Vidjagame Apocalypse 95 – 2014’s Greatest Monsters


We’re back with our first show of 2015! Aaaand it’s about 2014, as Bob Mackey and Michael Grimm join the show to help us talk about our favorite villains of last year. After that, there’s some (very brief) new-release talk, a meandering discussion about newly resurrected DOS games, and a look at your favorite games of last year!

Question of the Week

Which new game are you most looking forward to in 2015?



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42 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 95 – 2014’s Greatest Monsters

  1. If anyones answer to this question of the week isnt MGS V i will personally castrate you with my tongue. It will literally be the game of the year for every year until MGS 6. You can disable cars by commanding your horse to shit on a road, nuff sed slutz

    1. On one hand, I’ve never been big on MSG,
      but on the other, a tongue ‘castration’ from somerandomchap,
      interesting choice.

        1. What about Sons of Anarchy? It is using that awesome walking dead engine! No, not the crappy telltale one, the Dixon brothers one.

  2. I haven’t finished listening yet, but my favourite line so far is Chris talking about Punch Out for Wii, and says it’s gone “unless they have plans to rerelease original Wii games, which I doubt”, when such a thing was announced in the Nintendo Direct yesterday. Not Punch Out, and obviously you guys recorded before that, but it’s still funny.

    QOTW: does Grim Fandango Remaster count? One of my top three games EVER.

    1. Yeah, I have to admit, I had to remind my self that this was done like last week, but it came the day after the Nintendo Direct.

      PS: I could of swore, cooper, that Wii punch out was listed as part of it.
      Edit: Yes, its out on Jan 22 2015 on the Wii U store.

  3. What a timely header! I just started playing the first Danganronpa, and I’m still in the middle of it, but I can definitely vouch for Monokuma’s spot in this list XD

  4. I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it 500 more time until it actually happens:

    charles barkley shut up and jam gaiden 3: revengenance

    1. It’s weird how you guys still refuse to criticize Brian Singer for his rape allegations yet are ok with rightfully trashing others. I even remember on an episode of Cape Crisis Chris implying that it’s NBD since the victims are men and using the “male drive” excuse which is gross since sexual abuse is a real problem gender agnostic and being abused as a teenage boy is still VERY scaring for some.

      1. Yeah, Chris’s rape apology in that episode was really out of place and the fact that no one else called him out on it was pretty shocking.

        1. I have no idea what I said in that particular episode, but I was probably joking. Can I just say “I’m sorry” and we can never mention it again?

          1. can we just not be so sensitive, and let Chris joke about whatever he wants? he’s never stepped so far over the line that any fan of this network should be offended. please chill out everyone.

          2. What jar said, it’s like some of you are just looking for excuses to get offended and angry… fucking grow up? I think most of us we’ve been following this network for years now, you should all know by know what kind of people the hosts are, and whether when they something they actually mean or if they are doing it as a joke.

            Stop being so damn butthurt about every single thing, what are you people actually getting out of that attitude aside from getting angry and bitter?

  5. QOTW Answer: Absolutely without a doubt: The next game that uses the nemesis system. Because that system works so well and creates a really awesome set of experiences, I desperately want to see that system in a game that features an interesting protagonist with a personality, with side characters that continue to exist after three missions, and a satisfying ending that isn’t a giant sack of bullshit taking an even larger dump all over an already-butchered licence.

    I don’t care what you put in that system besides orcs, I just want to play them off of each other, send them death threats, seed their guard forces with sleeper agents loyal to me, and then stalk and kill them, while having to consider the implications of their uniquely-generated strengths and weaknesses.

  6. That intro was out of nowhere but awesome! Also love when Bob Macky is on since, Retronauts is my other go to Podcast.

  7. My most anticipated game of 2015 is Drift Stage. It’s only in kickstarter at the moment, but the team is estimating a 2015 PC release and made their $30k funding goal in less than 3 days.

    It’s a fantastic 80/90’s arcade racer that eats neon and shits the raddest soft shred synth pop you’ve ever heard. It has a public alpha demo available right now that I can’t stop playing. Even though it’s only one car, one track, and one song it’s got it’s hooks into me deep.

    My anticipation is also rapidly building for Codename S.T.E.A.M. from Nintendo.

  8. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pains.

    I will virtually destroy this game when it releases because of how much I love the series! I agree MGS 4 kinda faltered with the gameplay:story ratio. I have never in my fucking LIFE had coworkers and friends ask me when a game would finally come out and MGS 5 has been that exception. I have been asked constantly when that is gonna release and also what systems it’s coming to.

    A close second would be Silent Hills because that PT demo scared me and my coworkers while we played it in one room. Dis gonna be gud!

  9. QOTW: I have to say Splatoon, I’m a fan of 3rd person shooters in general and this one has the added bonus of Nintendo Charm. I am a bit worried about the online aspect but nothing an Ethernet adapter can’t fix. Plus I get to customize a Hipster Squid, what’s not to love?

    Side note I saw the stuff that went down on Twitter over gamer *fart noise* gate, and I want to say y’all at LaserTime Network do great work!

  10. Hi, long time listener, first time poster.

    As for my answer to this question of the week it would have to be Monster Hunter 4U. While 3U and the other additions to the series were well worth my time(over 600 hours) 4U is adding something new to the table which is online multiplayer, which means late-night play with a few fellow hunters I don’t get the chance to see that often. An additional bonus to this 2015 release being the co-release of the new Nintendo 3DS, both coming out on the same day, both being in my disposal come February 13.

  11. Now that I’m part of the next-gen camp with my Xbox One, I’m definitely looking forward to Batman: Arkham Knight, Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Mirror’s Edge 2 and Kingdom Hearts III if those are indeed coming out this year.

  12. That dang on Ronpa causin’ touble again.

    I am most looking forward to Batman Arkham Knight. Rocksteady has done so well with Batman that I really hope they are able to end it on a high note.

  13. You guys have sold me Daganronpa but because it’s a Sony Vita exclusive, I won’t be touching it. Hopefully it will come out on iOS or PC.

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