Cheap Popcast #40: New Year, New Japan


Cheap Popcast kicks off 2015 with a big change of pace as Dave, Henry, Brett, and Grimm discuss New Japan Pro Wrestling’s English-language debut with Wrestle Kingdom 9 and WWE’s iffy history with Japanese wrestling. Dave also discusses new NJPW and WWE developments.



10 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #40: New Year, New Japan

  1. FYI Dave the picture links to episode 39.

    As for the show, I enjoyed it as much as I could for someone who has only seen one other NJPW event. I wasn’t a fan of the opening tag match, felt like it was just a glorified spot fest and am not that into the Young Bucks at all. The NEVER Openweight title match was interesting, but I don’t think it was 4.5 stars like Dave Meltzer gave it.

    The rest was great and really good pure wrestling that’s a refreshing view compared to WWE and TNA. I didn’t like the pacing of the show or the lack of glitz and glamor as compared to WrestleMania, despite this being the WrestleMania of Japan it didn’t feel like it.

    Otherwise an enjoyable show and I’m a mark for Nakamura and Okada.

    1. Both Roman Reigns and The Usos are Samoan and The Usos had the highest win rate of any team or wrestlers in WWE during 2014. Also, the Val Venis incident was slightly different from how it was recounted… the story goes that the celebrity turned off the lights just before the sword came down and because the stone slab was so cold, Val shriveled up and that saved him. Doesn’t make it any less stupid, but if you’re gonna shit talk ya gotta make sure to get your facts straight.

      God entertaining episode guys. Also fuck AJ Styles he’s a homophobe.

  2. I really wanted to watch Wrestle Kingdom 9 but the combination of the time difference and the internet speed in my new house makes watching any stream impossible.
    Makes downloading podcasts a pain too but I’ll never stop doing that.

  3. Wrestle Kingdom 9 was so good, I was kind of floored throughout the show. It kind of didn’t feel real to have so many amazing matches on one card, even the biggest show in the world (I just can’t even put WrestleMania in the same league, now). I personally loved even the first few matches, but that Nakamura/Ibushi match was unreal…and Tanahashi/Okada? Damn, just…damn.

  4. Wrestlemania 40 main event will be Hogan vs Flair in a Viagra on a pole match. I don’t want to sound like a racist, but …… just take it and hear it this way and it will make life funny, I don’t want to sound like a racist butt ….

  5. Jim Ross said on his latest podcast that he wasn’t produced at all. Apparently nobody was in his ear with information.

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