Laser Time – The Surprising Origins of your Favorite Things


Learn how some of your favorite characters, TV shows, and icons were almost invented by accident…


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30 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Surprising Origins of your Favorite Things

  1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet although it looks like a good one. That being said, Milhouse happened by accident?

    That was an odd statement to type out in hindsight…

  2. You know, at this point I just want Chris to start a monthly/bi-monthly animation podcast/special. Don’t fight it Chris. It is your density, I mean, your destiny.

  3. in the Pinwheel segment you guys were saying how the future of streaming was 24 hour streaming, but that’s already happening. have you guys never seen streamer house on twitch? You can wake up and turn that on any time of the day or night and watch gamers doing what they do.
    also…Kevin Kubusheskie mutterfudders! when you remember You can’t do that on television, you ONLY remember Kevin Kubusheskie.

    I wish this episode was video and not just audio so much of it I needed to see!
    maybe make a part two to this episode.

    1. I wasn’t so much talking a streaming channel, of course those exist. You ever notice how many blogs/websites exist just to showcase the work of others? They don’t necessarily produce a lot of content, but a lot of content about content? Not a slam, that’s part of our jam too.

      Imagine a Boing Boing with no text, a person tossing to a constant loop of videos. Kinda like the Boing Boing TV show that’s only on Virgin Airlines… D’oh!

  4. In reference to what Chris said during the break regarding “The awfulness” I just have to say that was complete fucking bullshit! Yes, Tyler Wilde, the person who openly and unapologetically bashed Assassin’s Creed Unity on Vidjagame Apocalypse ON ITS RELEASE DAY is being accused of bias/corruption just because Anne works for Ubisoft. And it’s been public knowledge for YEARS that these two were dating. People are so fucking despicable and will do anything to create controversy, and I’m so sorry that you guys have to deal with bullshit like this from the worst people on the Internet. Let’s just continue to make Lasertime a place for fun and escapism in the midst of all this awfulness.

    1. All of that internet retardation pissed me off to no end. I feel really bad for Anne, Tyler, and Chris, and the rest of LT for being dragged into this crap by association. I’ve always found this whole “GamerGate” situation to be utterly stupid, and this only furthered my opinion. The fact that PC Gamer had to release a statement based on 4 year old “news” in order to (hopefully) avoid further issue is something I wish no one had had to do. These idiotic conspiracy theorists make me ashamed to be a gamer.

  5. Yay for more LT! Excited to give this one a listen, sounds like another interesting topic so 2015 has been off to a pretty good start

  6. I agree that this was one of ya’lls best in a while.

    All it needed was a advertisement to make it feel like a big time podcast.

  7. “To hell with the awful.” …and Pinwheel comes up. KEEP THAT CRAP AWAY.

    Growing up in the boonies of Montana, our area had just been blessed by the cable gods with service, and I was so excited to see nickelodeon from when I would see it at my grandparents house back east. Boom Pinwheel. Screw that show. I watched all that Nick crap too, because we had cable and I told myself it was awesome. Man that show was creepy, there was another one they had that was completely bizarre and trippy, but I can’t remember the name of it. It had a crazy color palette. weird music, maybe some puppets. I don’t know, but yeah…

    Oh yeah, saw Henry on the Games Radar Twitch streaming Galaxy 2, that was a ton of fun, and no nightmares from that is always a bonus. Fuck pinwheel.

  8. Seriously, one of the best episodes of LT! I wish it was 5 hours long. Thank you so much for bringing up Pinwheel and You Can’t Do that on Television and its fat Moose jokes. Really validates my childhood.

    The only other origin thing I can think of is the horrible show Top of the Heap, starring a young Matt LeBlanc. They started as characters from Married with Children, and eventually spun off into a failed show.

    Love episodes like this, keep them coming!

    1. Did they mention that Mr Belding from saved by the bell, had a bit part in a million ways to die in the west? He looked bad! Got busy at work while listening to this episode and missed a little here and there.

      1. “Did you want to get double teamed by Screech and Mr Belding” Thanks Bob Mackey for something I can never un-hear.

  9. oooh! what about the origins of adventure time and rick & Morty both starting life as crude internet cartoon shorts? I love that, that’s how those started off. we almost only have AT on cartoon network because nickelodeon stupidly passed on it. yet another big mistake by nick.

  10. I think the collusion alarm should become a mainstay when talking about how normal that shit is in ALLLLLLLL industries, specifically the movie and television industry, as well as how common it is in other industries, where insisted terminology is changed from insidious wording like collusion and nepotism into what it is- human networking and relationship building.

  11. It is a massive shame that people were talking over him, because Henry saying “I’m the biggest Doug fan there is.” needs to be on the soundboard.

  12. Degrassi Junior High (and by extension Degrassi High) started out as a series focusing on ‘The Kids of Degrassi Street’ which in turn grew out of a series of short films commissioned by the CBC. Many of the actors and actresses appear as different characters. The show still focuses on issues effecting kids, but it all feels a little Muppet Babies.

  13. Woah, just wanna say congratulations Henry, on being open with this!
    I’ve been a fan of you guys for years, I had no idea.

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