Big Birdman is an Oscar-worthy parody


“Smells like birdseed… LA-LA-LA-LA!”

You need to have seen any of the 2015 Oscar movies to understand one simple truth: If it’s satirized by Sesame Street, it’s officially worthwhile and worth watching. So congrats, Birdman. You finally made it! As the Children’s Television Workshop (or Mashable, but whatever) has officially crafted an Oscar-caliber Birdman send-up featuring none other than Caroll Spinney, the wonderful human being who’s brought to life Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch for almost half a century. Seriously, watch this:

You don’t even need to have watched Birdman to get it, just the trailer, ya philistines! And hey, kudos to the video for acknowledging the amazingly underrated Follow That Bird. If you haven’t revisited that as an adult, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Man, this kind of puts our Oscar parodies to shame… Oh, that reminds me: I’m still dying to see that Spinney documentary, I Am Big Bird. Anyone seen that yet/when the hell is that coming out?!

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