christmas in Japan? Don’t answer that, because this is even better. We could argue over who does Christmas better until we’re read and green in the face, but one thing Japan trumps the world in are ways to interact with local wildlife. Or rather, not-so-wildlife in this case.

Sleeping on a bed made of fresh manga

Nestled in the center the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, Japan is this wonderful 4th floor Cat Cafe, and it’s actually just one of several in the area. These are places people come to take extended breaks from day-to-day city drudgery and silently read, drink, or even sleep for anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour or two. For the purposes of this video I really did wish these pussies were a little more rambunctious, but it can’t be denied that a room full of quiet kitties creates an incredibly relaxing vibe that’s worth every penny. Our next stop, though… that’ll put even the biggest animal lover on edge.

Goddammit, I love the Arashiyama Monkey Park! It’s a bit of a bitch to get to (especially if you follow but after just under an hour of hiking 160km of a Kyoto mountain you’ll be treated to a glorious gaggle of FUCKING MONKEYS! Wait, a group of monkeys isn’t called a gaggle *loads Google*… really, a group of Monkeys is called a “Barrel?” AWESOME!

They like it when you watch

Anyhoo. Half wild, half domesticated, these free-roaming Macaque monkeys fight, bite, fuck, and are not the least bit afraid of you. For a small fee, you can even feed them if you’d like an up-close taste of their primal aggressiveness. And as you’ll see in the video, there are a shitload of rules to follow once you get to the monkey park, because just about every nicety you associate with polite human interaction will get your eyes ripped out by a cranky macaque.

Looking into their ultra-expressive eyes, you’ll distinctly note a general annoyance with your presence. Which is why you’ll see me freak out a bit when one comes running at me towards the end of the video. Really happy with the way this vid turned out, and we’ve got plenty more video guides to Japan on the way, so keep is here and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up on new episodes. Oh, and be sure to check out our Japan travel guide podcast‘ for more insight on all this stuff!

12 thoughts on “Have a look at a Japanese Cat Cafe and a Wild Monkey Park!

  1. Love these videos, Chris! They’re nice bite sized chunks of the trip, and it’s definitely interesting subject matter for someone who’s never left North America despite being super interested in other cultures and societies. Excited to see the rest of ’em!

  2. Finally! you’ve teased these videos for a long time now! and they don’t disappoint!

    Both places feel very unique, and both have their own charm. The Monkey park feels like a great place for adventure and watching a lot of animal related shenanigans. While the Cat Cafe is almost the opposite, a place of full relaxation.

    And of course, I want to praise once more your sharp editing skills and great skill to be humorous on the fly, great job man!

  3. Those kitties sure look comfy! Unlike those damn dirty apes…..err monkeys. Thanks for taking some time out of your vacation to film these Chris 🙂

  4. I’m glad you survived the monkey village, Chris. Those Macaques don’t mess around..
    So much LT Japan goodness, I can’t wait to see the rest!

  5. A monkey in a zoo once stole a banana from young me when I wasn’t looking. 5 year old me wasn’t traumatized, but it might have been if they started fucking in front of me. Great editing man! I sure hope I can edit videos half as good as you in the future.

  6. Chris if you ever tire of podcasting you could probably make a few pennies as the second coming of Jeff Corwin, or the third coming of Steve Erwin, or the fourth coming of Jack Hanna

  7. “They like it when you watch!” While I read that and looked at the picture, for some reason my internal monologue was the voice of Leon “Do it in the butt” Phelps. Then I read the entire article this way and smiled.

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