WOW: This Power Rangers Fan Film is Insane


Starbuck and Dawson fight through the deadliest, bloodiest, darkest game of MORPHIN’ TIME ever conceived…

We don’t often post fan films here on Laser Time, because given our collective, hyper-dorky pedigrees, we’d be bouncing back and forth between here and YouTube all day instead of conducting super-serious on-air quizzes about 80s/90s action figures. There’s just to much quality to choose from! So when we do post a fan film, know that it’s pretty much REQUIRED VIEWING. Or it stars Muppets or Sonic. This, though… this is incredible. And judging by the response to our Power Rangers Rip-offs episode, it’s safe to say many of you are very much into Saban’s localized squad of Karate Care Bears. You are going to fucking love this.

I’ve never heard the term “deboot” before, but that’s how producer Adi Shankar describes his brutal, grisly take on the Rangers of Power. Even crazier,it stars Katee “Starbuck” Sackoff and James Van Der Beek, who also apparently co-wrote this sordid little take on Angel Grove, where colorfully-helmeted men and women combat an army of meth-peddling Zords hellbent on humanity’s destruction. Or something. When it comes to Power Rangers, I’m more than aware of the rosey tint of nostalgic bias, but this film is unbelievably well worth a watch even if you you’ve never been a fan of Morphin’ Time. Seriously, watch this thing!

6 thoughts on “WOW: This Power Rangers Fan Film is Insane

  1. Did Dawson just become gangster as fuck? All fairness I thought he was pretty great in the rules of attraction, but him as an action guy seems possible now. Who would of thought van Wilder would become Hannibal King and then Deadpool twice.

  2. rita l l looking a bit daft and tommys gravely voice couldnt ruin this for me,shame they all got killed off
    who was roboDawson ment to be? i only watched the 1st series of PR
    the black ranger fight scene was amazingly done
    wonder if this will get a mini series like mortal kombat did

  3. This reminded me of the Punisher short “Dirty Laundry,” what halpened to that project? Thomas Jane was great in it and he put up his own money to make it. Netflix hello????? I have an idea for your next show. Just deposit the money in the donate button below, thank you.

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