Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Review

Laser Time, Agent Carter, ABC, TV show, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, review

Time and Tide was a pretty damn good episode. It was all about Peggy and Jarvis closing in on Stark’s stolen technology while the SSR started to close in on them. This episode provided some great character moments and actor performances, raised the stakes, and featured a sweet fight scene. [Spoilers follow.]

Look Marvel/ABC, I get it. Peggy Carter is a woman in a man’s world. This episode continues with the trend of beating us over the head with that fact. Thankfully, it also provided us with some great character moments for Peggy, namely her sacrificing her dignity to save Jarvis (and in turn, herself). She is constantly trying to earn respect from her co-workers, yet she has to throw it all away in that moment. This carries over to the scene when Jarvis tells Peggy that the SSR will use her discovery of the Stark weapons to tear her apart. This puts Carter into a no-win scenario, making us root for her even more.

Speaking of winning, that was a pretty neat brawl scene on the boat. The fight choreography on this show has proven to be very well done, and I can only hope that we get more awesome fight scenes like that throughout the show.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, ABC, TV show, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, review

So awesome, and so red.

James D’Arcy is probably the best part of this show, and he continues to shine. His interrogation scene was incredibly intense, and he me on the edge of my seat. But this week we also saw a different side of him, fleshing out his character. The back story of his treason shone a tragic light on our usually cheery sidekick. I do wonder if we will actually get to see his wife; the writers do seem to be keeping her shrouded in mystery. Maybe it’s a planned reveal for a later episode — the mother of a known Marvel character perhaps?

Comments on last week’s review pointed out that I didn’t really mention any of the supporting cast. I’ll make up for that this time, seeing as they played a crucial role this time. Let’s start with the SSR crew, who were really more cliches than proper characters. Oddly enough, they were still great to watch, most notably with Thompson in the interrogation scene. And seeing as the show seems to be playing up a love story with Sousa and Carter, it’ll have more work to do with his character to make us really care about his side of the relationship.

Going away from the SSR crew, the strongest of the supporting cast is easily Lyndsy Fonseca as Angie. She has a very distinct personality, a spunk that blends well with Carter. Watching their friendship grow is something I look forward to in future episodes. Again, her character has plenty of room to grow, but she is markedly better than the SSR crew.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, ABC, TV show, marvel, marvel cinematic universe, review

I mean, when has the SSR ever poured you coffee?

I’m extremely proud of the show for getting dark and serious with Krzeminski’s death at the end of the episode. It really raises the stakes and makes the Leviathan threat a serious one. What I really like is how much Krzeminski’s death mattered. As one of the SSR crew, he isn’t much of a character, but his death still took us by surprise. Even Carter admits she doesn’t understand why she feels so upset about it; she didn’t even know the guy. His death gave the SSR more of a purpose, a driving force in their investigation, and it gave Carter consequences to her actions. While shocking, Kreminski’s death was not for shock value: it impacted most of the characters on the show, and will affect the story as a whole. If only Carter had taken his shift…

Agent Carter is still on a roll, telling a fun, well crafted story each week. The characters are fun to watch, with Haley Atwell and James D’Arcy still standing strong. Thankfully, the third episode didn’t fall into the “Stark weapon of the week” rut like I feared it might. It felt like a natural continuation of last week’s 2-hour episode, a trend I hope continues.

I do have one lingering question though — one the show really needs to answer. Why is Agent Carter so disrespected and discarded, when it is very well known that she was involved with and worked alongside Captain America himself? Shouldn’t she gain at least a little more respect or fame?

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

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  1. *Spoilers for Captain America 2* Because S.H.E.I.L.D and H.Y.D.R.A are connected, Marvel can just use that as a blanket statement for certain inconsistencies. Roxxon were around back then and tied to illegal activity, yet are somehow name dropped in the current day movies? Hydra. Agent Carter isn’t getting paid the dues she deserves? Hydra. Etc. The show feels a little melodramatic to me though.

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