Vidjagame Apocalypse 100 – Not-So-Secret Secrets


EPISODE 100 IS HERE AT LAST! To congratulate ourselves for actually sticking with a project for this long, we start with a Top 5 in which Chris tries to justify buying a New Nintendo 3DS immediately after dismissing it,  switch to a brief rundown of this week’s new releases, and then begin a nearly THREE-HOUR TOP 100 wherein we try to figure out the context behind all our Secret Sounds. This is our least game-focused show ever, but it’s also our filthiest, with lots of sometimes-funny behind-the-scenes bits that you’ve only heard if you listened to all our shows to the end.

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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break songs are Stoopid Helix by Anamanagucci Mane and Psycho Soldier Theme (English) as performed by From the Ashes. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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listed roughly in order of release date

-Pre-order Bloodborne and receive an exclusive Messenger skin. Messengers are nightmare creatures that follow your Hunter around to help and to facilitate asynchronous online gameplay features within the game.
-Pre-order to receive an exclusive version of these Messengers
The Order: 1886 *LAST CHANCE*
-Pre-order and receive free Knight’s Arsenal DLC, Arsonist’s Pack and Red Lightning Pack featuring advanced upgrades and weapons
Dragon Ball XenoVerse *LAST CHANCE*
-Pre-order for FREE “Day 1 Edition” Upgrade
-Free Super Sayian 4 Vegeta and 2 Frieza Soldier Battle Suits DLC Pack
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt  
-Pre-order and receive Amazon-exclusive 48-page hardcover comic FREE
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD *NEW*
-Pre-order for and receive Final Fantasy XV Playable Demo
Project CARS
-Pre-order and recieve FREE Modified Car Pack
Battlefield: Hardline  
-Pre-order and receive Versatility Battlepack FREE
Deluxe Edition includes Versatility Battlepack, Suppression Battlepack and Precision Battlepack FREE
MLB 15: The Show 
-Preorder for FREE Dualshock 4 MLB Team or Player Skin
Mortal Kombat X *NEW*
-Pre-order and play as the eight-armed Shokan warrior, GORO.
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker *NEW*
-Pre-order and receive free bonus soundtrack
Batman: Arkham Knight 
Pre-order to play as Harley Quinn. Utilize her unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities. Plus, contains 4 Exclusive Challenge Maps

39 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 100 – Not-So-Secret Secrets

  1. Woooo! Damn! 100 episodes! Congratulations to Mikel, Anne, Tyler, Chris, Mike, Dave, Brett, Henry and everyone else that has contributed to make what’s easily my favorite gaming podcast! 😀

  2. HAPPY 100TH EPISODE GUYS!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan since around TDar 110 and VGA has been a very worthwhile successor, and if I may say so myself – it even surpassed TDar in terms of quality! Keep up the awesome podcasting Mikel and co. and here’s to at least another hundred more! YAY VGA!

  3. I just want to thank you all for the hours of work you have put into this show every week to give it such amazingly consistent quality. Looking forward to listening to this episode, and however many more come after.

    1. Also, thank you for all the work and commitment you’ve put in to this podcast, I really do appreciate it.

  4. Oh shit, I’m only 48 minutes in, but this might already be my favorite episode so far, or at least the one I have laughed the most consistently at. The idea of playing the secret sounds of each episode was an inspired one. Since it’s a great, fun way to reminisce about each episode, as well as to bring more context to the workings of the show.

    Keep it up guys! Here’s to many more fantastic episodes! 😀

  5. Yes, Yes, YEEEESSSS!!
    Thanks for busting your ass each week for our entertainment, LT Crew! VGA always starts my work week, each week. I can’t imagine what I’d do without it. <3

  6. Thanks guys (and gals), for everything. Along with many others here, I’ve been with you since the beginning of tdar, and I’ll be with you to the end, wherever that may be.

    You are all winning at life.

  7. It’s been a long time coming and I can say I’ve enjoyed the journey so far. Love the show and the whole podcast network. Let’s get past 198 this time.

    Can’t wait to listen.

  8. That segment with Chris mocking Anne’s voice was great, like that episode of Dr. Who called Midnight. Also, I love that we can all finally accept Michael Grimm as the one true lord and savior of funny.

  9. Great 100 so far, looking foward to the next 100. My QOTW, what is the most important game, in terms of the progression of the medium, that has been released so far?

  10. CONGRATS ON 100!!! Thank you so much to Mikel and the whole crew for putting so much work into creating this awesome podcast every week. This show has kept me sane at work and on my commute for the past few years. I’d be a much more bitter and angry person today if not for you guys!

  11. Congrats ladies and dudes! Here’s to 100 more!

    my only concern was the lack of a good math joke for the circumference of your Mom’s Vagina bit… it writes itself… Circumference = 2 π r , or 2 times the radius (which is Diameter) times pi… so to find the circumference of your moms vagina, just have to find the product of my D and your moms pi…. you are the product.

    1. QofW: you’re stuck on an island for a year with all the beer you can drink, endless food, and every single game for a gaming console, but you can only choose one beer brand and one console. virtual consoles are out of play, only hard releases. Also, the food is some type of ethnic food…

      What type of ethnic food, beer, and console do you choose.

  12. Question of the Week

    What’s a question you’d like to ask us?

    If Vidjagame Apocalypse or Lasertime as a whole became infinitly more successful and 99% more profitable than what I’ve been lead to believe is the current state, what would be the first thing you do for yourselves with “f**k you” money and how would you (non monitarily) reward long time or since the begging Lasertimers?
    P.S. This was the first thing that came to my head because I couldn’t think of anything funny to ask.

    Congrats on reaching 100. You’re my favorite Videogame podcast and I listen to 24 different video game podcasts. And yes that’s supposed to make you feel special. I will frequently save you’re for Sunday night after I’ve heard all other game podcasts. Here’s to 100 more.

  13. Congrats guys now please do a patreon 😉

    QOTW: Let’s say a season pass for smash bros is announced (levels, asst trophies, music & characters) let’s say mewtwo is already part of it BUT your allowed any 3 characters, only snag is they had to of appeared on a Nintendo system and they can’t be 1st party…
    Mine 3 picks would be Professor Layton, Travis touchdown and Zack & wiki
    What’s your 3 picks? And GO!

  14. Congrats on 100 episodes, kind of wish I knew about you guys when Talkradar 100 was released.

    The Secret Sounds with Grimm reminded me how much I want a master list of all the episodes he appears on, he’s one of the most entertaining people out there.

    QOTW: 3DO, Atari Jaguar, Virtual Boy; Fuck, Marry, Kill.

  15. Congrats on 100! Awesome achievement guys!

    As for the Question of the week:

    I have noticed that in the past two years or so, my gaming has been driven by my hunt for trophies/achievements in video games. Where in the past I may have played through Shadow of Mordor or Infamous: Second Son more than once, I haven’t felt the need to since I got the platinum trophy on both of them. I also notice that I don’t bother playing my Wii U for this reason as well. Have any of you all gone through this, or feel like the inclusion of trophies/achievements have affected how people play games in a negative way?

  16. Great job on the100 ya’ll!!! I have a question for the whole crew (or at least those in the kitchen studio today), Do you remember when and how you met each other?

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