Saved By The Bell Cast Reunites on The Tonight Show


Hope everyone’s okay with Jimmy Fallon standing in for Screech…

No offense to any of the Late Night Warriors, failed or otherwise, but there’s almost nothing in the universe that’ll get me to tune into regularly scheduled network programming. This is the internet age, after all, and like many of you fellow cord cutters, my Netflixes, Huluz and Amazon Primes give me infinite control over my late night destiny. And nobody knows that better than Jimmy Fallon. Whether it’s hitting on Nicole Kidman or showcasing how much Pierce Brosnan sucks a Goldeneye for N64, the man has mastered the art of getting my generation’s attention the morning after his show.

I dunno, whud you think? Here’s the thing: I kinda hate Saved By the Bell. Okay, maybe “hate” is too strong a word, because I did watch a lot of it. Whoever, I always found the show too irritating and cornball, I endured it as a lead-in to stuff I did like. Yes, most of my resentment stems from it simply not being a cartoon, but only recently have I become aware how alone I am in this needless little opinion. Not only have Laser Time listeners long demanded a Saved By the Bell episode, it’s come to my attention that Dave, Henry, Tyler, etc., are pretty huge fans. I suppose this is just me testing the waters, but whatever… gimme your thoughts on SBTB!

But seriously, where was Lark Vorhees and Screech? Wait, is Dustin Diamond still in jail?! God, I hope so…

10 thoughts on “Saved By The Bell Cast Reunites on The Tonight Show

  1. Still holding out for a “Hey Dude” reunion! Just kidding. The references to past episodes was nice, but yes a little cheasy. First thing I noticed was how well they aged minus Belding who was considerably older than the rest of the cast during its run so his appearance was par for the course. Why did Mark Paul Goslers career peak with “Dead Man on Campus?” I cant think of anything else besides “NYPD blues” and a quick cameo on “Weeds.” Maybe this PR stunt will boost his carer or a final death nail in his pop culture coffin and why did this suddenly turn so dark? Sorry!

  2. I was old enough to be aware of saved by the bell’s existence, and probably watched a few episodes. But overall was still too young to really care or understand it. So honestly, I don’t really care about this either way. Honestly, I feel like it’s one of those shows that people only care about it because of nostalgia, but objectively is probably nothing special.

  3. I lost my shit twice during this, once when they turned the theme song into dialogue and the other time when Elizabeth Berkeley dropped character and gave the others the death stare when they made the Showgirls reference.
    Also Screech just got arrested for stabbing a dude in the armpit so I don’t think he’s going to be showing up in anything any time soon.

  4. I was born waaayyy after the show was on the air/popular but I remember watching re-runs of it on my countries Nickelodeon channel in the early 2000’s. Also most of the cast have bare aged. I think Mario Lopez did a Scrooge McDuck style dive into the Fountain of Youth.

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