Laser Time – He-Man, Ninja Turtle or Transformer?


Are you ready for the ULTIMATE ACTION FIGURE QUIZDOWN?! We’re dumping out the contents of our nostalgic toy boxes to see if the Laser Time gang can figure out if it’s a Ninja Turtle, Transformer or He-man toy…


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43 thoughts on “Laser Time – He-Man, Ninja Turtle or Transformer?

    1. Hotspot was a Protectobot too, but it doesn’t surprise me that a couple of these names come up more than once.

      I thought I was going to 100% the Transformers ones, but Skalor threw me, I did remember he was a Seacon before they said it but with the “or” suffix my first thought was He-Man, dammit.

      Needlenose I primarily remember because he died begging for his life in a story that was freakin traumatising at the age I read it. I re-read that particular storyline a year or two back and it holds up *incredibly* well. Death panel here –

      1. Forgot to say, you guys are on a roll lately! Not that you aren’t usually great but this past month has been an especially good run across the network.

      2. The Transformers UK stories kicked so much ass compared to the US stories (till Simon Furman took over the US writing). I hope the guys eventually check out the current Transformers comics on Cape Crisis as they’re bloody fantastic, especially More Than Meets The Eye.

      3. I mean… that was kind of the point: Pick a name that’s interchangeable between three classic franchises. While I probably should’ve done more research on the matter (this is very serious business, after all) but I’d like to think finding so much crossover with character names further strengthens the concept! Or at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself…

  1. I have only small nostalgia for TMNT because I loved them as little, otherwise, never understood the appeal of either transformers or He-Man.

    Anyway, this should be fun regardless, let’s do this!

      1. I think I heard Chris say that the the van vents on the new pc periodically get clogged with cheeto residue and jizz. It’s probably overheating.

      2. Ah, yes. I CAN CLARIFY. Thanks to donations last year, we bought a righteous new Dell desktop. Nothing fancy, but it does our multi-track podcast recording and video streaming. If you’ve ever been to our YouTube channel, you can attest that it works wonderfully. We’ve got 1080p, 60fps vids there. Again: Thank you, everyone

        The second shitty, COMPLETE ASSHOLE computer we bought in 2014 is the Samsung laptop I use to Google shit and cue sounds live on our shows. It’s basically piped in as a “fifth mic” or host, but the battery goes dead fast and it can’t charge while its playing audio because it’s stupid and it sucks. Worse still, it refuses to recognize WAVs or MP3s in any program other than everyone’s favorite software, Windows Media Player, and thanks to the equally wonderful Windows 8 operating system, opens as a separate app that makes all other notes/sounds invisible and desktop unusable. It really is the worst, and I might start a crowdfunding campaign someday just to break it on camera.

        1. I can guarantee a contribution from myself if you do that. Start a fundraiser with the promise that you will smash the old laptop AFTER you have raised money, purchased, and received the new laptop.

        2. I can help figure out what’s wrong with that asshole computer, these should be fixable issues. Gleefully Hopefully.
          If you ever see this, jkdragonite on twitter

  2. Why is it when Chris was about to say his least favorite He-Man figure, I always thought just before hand that hairy cough ball monstrosity?

    While many toys aimed at me were more 90s based, 90s children still got 80s toys because they made up most toys at car boot or “yard” sales during that period.

    1. The dedication and thoroughness over there is truly astounding. Pure splendor that reminds us the internet can be a beautiful place sometimes!

  3. Enjoyed the episode today, but as a huge Transformers fan I have a lot of nits to pick with some of the details you gave about my beloved robots. Warning, I’m about to get super nerdy and I apologize in advance. 🙂 First off, there are G1 Transformers named Needlenose (10:25) and Hot Spot (33:41), so Michael should have gotten credit for that one. Needlenose was a Decepticon Targetmaster who had a gun that transformed into a little Nebulan dude. Hot Spot was a fire truck who was the leader of the Protectobots and formed the head and torso of the combiner Defensor.

    The reason the Transformers bios are so detailed and involved is that the text you’re reading from is actually from the Transformers Universe comic that was published as a 4-issue series as a companion to the main Transformers comic. In the 80’s Transformers were popular enough that they not only got their own toy tie-in comic that ran for 80 issues, they also got a few spinoff miniseries comics. Transformers Universe was the same idea as the Marvel Universe comics and provided a page of text for each Transformer that had been out at the time. There was also a comic adaptation of the ’86 movie, and a 4-issue miniseries on the Headmasters (and Targetmasters), which introduced the entire 1987 toyline before they were folded into the main comic.

    The actual bios (called “Tech Specs”) that came on the Transformers packaging were much simpler. Compare what you read about Mixmaster from to what was on the actual toy package that is shown on

    Regarding the Transformers backstory, Hasbro had Marvel Comics do the original story treatment for the toyline. The comics did come out first in 1984 before the cartoon, and the people who developed the original Transformers storyline were all comics writers. Before Hasbro and Marvel, the Japanese Diaclone and Microman toys that would become Transformers were lifeless robots with little pilots that drove them. Hasbro and Marvel are responsible for turning them into living alien robots. The 3 people who are credited with developing the Transformers backstory are Batman & Iron Man writer/editor Denny O’Neil (credited with coining the name Optimus Prime), Marvel editor-in-chief during the 80’s Jim Shooter, and Bob Budiansky.

    Bob Budiansky went on to write the Transformers comic for most of the first 55 issues or so, and wrote nearly all the Transformers toy Tech Specs and Transformers Universe bios. He is credited with shaping most of the initial Transformers backstory. Here’s a great podcast interview with him about his work on Transformers.

    Funnily, the Circuit Breaker character that was created by Bob Budiansky for the comic is owned by Marvel, not Hasbro. Due to it being a licensed comic, any characters that appeared in the Transformers comic first were owned by Hasbro. Since Bob thought Circuit Breaker might be able to work as a superhero character in Marvel, they actually had her appear first in Secret Wars II before she appears in costume in Transformers, thus cementing Marvel’s ownership of her character. Alas, nothing ever came of this except extreme difficulty in reprinting the old Transformers Marvel comics because of every time Hasbro and IDW have to negotiate with Marvel to reprint any Marvel issues with her in them. But the Marvel character Death’s Head has a similar origin from the UK Transformers comics and was created by writer Simon Furman. Death’s Head is firmly in the Marvel Universe and has had several comic series.

    I’m not going to argue over the quality of the Transformers cartoon. There are some gems but some of it is not great. But I think the Transformers comics have delivered some great storytelling over the years. The Marvel Comic run was great, and it was popular enough in the UK to get a weekly comic run with writer Simon Furman, who wrote fill-in stories in between the events of the US Marvel comic. He also later took over the end of the US Transformers Marvel run after Budiansky left the book. There’s a lot of great, epic stories in those Transformers comics, and the modern ones being done by IDW right now (Transformers (formerly Robots In Disguise), Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye) are even better in my opinion. Also, since Chris mentioned that the Marvel run lasted 80 issues, IDW commissioned a 21-issue continuation of the Marvel comic (called Regeneration One) for the last 2 years that ended the series at issue 100, and was written by the same 80’s comic writer Simon Furman.

    As a Transformers fan, the quality of the storytelling in the Transformers comics is what makes me so frustrated about the brain-dead Transformers live action movies. Transformers could be a great sci-fi big screen movie with great storytelling in addition to the action and effects, if we ever got a director who cared about story and character development at all. Sigh.

    In addition to, check out (toys) and the TFWiki (in-depth info on Transformers cartoons, comics, movies, etc.) for more Transformers info. Sorry for the long rant but I hope it was interesting for somebody.

    1. I loooove the TFWiki. It’s probably strange to people that don’t know about it but while being incredibly informative they manage to be consistently hilarious at the same time.

    1. No worries. I fixed the formatting and deleted your duplicate comment. Thank you for all the lovely info! We’re all smarter people now.

      I am not joking, this is exactly what I wanted to know.

    1. I have since tested out saying my name on different octave scales and was able to cause random strangers to fall from their chairs at my local Chipole. On to ikea for further tests!

  4. This is probably the closest I’ll get to the Transformers-centric episode I’ve always been dreaming of so I suppose I can share it with He-Man and Ninja Turtles if I have to.

    1. Not necessarily. This episode was technically about ACTION FIGURES, so there’s certainly room for a show focused on Transformers. Although, I can imagine it’ll be spearheaded by me…

      1. If I lived in the bay area I’d volunteer to help put that together. 🙂 But if someone in the LaserTime pantheon wanted to do a Transformers episode I’d be happy to help with any questions or details. Of course all the info is pretty well documented on the TFWiki and the other sites, so my help might be superfluous.

        BTW I do a weekly Transformers-themed podcast and in the episode we put up today we discussed all the new Transformers toys that were announced by Hasbro at ToyFair last week. If you’re interested you can check it out at

  5. so… is Mikel okay? seriously, that is the most frightening audio I have heard come from you guys. and I know he’s so much of a dedicated trooper that he will podcast through an injury. hrm… maybe not.

    I’ll be honest with you guys, I definitely played with HeMan, but I was straight up a GIJOE kid 100%. I owned TWO transformers in my entire life. they kind of bored the pants off of me as toys. I just couldn’t get behind giant robots that turn into stuff like cars and jets or boom boxes or microscopes? wasn’t that a thing? TMNT DEFINITELY took my heart and my head and I have yet to get them back. I was in the 5th grade and that week long original special happened during the break and it was all we talked about the first day back from school. EVERYONE.
    I feel like GIJOE and Transformers really had a crazy life in comics tie ins originally and then later through animation.
    this was a reeeeally fun episode, I wish it had gone on a little longer and oh mah gawd lookit all the comments!

  6. By the laws of escalation, will there always be a mid-episode / within the break “secret sound” now?

    Who will fall out of their chair this week?! Who will live? Who WILL DIE?

    …find out during the break.

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