Cape Crisis #121 – The Ultimate Secret Reboot?


Get ready for positive energy and comic books talk, because Henry, Chris, and Brett are back together and ready to be totally on-topic! We cover Spider-Verse, Venture Bros., Absolute Vision, Marvel’s Secret Wars shake-up, a superhero spotlight on The Beyonder, and much, much more! Listen folks, this is a good one, we promise!

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Cape Crisis #121 Question: What status quo change really drove you crazy?

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #121 – The Ultimate Secret Reboot?

  1. To answer the question of the week (sort of), due to the general lack of comics on sale here in Portugal, I never really read a lot of superhero stuff and stuck mostly to Disney comics (which were all the rage here). However, every once in a while, my brother would give me Wizard magazines to read, and boy, was I confused when I found out that Spiderman revealed his secret identity and was actually a part of some weird spider-cult (which kind of pissed me off, I mean, they changed his origin and one of the things that made him special, the secret identity). Also, the Hulk was red, for some reason.


  2. I’m going film and saying X-Men Days of Future Past, I’m not a real big fan of the way Singer handled the franchise and most of the characters but to wipe it all away and restart with Prequels seems sloppy. Just create a new Universe because by making it a reboot of the same universe you limit the roster. Kitty Pryde and Rogue to HORRIBLY handled characters can’t be in the next X-Men since they weren’t alive yet thus can never get the chance to be on screen again same goes for Emma Frost. Granted I doubt I could live with Brian Singer fucking up those character again so maybe it was for the best

  3. I use a 16:9 Android tablet to read comics so I can see the whole page.
    It might pay to check comixology’s hd comics compatibility list though, they’re still pretty slack with that.

  4. Most recently Superior Spider-Man was a shockingly good status quo change and was one of my favorite books last year, while ASM continues to be astounding.

    Nightwing’s status quo change after Forever Evil was pretty shocking but really allowed that character to go in a cool new direction.

    Most of all and I can’t believe I’m saying this but Death of Superman was a huge moment form me as a small lad. I just couldn’t bear to see the ultimate superhero defeated.

  5. jesus Henry, what are you apologizing for? have people really been complaining that much? the quality of the show hasn’t dipped at all in my opinion, haters go suck a lemon.

  6. Personally, I think Gumball is a great show. It’s probably my 3rd favorite CN show after Adventure Time and Regular Show.

    Sure, it’s less mature than those other shows, but it’s REALLY funny sometimes. It probably makes me laugh out loud more than any other show.

    I’m just not as big a fan of Steven Universe as the rest of the internet seems to be. It’s good and all, and I get that people love it because it gives them the feels, but I just don’t think it’s on the same level as Adventure Time for example.

    1. Also, liked how Chris was all, “We don’t wanna spoil anybody”, then plays a clip that very clearly expresses the death of an important character.

  7. I didn’t see the comments from last week, but what did people do to poor Henry? Anyway, I think I need to read of of the Marvel cosmic stuff. Whenever it gets brought up, I have to rely on nothing but wiki knowledge. And I really hope you guys do that Venture Bros thing next week, it truly is the best fucking show.

    1. I still don’t know a lot about that stuff, but I remember being introduced to a lot of cosmic Marvel with one of the original “What If?” books. It was “What if the Avengers had become pawns of Korvac?”. It’s a pretty cool story that invites a ton of cosmic beings into the party.

  8. Oh man Brett killed me with his HBK impression. Seriously this podcast is gold every time, dont change a thing guys!

  9. Really good episode as always, regardless of whatever the fuck was said last week.
    One tiny little small note though; if you guys are reading the sites that tend to post rumors (Like Bleeding Cool), please go check out Tom Brevort’s formspring ( for the official response/story without any weird “CLICK HERE BECAUSE IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!” bias attached to it. Its also a great clarifying tool to some of the vaguness of the press releases (For instance, Secret Wars is not ending every book Marvel is currently publishing, the X-Men aren’t being kicked to the curb with around 13 books a month out plus more of a presence in Event Comics then previously, seriously go look for the X-men’s involvement in Civil War, Secret Invasion and Siege, and contrast it with the last three events that Marvel has put out, there’s a big difference.)
    I love the show, but really, I mean all three of you work (or used to work) in mediums where you’ve seen how shitty rumors and typical internet fervor can get.
    Sorry, it’s silly of me to get up on this issue, especially when you guys make such awesome content for free every week.

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