The first Fantastic Four trailer is surprisingly painless


Unless you’re still bothered by a black Human Torch or the sight of The Thing with no pants. And you shouldn’t be!

With all the alleged turmoil surrounding Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, I watched this trailer from a greater than usual distance through crooked fingers, teeth gnashed. But GLORY BE, the alleged insult or slight I’d been bracing myself for never materialized, and damned if this little teaser doesn’t seem to be the best news the Fantastic Four have had in any medium in some time. Or maybe I was just lulled into a comforted state by the sultry narration of Frank Underwood’s favorite barbecue chef… YOU DECIDE!

I’m not entirely sold, but at least I’m much more intrigued than ever before. To me, that’s good news. Or good enough news. I grew up a hardcore FF fan and there’s no way in hell I’m rooting for this movie to be bad, even though it would seem most of us are. No, I’m not saying it’ll be any good, but I am putting the question out there: Are we hoping Fox’s Fantastic Four movie fails? Obviously, we’d all like to see the property under the considerably more vast and capable umbrella of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we could even speculate that Fox’s deathgrip on the IP got the comic (most of us aren’t even reading) canceled.

I love you, Ben Grimm

But comic fans also know full well that the Fantastic Four have a considerably harder story to put on film. There are a million ways this can go wrong, rigidly adhering to the source material chief among them (Hi, Mr. Corman!) We know the odds are against this movie, but hey, Chronicle was pretty damned good. And so the hell was Days of Future Past. I dunno, something about this trailer brought me a tiny sense of relief, so I wanted to officially pull my ass out of the anti-FF/Josh Trank collective. I don’t want another terrible Fantastic Four movie, and this is the first glimmer of hope I’ve received that gives me faith that that might not be the case. Let us know your thoughts below, as it’ll probably be a discussion point on this week’s Cape Crisis! And if you really care, check out our horrible streams of incredibly old Fantastic Four games.


42 thoughts on “The first Fantastic Four trailer is surprisingly painless

  1. Fantastic Four should be rightfully campy and the trailer seemed too dire. It needed a good ol “It’s clobberin’ time.” As an average movie it might not be terrible but it definitely doesn’t seem to be appealing to their fan base. Also flashbacks to their childhoods seem exhausting.

  2. It doesn’t look terrible, just really generic. I’m not shitting on it because the fact that this trailer could be for any number of mediocre superhero films is miles better than what I expected to get from this movie. Also, there are only two movie franchises I’ve ever wanted to fail: Bay’s Transformers (so Hollywood eases up on the dumb pandering crap) and Sony’s Spider-Man (so Marvel gets it back).

  3. I like that they are taking heavy cues in the trailer from the Interstellar trailer….
    Also, I might be one of the dissenters from having these guys and the X-men in the Marvel umbrella, I am enjoy all of the X-men movies that were not directed by a Homophobe. And I am super excited for the Apocalypse movie. And I am definitely intrigued with this movie because of the acting talent they have collected here, Michael B Jordan, Kata Mara, Jamie Bell? They are definitely a step up from the “actors” in the last one (seriously Chris Evans might be the best actor featured in those movies). There might be enough talent to carry this movie to being good.

    1. Though let’s remember that when he appeared in the FF movies, everyone claimed that Evans was a terrible actor… Which goes to show that often people can’t really tell when someone’s a good actor or not, they are just judging on popularity.

      Also… I haven’t watched “The Shield” series yet, but isn’t Michael Chiklis considered to be a good actor?

      1. He is a great actor and you need to watch the show asap. For its time, it was legit gritty and pushed cable tv boundries. I think you will like it minus one of the actors geting into some serious real life crime issues (may have murdered his wife, he did lol) and somewhat tainting future viewings of the show.

        1. I’m not at all affected by what media people do in their private life. I judge media or a product separate from it’s creator. If something’s good, I’ll like it no matter who made it.

          That said, my reasons for hesitating to watch the shield have to do more with the fact that the LT crew have compared the show repeatedly with Breaking Bad, and even claiming it’s better. Considering that Breaking bad is, to me, the best show I’ve ever seen, I feel that puts the shield in a possibly unfair position for me to watch. Since now I’ll be watching it comparing it to breaking bad and judging it, and not enjoying it on its own merits.

          1. I think I’m the one who said Shield was better than BB. I mean, I liked it more for [reasons] but they’re very different shows. They both rely on a lot of tension and digging a hole so big you can’t get out, but are paced totally different and feel unique.


          2. If you decide to watch the Shield, I have another great show for you to watch. Rescue Me. Was on the same network as the Shield and is just as good, but more of a black comedy. Brelston is 100 percent correct. BB and the Shield are way diffrent shows with way diffrent pay offs and goals. Its like comparing Deadwood with the Wire. Both are some of the best cable television drama’s you can watch, but I couldnt rank one above the other. Deadwood did have a crappy ending (no spoiler.)

  4. ooh!
    well, this was surprising.
    you know… I don’t think marvel should let their name fly in front of a non main studio film. I feel like if it goes bad (and it will) it’ll smudge the good standing marvel has built up with audiences so far.
    well, maybe one bad movie won’t hurt them.
    but thing needs to put some damn pants on!
    tsk tsk!
    he looks like he’s made out of bread, crusty old bread. ha ha
    i’m just so worried about the possible over-saturation of comic book movies.

  5. Teaser looks fine, but please, for the love of all that is holy, can we stop replacing letters with numbers in the titles of things? That was the only truly groan-worthy part of this trailer.

  6. Ehhhhh… it looks okay. Yes, the previous media press was making it sound like this was going to be based on seven year old fan fiction, so it’s good that we can actually get a look at what is going on… but the trailer feels like another dark, brooding origin story based on a comic book about four super heroes in bright blue spandex saving the world from green aliens and red monsters from other dimensions and what not. It doesn’t really make the trailer, oh… fantastic

  7. I was never a big fan of the Fantastic Four themselves. I think most of them work well as support characters like Johnny interacting with Spider-Man and Reed brainstorming with the more intelligent heroes.
    I’m not a person that would be invested in a Fantastic Four movie doing well considering it’s my belief that these characters work better in a larger universe, but after all the negativity I see about this movie and going in with zero expectations, I don’t hate what I see.

    That shot when Johnny flames on at the end of a dark hallway way particularly awesome.

  8. All of these assets are a pile of dark, rusty, grimey wet concrete with lens flares photoshopped over it :/

    Why would anyone watch a movie called FANT4STIC that looks and sounds and feels like this? This is bizarre!

  9. This is very bleak and Nolandy, the FF is about cosmic space travel and adventure seriously one of their villains is a dude who time travels so much, his arch rivals are other time traveling versions of himself. Galactus eats worlds like cheeseburgers, and Doctor Doom is DocDoom! This looks so bland and depressing, be more Guardians or Avengers and less Interstellar or X-Men DotFP.

  10. I still think this looks really god awful. It seems to be trying to cash in on Interstellar and the whole distopian obsession the world has right now. Yes, it’s only the first trailer, but this did nothing to calm my fears about this movie.

  11. At first I thought this was a new Terrence Malick film! Second thought was, “is this a direct to redbox sequel to Interstellar?” Great teaser trailer that will most likely earn it some breathing room from die hard fans and goodwill to casual movie goers. So far so good and I am actually a little more optimistic about this film.

  12. I felt pretty ambivalent about the trailer. Didn’t look great, didn’t look terrible either. I’ll just have to wait and see more about the movie to have a more informed opinion about it.

  13. My first thought was, “Is this film being directed by Terrence Malick?” Hopefully this teaser will earn FF some breathing room from die hard fans and some goodwill from casual movie goers. I am 100 percent more intrested in this film now.

  14. LOOKS pretty good but any studio can make agreat trailer (the last stand teaser got me hyped!) some dodgy blue screen that stood out esepcially with sue looking upset and the thing breaking up or out or whatever he is doing. but already prefer this serious tone compared to the other f4 movies

  15. So Johnny and Sue in this movie, are they still brother and sister? I always liked that dynamic of goof-ball brother and older sister having to deal with his shit (or were they twins in the comic?) Seeing how goddamn serious this movie is though, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

  16. Honestly it looks like a generic sci-fi movie that they put the “Fantastic Four” title on…the most positive thing I can say is that at least it doesn’t have a found footage feel like what was rumored.

    Also the logo makes me cringe. Fant4stic indeed…

  17. I feel like everyone wants this movie to be bad only so the rights can go back to Marvel/Disney. I, however, am looking forward to this, as it could be a different type of Marvel movie, especially as the director said he wanted to make a sci-fi movie mixed with Cronenberg body horror. Plus, since X-Men: First Class, Fox’s track record has been great.

    Although, there is no way this film can live to Tobias’ Fantastic Four musical.

  18. Not really sold on Doom. Odd they’re giving a British guy an American accent to play an Eastern European villain.

    But he blogs though.

  19. we’re still doing that “numbers as part of the words” bullshit. Fant Four Stic. so silly. it’s 2015 cut that shit out.

  20. I actually quite liked the look of the trailer and I’m kinda eager to see more.

    Although The Thing with no pants on? Eww. Rock butt.

  21. I’ve never been a huge F4 fan, this looks mildly interesting. I have liked the X-Men movies so I will probably give this the benefit of the doubt but it’s not going to be high on my list of films to go see.

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