Cape Crisis #120 – The Power of The Dark Side


Henry and Chris reconvene to talk about a lot of big news and what they’ve been reading, including a long aside about Star Wars comics, Hulkbuster armor, terrible train rides, and doing our best to ignore ranting and ravings from a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Join us, won’t you?


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Cape Crisis #120 Question: What’s your favorite comic boon-related Star Wars memory?

28 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #120 – The Power of The Dark Side

  1. Yay for more Crisis! Interested to hear your thoughts on the Age of Ultron trailer, although judging from Chris’ article, I was way more excited by it.

  2. I dropped out of Crisis for a while, but I just listened to the last 3 or 4 episodes, and I’m back in. Excelsior!

  3. I love it when you guys go off topic, just saying.

    Full disclosure: I’m friends with someone who has a total man crush on Chris so my opinion may be unethically biased.

  4. I don’t mind when you guys get off topic either, but the first half of the episode had me screaming in my head to Chris, “Stop looking at your phone!!” Like when you are in a room of people and your friend won’t stop checking his updates. I could feel Henry’s frustration. Henry made some good jokes that were met with silence cause I imagine Chris was tweeting.

    However, I sympathize to ya’lls situation. It goes beyond the feminist/gamergate BS because it involves your friends and people you know personally. Like when Henry was lamenting that Zoe Quinn didn’t participate at something at Penny Arcade. The whole thing is like some giant overblown high school gossip fest that effects real normal people and their livelihood. Like Chris said, people who don’t even make that much to begin with. I wish I could just erase the whole thing from my mind. No matter what your position, or if you even have one, it’s been a tough year to be a “gamer”. A term that has become embarrassing to type.

    But still maybe next time, just put the phone down.

  5. Man! I wonder if Tyler thought all of this was gonna happen while he wrote about how PC Gamers should probably stop referring to themselves as Nazi’s with the term Master Race. Also this is easily the worst episode due to there only being two hosts and neither staying on task. Kinda wish Brett ran this show sometimes :/

    I love you guys and I hate that you’re constantly losing people everyday but either just stop recording podcasts in the middle of ones like this until clear heads prevail or you get some weed in you or I might have to go back to just listening other comic podcasts.

    Also fuck all of those ghouls going after you guys. I would say it’s embarrassing to call myself a gamer but I honestly don’t think those… things…. on Twitter and Reddit are gamers.

      1. Just because they speak politely doesn’t mean they’re not rude, and not bullies. I think literally hundreds of these of these weirdos swarmed on me while we were recording, regarding MY fucking ethics and demanding *I* disclose my relationship (I suppose basic research and fact checking don’t fall under their code of journalistic ethics) I apologize for bringing up this group of this group of lunatic extremists, but this was all happening live, it was scary and I couldn’t concentrate. I don’t plan on bringing it up again and this is the last thing I’ll say on the matter.

        1. Good, at this point I think anyone who is sick of GamerGate is better off just ignoring them and avoid talking to/about them completely. It’s clear they can’t be reasoned with, it’s clear that they consider ANY kind of attention a good sign. So in cases like that, the most powerful weapon is to ignore them until they get bored/tired and go away.

      2. Kyle, If you think for one second this has anything to do with what your movement thinks it does, you’re sorely mistaken. This is about bullying women and gays, plain and simple. This is about No Girls Allowed. This is about nerds and geeks no longer having natural predators. This is about white men no longer being desirable as mates. This is about a lot of things.

        But ethics in “””””journalism”””””? There are no ethics in game reviews because companies control what you know, and that will never change no matter how much you make people disclose who they’re sleeping with.

        While I haven’t exactly liked Tyler Wilde lately (Hatred deserves to exist for the same reason any piece of art deserves to exist), what happened to him this week didn’t deserve to happen.

        You GG scum are nothing but bullies and all your kind is doing is making this medium worse off. All of your doxxing, silencing and bullying will amount to nothing when the governments of this world get involved and I can promise you that the world of video gamers will not be taken out by your Anita’s but the United States of America placing harsh legislation on our medium.

          1. GG found out that Tyler and Anne are dating. Something everyone knew here for a long time.

          2. Yes, I got that from the podcast, but is that why Chris is pissed? I assumed there was some sort of threats. I looked at twitter and couldn’t find it.

            I mean, the fact that everyone knew “here” is kind of beside the point, right? Weren’t they calling for disclosure of such a relationship ON the actual articles? I love these podcasts, but nothing said exclusively on them is really public knowledge.

            Putting aside GG’s methods for a moment, they make a fair point. Even if it doesn’t cause any bias, such a relationship is, by definition, a conflict of interest and should be disclosed. Obviously, people who are familiar with Tyler know that it does not create any bias (not conscious bias, anyway), but that’s beside the point. Not everyone knows Tyler, some people are just reading PC Gamer. Just because GG are a bunch of man-babies, does not change that basic point.

            Chris and game journos are being too defensive (unless I’m missing a bunch of violent threats on twitter or something). Basic disclosure of a conflict of interest that your reader may not know about is not too much to ask for ( I feel like the best tactic to shut trolls up (at least partially, you’re never going to shut trolls up totally) is to just be ethical.

  6. After reading Chris, Tyler and Anne’s Twitter today, I rescind my previous statement- I will stay subscribed pretty much until our universes inevitable heat death.

  7. … People are seriously giving Tyler and Anne shit for being a couple?


    Seriously, can we just ignore gamergate completely so that they get bored and go ruin someone else’s hobby?

  8. AH good grief ENOUGH GAMERGATE everyone here loves Tyler and loves Ann they’re fine people I assume most of use don’t even go to PCGamer or care about whatever happened there the constant Gamergate talk is killing the fun of these podcast and making them borderline unlistenable. Talk comics and be funny like usual don’t bring people down.

  9. Another great Crisis episode.

    Here is the direct link to the Times interview Henry mentioned, or at least part of it. It’s a bit hard to find because it’s under the larger article on “The Lives They Lived” series. Anyways here it is.

    Thanks for the heads up Henry, very powerful stuff.

    – Also

    When I picked up my comics on Wednesday it was great to see Marvel include a download code with the physical copy of Star Wars 001. It’s such a good way to get more people reading comics. I’m an analog person and so here’s the code –


    First come, first served I guess. If they keep doing it I can post more.

    Keep at it Cape Crisis!

  10. I find it humorous that people would complain about 2 people with a disclosed relationship, as if they can’t be fair in coverage when there are plenty of PR people who could cozy up to press and not even have to think about it. I don’t see people commenting on every Ubisoft press release that the source reveal all their relationships.

    Also, going off topic every now and then is what makes the talk interesting. Nobody really wants an ALL comics podcast.

  11. Madballs talk in 2015? Legit! I still remember geting their vehicle complete with catapult, from Kaybee toys as a kid.

  12. Been listening to you guys since the TDAR days and this podcast was the first ever to motivate me to interact with you guys. The off topic ramblings at the beginning of this podcast was some of the most annoying audio I’ve ever heard. Living in the Washington DC metro area myself, I cant tell you how petty Henry seemed to me while complaining about something so common place. Especially on the heels of the fatal subway accident we just had.

    Unfortunately Chris did his part to make things worse by repeatedly interrupting with nonsense. I had no idea what he was talking about until hours after the fact. How was I supposed to care about something you refused to explain? Why would I care to hear unintelligent discussion about gamergate’s nonsense regardless? I listen to podcasts for entertainment, not to be bummed out. How is it possible that you guys go so off topic, so often, on every podcast besides LaserTime, a podcast that’s far more suited for random discussion?

    Please guys, get it together. I want you to reach a certain quality level so that I can comfortably recommend all your shows, not just VGMpire, to others.

    P.S.- Might as well bring it up since I’m here. The audio levels, if you have the capability, please try to manage them so that the intro songs arent several decibels higher than your speaking audio (Cape Crisis especially) or that the random audio clips you play arent trampled by your verbal audio and stifled laughter.

  13. Atomic Robo is going independent with a patreon, if you guys could mention that on the show I bet Brian and Scott would appreciate it. They deserve to be successful in this.

  14. I only just got around to listening to this episode and given everything that has been said and covered here, all I can really say now to those outside of the Laser Time Network…

    Keep up! Geez…

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