New Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is a cry for help


A healthy does of group therapy may be in order after the Avengers get through fighting Ultron and themselves…

Like I said in our lead up to the Ant-Man reveal, there’s almost nothing in the world that’ll get me to watch organized sports, so I flat out missed the latest trailer for Avengers Age of Ultron. Besides, I was buys watching the worst superhero movie of 2014: Birdman (which is actually pretty great.) Strangely, the latest trailer, which is mostly/thankfully footage not seen in the previous Avengers 2 sizzle, is the shortest trailer I’ve seen from Marvel in a while. But hey, it packs a lot in while still leaving a lot left consider.

Quicksilver’s absent, and there’s sadly no vision of Vision, but at least we’ve got another wonderful rendition of the Pinocchio song, and best of all, a lot less brooding! Instead of having to watch somber shots of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes panting while starring 90 degrees into the air like they’re auditioning for a Final Fantasy cutscene, there’s unarguably a shitload of action packed into this here hundred seconds of Marvel marketing sizzle. However, almost every violent exchange would seem to be the Avengers fighting themselves. Cap is kind of the only person we clearly see trading blows with Ultron (or some extension of him any way) while everything else appears to be shitload of infighting. Poor Tony Stark alone is seen choked by Thor, whacked by Hulk and blasted by the same damned footage of Scarlet Witch we’ve seen a billion times already!

avengers age of ultron witch iron man

Although… I would bet you $10 the above sequence is a well-edited mislead (Witch is outdoors, while Iron Man isn’t and we see Ultron unleash a red blast later in a similar locale elsewhere in the trailer.) Whatever! I’ll probably be the first to say this, but… COULD THIS ALL BE LEADING UP TO CIVIL WAR?!!?!?!? No shit, of course it is. That’s been well established (especially if you’ve seen the leaked wood-chopping scene with Cap and Stark) but I still find it kind of weird the marketing is so heavily playing up petty squabbles within the Avengers when we know A) it’s leading up to Civil War, and B) they’ll all be reuniting anyway come 2018/2019 for Infinity War. We’ve only just seen them come together once, so can’t we have one more jaunt with them before we pull them apart like string cheese?! I feel like Spider-Man 2 and Iron Man 2 basically made the requisite “inward struggle” of the superhero sequel a little hack, Winter Soldier even more so with the wonderful places it took Cap and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t the Avengers have plenty of outer-lying problems to deal with? But hey, that could be just me…

And who the hell are you?!

Speaking of that, we got yet another glimpse at the unnamed presumed baddie Andy Serkis is playing, as well as a shot of some bald lady in a cave that let me absolutely baffled. Anybody out there got any guesses? Leave us some comments because you can damn sure bet this is getting brought up on this week’s Cape Crisis. Enjoy some neato Avengers screengrabs below.



9 thoughts on “New Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is a cry for help

  1. Yeah I think they’ve shown us too much of the hulkbuster fight now, gonna try (and probably fail) to abstain from any more trailers

  2. Are we sure that it’s a lady? Although it doesn’t look like Chadwick Boseman either, who’s the actor that has been cast to play Black Panther…. So yeah, I’m stumped on who it might be as well.

    Anyway, that was an alright trailer, wasn’t nearly as good as the first one I felt, but still fun. I do like that it didn’t really say a lot more about the overall story, which is completely fine by me, the less I know about the actual plot, the better.

  3. I’d guess the mysterious lady is Shuri.
    Perhaps she and Andy Serkis will be involved with anything involving vibranium (Ultron’s final body?).

    The CG also looks to be in a slightly rough stage, you can expect much more polish by May.

    1. ALSO!
      Look at the shot of Thor getting zapped with electricity(?)
      Who’s the lady behind him? Look at her outfit, is that set in Asgard?

  4. Kinda afraid the star power of ScarJo and RDJ are going to push Black WIdow and Iron Man too far into the spotlight mostly at the expense of Captain America and a less extent Thor. Black Widow and Hawkeye really don’t belong in these movies and it should be Thor dealing with Hulk the Hulkbuster armor is dumb but Marvel wants to make IronMan the star to justify RDJ’s salary.

  5. While the in-fighting does bug the hell out of me as well, I’m still super excited for this movie and loved the new trailer. I’m guessing a lot of it has to do with Scarlet Witch screwing with everyone’ minds and basically Whedon wanting to do anything else he couldn’t have done with Avengers 1. I’m still convinced they haven’t blown their wad here and I’ll be surprised and impressed on May first.

  6. I belive the bald women in question is non other than Sinead O’ Connor. Since Fox failed to make a movie with her, the rights reverted back to disney. I think Sinead jokes stopped being funny 18 years ago. Oh well.

  7. My guess about the Thor scene is that they are in Wakanda which would explain the ladies attire. Oh and the kid in the cave is probably a flashback of young T’Challa.

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