Watch this Amazingly Pixelated Simpsons Intro!

simpsons pixel intro

This might have my be my favorite couch gag of all time…

Saw this a couple of days ago and thought, “Uh, we already got a pixelated Simpsons Intro, yo! An incredibly official one, less than two years after the show premiered? Developed by Konami… The Simpsons Arcade game, hello?!?” And right after I got done shoving my glasses up the bridge of my nose at maximum velocity, I saw who co-directed the thing: Paul Robertson.


You know him, right? The pixel artist who brought us Kings of Power 4 Billion %, the artwork found in the wonderful Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game, and one of the finest tumblrs on the whole dang internet? What an ass I am/Watch this piss:

So yes, it’s not just another “8-bit something” intro, it’s infinitely better. This here’s a lavishly animated collaboration between Robertson and Ivan Dixon, whom I was unfamiliar with. But wouldn’t you know it? His Tumblr is equally easy to disappear into for days on end. Good work, boys! And thank you, Ivan. This was like my morning coffee and prozac rolled into one.

tumblr_ncdqbct8Sh1rtbl5vo1_400 tumblr_n65xe7cQra1rtbl5vo1_400


UPDATE: Long time Simpsons Produce/Prisoner has confirmed that Dixon and Robertson’s Pixel tribute will OFFICIALLY air as The Simpsons couch gag on February 15th! If I’m not mistaken, this would mark the first time a couch gag from made by outside animators wasn’t commissioned in advance. Very cool! 





8 thoughts on “Watch this Amazingly Pixelated Simpsons Intro!

  1. I do love Paul Robertson’s style and animation… To a point. I like his work in general, but I feel like he feels that in order to climax something, he has to go full batshit every time, and the excess that comes as a result ends up being off-putting to me.

    Like with this Intro, I loved all of it up until the 1:20 mark where it then goes off the rails. With too much going at you at once without rhyme or reason. Sure, it was a ton of sweet easter eggs and references for fans to sink into, but I would prefer something better structured to show it off rather than cram it all into your eyeballs at once like that.

    Same with the Scott Pilgrimm game, I love that game overall, but it’s semi-Final boss goes off the rails in both design and execution, and it becomes easily the worst part of the game for me. To me, Robertson is at it’s best when keeping things balanced and colorful, but when he goes full on grotesque and excessive, it really bugs me.

  2. Good lord that video is exhilarating, good god! That was the most legit Simpsons related thing I have ever seen! Can we give this guy a noble peace prize or one of them Oscar things? Wayne and Garth sum up my feelings best, “We’re not worthy!!!!!”

  3. Wow, Homer in the Moomoo, Rag on a stick Bart AND trailer trash Lisa.

    This guy loves his morbidly obese Simpsons characters…

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