Agent Carter “Valediction” Review

Laser Time, Agent Carter, review, episode, finale, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Valediction

After just eight episodes, the season has come to a conclusion! Was it a satisfying one? I would say so. All of our characters, now no longer just clichés, got a satisfying conclusions to their arcs. Where do I begin?

It was awesome seeing the SSR gang work together for the first time. Peggy finally got what she deserved from her partners: respect. If the show gets another season, I wonder if this dynamic will be further explored. Sousa’s comment about wanting to kill Jack no more than usual was funny, and felt like there was a part of their partnership that we never really got to see much of this season.

It was very nice to see Howard return to the show and play a key role in the finale. Stark showed that he does have an emotional side, as his guilt for creating the Midnight Oil made him turn himself into the SSR, only to offer himself up as bait. Howard coaxing Thompson into what to say was a fun scene to watch; you could see how much it hurt him to say those words about Stark. I also thought it was great to see Howard’s grief about Steve explored. Steve Rogers was one of his few success stories.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, review, episode, finale, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Valediction

“Stark” bait.

With Howard also came great Peggy and Stark scenes. Peggy’s argument with Howard over his willingness to put his life in danger really helped showcase their complicated friendship. Skip ahead to her talking him down via radio, just like she did with Steve Rogers before he crashed into the ice. That scene was wonderful, as they both needed to move on.

I can’t forget to mention the awesome fight scene between Peggy and Dottie, showing that Marvel has seriously improved since their first scenes (I’m looking at you, early S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1).  I do, however, wish that the Dottie fight hadn’t ended so quickly.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, review, episode, finale, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Valediction

I’m fairly certain we haven’t seen the last of Dottie.

I won’t lie, I was thinking to myself how stupid Sousa was for not just shooting Ivchenko. I thought he was falling for the same logic that went down with Dottie in the previous episode. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Sousa outsmarted me, and Ivchenko, by revealing he had planted ear buds. In addition, one of Sousa’s best scenes was not understanding how Peggy could handle being disrespected and unappreciated. It was touching to see Peggy so strongly explain how she sees it; you could instantly see the admiration in Sousa’s eyes. We’ll have to wait to see if their hinted-at romantic relationship is true. Is Sousa the fated husband of Peggy Carter?

As for Jarvis, I found my self enjoying his final scenes with Stark. We’ve seen so little of their dynamic, considering all the time they have spent together off screen. Jarvis had his own great character moment when he was willing to shoot Stark out of the sky if needed. He knew what was at stake, and what he would have to do. On top of that, it was wonderful to see him make one final, extremely meaningful gesture to Peggy by giving her Steve’s blood back. I expect Peggy will need his help at a moment’s notice sometime in the near future.

Laser Time, Agent Carter, review, episode, finale, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Valediction

A future we’ll have to wait patiently for — in Season 2!

The first season of Agent Carter was a well crafted, different story, with its own personality within the MCU.   It was a story worth telling, and it gave us even more great characters to follow. I hope we get to see more of Peggy Carter and the SSR before her inevitable fate at the founding of S.H.I.E.L.D.  And it would be silly of me to not mention the appearance of Arnim Zola — aka M.O.D.O.K. — at the end, and the many different things that could mean going forward in the show. How can you not be excited for more?

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

4 thoughts on “Agent Carter “Valediction” Review

    1. Arnim Zola is essentially the comic book villain M.O.D.O.K in the MCU. In fact you can see him in Winter Solider in nearly that form, and it heavily alluded to in The First Avenger.

  1. Just so you know I’ve really enjoyed your breakdowns of the episodes. Thanks for taking the time to do it! I agree with many of your points. Does anyone know if season 2 is confirmed yet?

    1. Thanks a ton! =D

      I will be starting to review new episodes of Agents of SHIELD, so look out for those. As for season 2 of Agent Carter, nothing has been confirmed but I would say it is very likely.

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