Cape Crisis #119 – Silver Screen Fiend


Back from the break with an extra large new episode, Henry, Chris, and Brett get together to talk about what they read over the break, dissect the first Ant-Man trailer, talk about all your favorite books of 2014, look forward to the year ahead, and have not one, but TWO quizzes! The fun never stops!


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Cape Crisis #119 Question: What comic book thing are you most hyped for in 2015?

20 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #119 – Silver Screen Fiend

  1. the Ant-Man movie. this is pass or fail time for Marvel. ya they’ll float on just fine if it fails, but unlike Guardians, this is the Marvel franchise that asks audiences to accept a stupid premise without the benefit of a fun world and a cast of colourful, marketable characters.

    as much as I want this movie to blow us all away, I’m most excited to see of they can pull it off. people say Guardians was the test to see of Marvel could do anything and make it work, but this looks like it lacks the breezy comedic hook that made Guardians so appealing to general audiences.

  2. Like I’ve said before, I actually want this movie to be terrible. History has shown us that movie studios are bound to make a terrible comic based movie eventually. Fox had X-Men III: the last stand, Sony made Spiderman 3, and Warner allowed Green Lantern to exist. So if Marvel’s going to have his own, might as well be this one, which is a property no one truly cares about that much, I don’t think.

    And no, movies like Iron Man 2 or Thor 2: The Dark World don’t really count. They might be mediocre and disposable at worst, but I don’t think they quite reach the level of awfulness of the other films one mentioned.

  3. I’ll give the opening banter a pass because you guys mentioned Edge of Tomorrow, which is based on a manga called All you need is Kill. So, comics talk accidentally? yay!

    seriously though, y’all can go on any tangent y’all want
    I love you guys whatever you talk about haha

  4. Glad to have the Crisis back for another year!

    As for Ant-Man, I really don’t know how I feel about the film. I like Ant-Man and Wasp OK in the comics, but they’ve never really felt above B-Listers to me. That being said, you could say Guardians were C-Listers and that worked out perfectly… but I don’t know, the turmoil surrounding this film and the lack of any real enthusiasm from the trailer doesn’t have me overly optimistic.

  5. How weird is this… both Super Troopers and Charles in Charge were name-checked in this episode…

    The other night, I rewatched Super Troopers for the first time in 10 + years. Then I was listening to the show while wearing my “Charles in Charge” themed KC Chiefs shirt featuring running back Jamaal Charles.

    As for Ant Man – how can you not give Marvel the benefit of the doubt by now? I’m sure it will be good.

  6. So much to look forward to in 2015, Star Wars probably takes the cake but I am also really interested to see what Marvel Comics has planned for 2015, Secret Wars and all that mess. Really hoping it’s not a reboot but a return to the great Marvel Events of the past because recently their events have been lackluster.

    But Star Wars, we all are just waiting for Star Wars

  7. By the by, Luke Cage has actually been cast. He’s to be played by Mike Colter, who’s appeared before in The Good Wife, American Horror Story and Halo: Nightfall.

  8. Also I really enjoyed Agent Carter. It definitely had a ton more confidence and a much more firm idea of what it wants to be as a show than Agents of SHIELD did at first. The time period it’s set in has been over-used in my opinion, but the show does a great job at showing it in a different light, choosing to make fun of the 40’s rather than glorify it. And yeah, Jarvis was an awesome character.

    My only real complaint is that the rest of the SSR characters feel a little one-dimensional. I also understand why since the main focus is on Peggy and Jarvis, but still, those guys could use a bit more injection of depth and humanity.

    Also really pumped for Daredevil, specially because they’ll release all the episodes at once! i wish more shows did that, honestly.

  9. Favorite part of that Spider-verse issue that Henry mentioned with 60s tv show Spider-Man is a moment where Miles Morales begins to take off his mask in front of TV Spidey and Ultimate TV Spidey has an aside about how he’ll react to him being black.

  10. I like Brett think The League of Ex. Gentlemen movie(or at least think its fun) but ive never read the comics
    But it is almost exactly The Avengers(2012) plot beat for beat, and many of the characters characterizations similar.

    1. Just picked this bluray up from Walmart for 4.96 and it was worth it. Not great or the second coming of the Dark Knight, but a decent action film in the vein of the Shadow.

  11. During the Star Wars farewell sale I grabbed a bunch of dark horse comics that had been out of print for a while. They all just turned up on Comixology and marvel has announced they are reprinting all of them.

  12. Awesome episode! It’d be cool if you guys went a bit longer every so often. What’s the link to that derpy faces tumblr you mentioned?

  13. I actually picked up the $300 Dark Horse Star Wars bundle that Chris mentioned. I’m a big fan of the universe but didn’t follow the comics that well, so it’s nice to finally be able to catch up, there’s some really good stuff in there.
    I recently started listening to this show and I already hate it because it’s making me want to spend a lot of money on comics….

  14. I use Marvel Unlimited on my iphone 5 and noticed any comics from the 90s and before; the only way to read them is by full page. If you use the frame by frame option, it will always cut off entire word balloons, thus making the comic unreadable and impossible to follow.

  15. I posted this in the Forums but it probably won’t get seen by many, I just noticed that all the Dark Horse Star Wars comics are for sale on the Mavel App now.

    So if you missed them on Dark Horse, they are already available on Marvel. At least a lot of them are. Didn’t do a intensive search.

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