Vidjagame Apocalypse 97 – Dia de los Dumbasses


In honor of Grim Fandango’s long-overdue return, we decided to base this week’s Top 5 around games influenced (however loosely) by Mexican folklore and its vision of the underworld — and we approach the topic with all the sensitivity and respect you’d expect from four suburban white guys. Moving on from there, we talk about Dying Light, hear some shocking voice samples from a forgotten Bomberman, and take a look at what your ideal current-gen remakes would be.

Question of the Week

If you could make a game based on any mythology, which would you pick, and what would it be?



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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Rusty Anchor from Grim Fandango. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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25 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 97 – Dia de los Dumbasses

  1. I really want to see a game based off of Norse mythology. I don’t know the exact details but I’d rather play as a deity instead of some servant.

  2. Would it be too much to ask for a bible game that doesn’t suck?
    Because, man, I just want a bible game that unabashedly steals from the Darren Aronofsky movie.
    (and i’m saying this as a christian)

  3. Just finished listening to the top 5. As the most outspoken Mexican in this site, I can say that I found the entire segment hilarious, and not really offensive. Also, Chris is right, Mexican banda is one of the worst, most unbearable music styles ever invented. And again, I say it as someone who had had to listen to that fucking shit my entire life.

    Mariachi is okay in short bursts though. And BTW, Guacamelee isn’t racist at all, if anything, it’s one of the most loving portrayals of Mexican folklore I’ve seen in media.

    Also, the Spanish word for “planet” is “planeta”. And the best translation for little big planet would be: “pequeño grande planeta”. So you guys were actually pretty close XD

  4. Another much needed podcast, guys!

    I’m semi-ashamed to admit I never played Grim Fandango, but I guess I have no excuse now…

  5. I would probably like to play as the invisible Native American described in the story of the Scar-Faced Girl. The way I would make a game around him while also telling the legend is maybe like an open-world Assassin’s Creed game mixed with the Nemesis System as well as the ability to pull pranks on people either to distract your enemies or pull mean tricks on the Scar Faced Girl’s evil sisters. This way you could build your reputation as a great warrior, an infamous prankster (just like in the legend), and of course a lovable ladies man to girl you wish to marry.

  6. I’m going to whip out my weeb hat to not only point out that Shotaru Ishinomori is one of the founders of the Tokusatsu genre, he was the man who trained Go Nagai. So if ever wanted to know where Devilman, all the Mazingers (which in turn lead to the Super Robot genre which is how Transformers could even be made) and the classy piece of work Hanappe Bazooka (google at your own risk, the man has a penis finger) you can partially thank Ishinomori.

  7. QotW: There are old native american tales about the Wendigo that tell of people resorting to cannibalism and becoming a wendigo, a shapeshifting creature that craves human flesh and stalked the world during the cold times of year. There a ton of other awesome old native American monsters that i think could be woven into a game starring a native American warrior who sets out to save his people from the various monsters. Heres other potential creatures he or she could hunt/face

    In the end he probably fights some sort of metal wearing disease demon, who can shoot metal projectiles and trade them beads for their lands. It has a tragic ending.

  8. Chris your White Sam Jackson impersonation was spot on Sir. Also Danny DeVito in “Always sunny” Lethal Weapon spoof was legit funny. Actually that whole sketch and its sequel are some of the funniest tv I have ever watched. Please tell me you have seen this?

  9. You guys literally misuse the word “racist” in every single episode. You can’t be “racist” towards a nationality. Just matter of fact. Mexicans, Germans, the Scottish. Those are nationalities, not races. Prejudice? Offensive? Sure those words work. Seriously, I voted for Obama and believe in gun control but all your white guilt is just getting to painful levels. This episode isn’t funny, it’s just ignorant, you’re all trying so hard to atone for the sins of your fathers for some reason and it just sucks. I’ve been listening since the very beginning but please guys just chill the fuck out about the self hate for a little while.

    1. I think it is just a podcast amoungst friends and also a free one I might add that talks about video games. I am half Arab half irish so I know a little something about actual racism and this podcast is not it. Try flying after 911 or seing American Sniper on opening day. End of the day its just video games and entertainment.

    2. The problem is that they HAVE to use self hate as a defense mechanism because of how fucking sensitive people are nowadays. I get that it can be annoying, but don’t blame them, blame society or those that get angry or shout at them on twitter every time they say something they find even a mite offensive.

      1. I am actually offended by your honest and direct opinion that happens do be dead on and I am 100 percent kidding! Well put and better put than mine. Basiclly what baldedfalcon said. Mind fixing my other post a couple comments down. Thanks!

        1. Their level of c-c-c-c-ombo br-c-c-collusion is also so high they have no choice but to try to be on the over-defensive.

  10. The amount of self-hate for your ethnicity is becoming very unbearable to listen to. Guys, you’re fucking white, that doesn’t make you a racist, xenophobic idiot by default. It means you’re riddled with rather severe white guilt and for someone who isn’t white, it’s extremely annoying to listen to guys!

    Look, I still subscribe but I think I will be taking a break from the site for a little while. I have started listening to GameOverGreggy and Almost Funny Podcast and even though they’re also San Franciscians, they’re not as censor-happy, white guilt ridden and annoying liberal as you guys ares. A joke is a joke is a joke, period, and making fun of a race or stereotype doesn’t mean you fucking HATE THEM, because with the amount you fellows hate your whiteness, you would think you would have just changed your ethnicity by now.

    You wanna know why you’re losing listeners and hemorrhagic get donations? This white guilt shit and angry censor-happy liberal shit is why. San Francisco =/= the U.S. and you need to start being cognitive of that fact. I subscribe to GOG and AF, I pay money and donate to their podcasts, if you want my money, stop being such goddamn babies about being white.

    1. I think your going a little overboard, It is a podcast about games and friends who come together once a week and share their opinions. At no extra charge might add. When I dont like a certain podcast, I just delete it and am done with it. I dont waste my time complaining and pimping another podcast. I just hit delete. Not sure what offended you so much? This episode was no different than any that have come before it. Its free entertainment and I personally seen the comments section double in recent months so I think the site is doing well? Its just Video games. Entertainment.

      1. Why shouldn’t we listeners be interested in offering ways for a show we like to be more enjoyable? We should at least give opinions, and see if anything changes that we like, before just abandoning it as soon as we don’t like some aspects of it. If the people making these things for free want to make it worth their while they need to hear whether listeners like it or not, otherwise they’re just living in a vacuum, with no idea of how they’re doing.

        I’m sick of everything that has to do with anyone who isn’t white being labeled as racist and wrong, or men being attracted to women being called misogynistic, or anything having to do with gay people being homophobic. I’m tired of allusions to collusion and such that give no information on the podcast, and everyone says they don’t want to talk about, but keep coming up and never say anything of substance. Just don’t talk about these things at all if you can’t be honest. This is like the story in Destiny, sending everyone off to look for it themselves on the internet. Some people don’t spend their whole lives following other peoples’ crap online (just hearing snippets on podcasts is enough for some people.)

        1. Giving your opinion and stating what you don’t like about the podcast is perfectly acceptable, I agree. And I definitely concur with several of the points you and peter and KusKus have made. To me, the problem with those two isn’t the complaints themselves, but the way they made them. Specially when one of them threatening to stop listening if they don’t do what HE wants. (Which, incidentally, is also how a lot of butthurt people also threaten Chris and company to stop listening every time they decide to get offended about something they said.)

          I definitely agree that they being overly self-concious and having to excuse everything they say has become annoying, and I definitely wish they stopped. But I also understand WHY they do this, because like you said, we don’t live in a vacuum, and a lot of listeners that don’t post here, often stir up shit that makes them feel the way they do.

          So like I said to peter, does this current behavior of them kinda sucks? yes it does. Is it solely their fault? No it isn’t. If you want someone to get angry at, get angry at all the douchebags on twitter that make them feel defensive all the damn time.

          1. I post my concerns because I like the show and I want it go get better, not because I hate anything. I felt like I needed one of those little clicker counters to add up all the times someone called something racist in this episode. I just stopped listening 2/3 of the way through.

          2. I would never want to tell someone they couldnt voice their concerns over an episode. If I made you feel that way, I 100 percent Apologize. I wrongly assumed you were not a fan and a Twitter troll who wanted to bring their negativity to a site that I really love. Hope we can still be friends and please accept my apology Sir.

  11. William Blake created his own mythology which combines the Book of Revelation, paganism, druidism, and notions of free love. He was a lucid dreamer, participated in séances, and was considered by many to be out of his freaking mind. So I’m thinking – Eternal Sonata meets Silent Hill meets LSD(the game not the drug).

  12. Oh, how I love it when Chris just lapses into ‘silly cartoon voice’ mode. That fucking Slowpoke Rodriguez voice kills me every damn time. And we got good discussion about VR/AR.

    On another note, I wanted to say to Tyler: I saw some video supposedly dissecting your article about the ‘PC Master Race’ stuff, and how you didn’t bring up Nietzsche and how that apparently showed you have no journalistic integrity and how you’re wrong about everything and it proved to me that the internet is a stupid place full of idiots. I may not always agree with you, but damn if I don’t love to hear your opinions. Don’t let the jackasses get you down! Keep writing, keep being opinionated, and keep being you.

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