Laser Time – Classical Cartoon Music Quiz


How well do you know classical music? Probably better than you think, especially if you grew up watching stuff like Looney Tunes and Ren & Stimpy! Join us and put a name to several dozen public domain songs you already know by heart…


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22 thoughts on “Laser Time – Classical Cartoon Music Quiz

  1. This episode is sorely needed on a boring-ass Monday like today. These quizzes tend to be some of the best LT, especially when combined with Chris’ love of animation so my ears buzz with excitement as I await the download to finish

  2. Holy crap Diana! This was an awesome idea. Chris, I’ve been doing the same as you and trying to track down every one of these songs used in old cartoons. It’s a pain in the ass I tell ya! Specially covers/re-workings of public domain songs done by WB’s composers. I’m with Batmanboy, this was sorely needed.

  3. I might just be the only laser time listener who goes to the opera several times a year. I just went for the Master Singers of Nuremberg by Wagner (that is an amazing 6 hour long opera), so this podcast was made perfectly for me.

  4. Lasertime crew spitting hot fire on this weeks glorious episode! “Better call your son Saul” and “My grandfather waiving his finger around” are standouts and elevate this episode to the pantheon of podcasting greatness.

  5. Holy shit, this is an absolutely fantastic idea for an episode. I had a fucking terrible day today, but this should serve as a nice pick-me-up!

    Thanks for coming up with this Diana! You’re the best! 😀

  6. Great episode! It was fun remembering all of those great looney tunes and ren and stimpy episodes with the music. And yes, PLEASE do a Three Stooges episode!

    Chris, completely agree with the Donald and Daffy Duck scene in Roger Rabbit. I always thought that was such a brilliantly done scene with two of my favorite characters.

  7. Really great episode! I recognized most songs by ear, but I admit I didn’t know the names of most of them.

    I feel sad that this one wasn’t mentioned though…

    To me, this was THE classical cartoon that stuck with me the most as a child. I can quote the entire song by heart in both Spanish AND English.

  8. Nicely done, Diana! This was a great episode!
    A lot of these were ringing my classical bells from my middle school and high school days in concert/marching band. Mmm, the memories.

    It’s Always Sunny def. uses several of these pieces.

  9. I’ve said it before but this network needs more Diana. Also more music shows even though I’m sure they’re way harder to put together.

  10. Me and my group of friends always used to refer to that song ‘Powerhouse’ as ‘Wacky Machine Music.’ Chris, we’re on the same page here. Slow Octopus knows what I’m talking about.

  11. For some reason Chris was getting on my nerves on this episode. He seemed really loud and talky, which I get you’re supposed to talk on a podcast but he overpowered everybody in the constant attempt to sign or groan or talk about how he hoped people liked it, or say “fuck” for the 1000th time.

    I say it with love but this was a hard one to get through

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