Vidjagame Apocalypse 98 – Wretch Comedy


Not a lot of comedy sketches get their own video games, and after hearing about the mostly terrible entries in this week’s Top 5, you’ll understand why. With that safely out of the way, it’s on to some chatter about #IDARB and Game of Thrones, SOE transitioning to Daybreak, and the mythologies you’d like to adapt into games.

Question of the Week

Is there a comedy sketch that you think would actually work as a game? (Embed a video if possible!)



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25 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 98 – Wretch Comedy

  1. The Festrunk Brothers Dating Sim – Play as the wild and crazy guy of your choice in the quest to pick up American foxes with their large American breasts.

  2. All of the gumbo talk got me thinking about “My Brother and Me” as a little little kid I thought “gumbo” was made with gum, much in the same way I thought “Turkish Delight” would look like Turkey. Also Wolverine called Gambit gumbo in the X-Men cartoon.

  3. QOTW:

    Five words – Pigs in Space as a Mass Effect clone. That’s probably more than five words but frankly that’s too exciting an idea for me to go back and check. Admittedly the Pigs in Space sketches take place mostly on the ship’s bridge, but that means you could eliminate all the parts of Mass Effect that no one cares about (ie the cover based shooting) and just skip to the bits where you talk to crew members. Plus: ROMANCE OPTIONS?!??!?!??!?!?

  4. When Anne asked Chris “What’s wrong with you” he hada real John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles moment…AWKWARD!!! That was one of the most awkward moments.

    1. I get that too… until Antista sheepishly says, “I want attention…”, in which I just couldn’t help but burst out in giggle. Despite all the flack he’s getting in some of these comments, I think he means well.

  5. For some odd reason, I’m thinking you could probably make a game out of the Loney Island’s ‘Threw it on the Ground’ sketch on SNL. It could work as a semi GTA or Fallout clone where you walk around being a pretentious asshole and throwing things hard on the ground in order to get a response from surrounding NPCs and cause some of them to come after you. Hey, you could also probably pick someone up such as an annoying politician or Fox “News” anchor and throw them headfirst on the ground as well. This probably a hard one to do in figuring out how you would make the task of doing this fun every time. I guess you would have mix both shock value and hilarious comedy in order to make it enjoyable.

  6. QofW: i would like to see a reverse-dating simulator based on the Christopher Walken’s “The Continental” SNL sketches

    As various female characters, your mission is to both position yourself and choose the correct dialogue options to avoid being essentially raped by a worldly Chris Walken. Don’t be entranced by his awkwardly syllabic speech patterns or hipster pedo mustache! Only you can save you from his unwarranted advances and a night of one sided bedroom bliss! (Easy mode has some commander shepherd dialogue “I have to go now” )

  7. Remember the games like QWOP and Surgeon Simulator that intentionally have difficult controls and overly sensitive physics?

    Make a whole Olympic style games out of them by playing as a jittering, aimlessly moving, potentially hazardous to themselves and those around them “twit” of Monty Python fame.

    Long video sorry but you get the idea.

  8. I do not have a sketch comedy game idea, but I do have an idea for episode 100. You can do part 2 of the top 5 most creative swearing games. I still remember episode 1 and how I knew that I was going to instantly fall in love with this podcast. Doing an episode like this for episode 100 would be a clever way to take a trip down Vidjagame Apocolypse memory lane. It is too bad though that you probably will not be able to have the old theme song playing for the 100th episode cause that would be the icing on the cake.

  9. Chris might want to stop trying so hard to add humor to things. Not everything has to be a joke…especially not a vulgar one.

    1. Can you ask the sun not to shine? or the river to stop flowing? Such is Chris. Let the man do what makes him and most of his listeners happy. There’s nothing wrong with injecting humor into a situation, even a dark one, its how some people cope. Either nothing is sacred or everything is. The reason I’ve been listening for so many years is because the shows are a group of dudes (and ladies) being themselves and laughing about it. They aren’t running for political office (though I’d tote vote Miss Lewis as the president of Butt town, and Tyler as the emperor of Canada), so don’t expect them to try and be people they aren’t.

      Vote and Obey Wilde 2016

  10. I’ll throw in some Aussie sketches because hey no one else will

    A Point and Click adventure where you play Poida (full Frontal character) trying to reclaim the body of Eric Bana. You would achieve this be undermining (really tanking) his movie career until he has to revert into his former standup characters.

    Train Simulator but it has licenced the Comedy Inc’s Ernest the Engine. Along with the normal sim stuff you have to prevent the trains from getting high, killing random people for fun and making the correct choice from a stuttering mess of words fucks shits and cunts.

    This one already kind of existed but has like be lost to time. On the TI83 calculator there was an text adventure game which had been modded to include the Telee Stubies. You had to steal cars, sell drugs, buy weapons and fight cops. This was pre GTA3. So I would like to see a Telee Stubies GTA clone featuring all four drug knotchoff Tele Tubbies.

  11. I dont think you can work out more than a mini-game from a comedy sketch. With that being said, i think that SNL thing with people getting punched before they eat could make a cool one.
    And i dont know if Portlandia is valid for this, but if it is, that could work for a cool mini-game compilation ala WarioWare

  12. I was thinking either a point and click adventure featuring Jim Carrey’s Fire Marshall Bill, or a Phoenix Wright clone of the Dead Parrot.

  13. Favorite Sketch: The Human Giant – Tub of Ice
    Sketch Link:

    Game description: The game based on this sketch would be a riveting emotional journey that would feature adventure game dialogue trees as you experience the ultimate “apathy simulator.” Consider the man that keeps waking up in a bathtub of ice with a new internal organ missing — all while discussing said scenario to a new member of law enforcement in on the dark business of illegal human organ trafficking.

  14. this was a very odd episode, Chris was annoying & i usually love that guy , stupid questions (are your balls in your butt?) what the hell? Ann sounded really pissed off with it 2 hours in.

    1st time ive had to fast forward through the mindless ramblings, edit it out next time maybe?

    and does anybody else find the shouting blowing the headphones and speakers? any way i can adjust the sound quality settings? i currently have it on Bass reducer or spoken word, thanks

  15. I’m in the same boat as Wayne and Psylocke above. I love this show, I listen all the time and look forward to new episodes every week, I like everyone on it and normally I really like the humor involved. However, I barely made it through this episodes top 5 and then I had shut it off because of how obnoxious it was.

    I’m not trying to cut the show or anyone down, as I said I love the show and everyone on it and have liked all the episodes so far but this one I just couldn’t deal with.

    Just my 2 cents, take it for what it’s worth. I look forward to the next show. =)

  16. I would like to see a game based on “The Altered State of Drugachusetts” sketch from Mr Show and I want Suda 51 to do it.

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