Watch Almost Every Snape Scene From Harry Potter Edited into the Saddest Film Ever Made


Severus From Evil: The Story of Snape. Seriously, this should get an Oscar nod for Best Short Film

I didn’t need much to let me know that Severus Snape is one pop culture’s most tragic figures, but this video comprised almost entirely of Alan Rickman footage really drives the point home. Once you distill all eight Potter films to Snape’s flashbacks and the children of Hogwarts treating him like the creepy hermit in the old house at the end of the street, you’re left with a portrait of the Wizarding World’s most broken man. From unrequited love to a lifetime of public humiliation, watch the video below to see a magical sad sack project his insecurities at a cruel world while suffering in silence to save it… only to eventually make the ultimate sacrifice. *sniff* Big ups to kcawesome13 for editing it together in honor of the fictional character’s birthday.

Fuck… Even in a world full of goth kids, he’s still an unpopular goth kid. I don’t know what’s sadder, Severus getting treated like haunted garbage for half a century (and constantly getting passed up for promotion!) or that his entire life ended up as little more than a footnote in The Story of The Boy Who Lived. Nothing we can do now… pour one out for Snape this weekend, won’t you?


4 thoughts on “Watch Almost Every Snape Scene From Harry Potter Edited into the Saddest Film Ever Made

  1. Wow… That definitely highlights how shitty Snape had it, perhaps far worse than anyone else in the Harry Potter Universe. Only two people ever genuinely cared about him when he was alive, and one chose his worst enemy over him, then died, and the other person asked to be killed by him.

    Thanks for posting this Chris. While I loved the books as a teen, I had mixed feelings about the films, but this video definitely highlights one of the things the franchise absolutely nailed. Alan Rickman completely owned the role, and definitely could not picture anyone else in it.

    1. Great video. Sadly, if you are at all aware of what is going on at “Pottermore”, I fully predict this series to either a) be rebooted or b) prequelified a la Lucas within the decade.

      1. I wanted to do the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore, but they wanted me to sign up and shit so I said “fuck that” and just did some other un-official internet questionnaire’s to find out what Hogwarts house I belong in.

        Slytherin 4 lyfe bro.

  2. I remember starting the series incredibly late with a friend, about when 7-1 came out. We rushed through all the previous movies, all the while, me joking about how Rickman was playing an awesome, gay, 16th-century Trent Reznor… then when we saw his whole story, he became our favorite character in the series.

    He gets a 40 of Steel Reserve from me.

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