Vidjagame Apocalypse 101 – Direct-to-PSP Movie Games


Returning to business as usual after last week’s three-hour explodaganza, we’re kicking this week’s show off with a look at five movie-to-game adaptations that, for whatever reason, only ever appeared on PSP. Then it’s on to some talk about Dragonball Xenoverse and Way of the Samurai 4, news of Kanye dabbling in game design, and answers to the questions you wanted to ask us.

Question of the Week

What’s a short game that you actually enjoyed more because of its length (or lack thereof)?



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listed roughly in order of release date

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36 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 101 – Direct-to-PSP Movie Games

  1. This top 5 topic made me hurl a little just from reading it… Basically the bottom of the dump of licensed games.

  2. QotW: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins- My parents wouldn’t buy me a Gameboy when I was a child, because they were good parents and realized that the only reason I didn’t play video games every waking hour is because I couldn’t carry the Nintendo around with me. At age 34, I have a 3DS and can play all those Gameboy games I missed out on, through the virtual console. This week my wife and I were both very, very sick and I decided I would cheer myself up by finally after a 23 year wait, downloading Super Mario Land 2. The fact that it was a unique take on the Mario franchise and could easily be beaten in 4 hours by a sleep deprived man that was high on cough medication made it perfect for the occasion.

  3. QotW: Mirror’s Edge. I picked it up a few months ago for the first time – and read that it’s length was short. My wife and I often look for a game we can finish in three nights (a weekend). This was the perfect length. It felt really special, like some big movie, or a succinct TV show. We’re really coming to value games we can consume in a short span.

  4. 1. Qotw: Not sure it counts, but FTL. each game only lasts an hour or so… i love that i can fit in a whole round on a lunch break, though ive dumped many many hours into it overall.

    2. Mikel, thanks for using Suikoden music in the background on this ep, now i have to go and play Suikoden 1 and 2 just because the music made me remember how much i loved them both.

    3. Erbody wants to buy you beer and pizza! Wes<— trendsetter

  5. QOTW: Portal. It’s one of the best games of all time according to every list on the subject, and you can play the whole game without having to pee. ::drops mic::

  6. I really hope Laser Time isn’t dying. I’ve done everything I can to spread the word, got you a few new fans. I’ll donate whenever I can.

    have you considered a music podcast? just whatever you’re into. is there a member of the LT family who’s passionate about music enough to talk about it every week?

    1. Wait, what? I just clicked on today and everyone’s getting worried? Uh oh, now I’m cautious what’s going to come up in this cast later today when I listened to it…

  7. wroooooong. sorry, but you’re wrong. there have been new additions to the dragon ball series in both comic form and in animated form. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman as it turns out is a prequel to the dragon ball series and even shows the lives of Goku’s parents back on their home planet. and the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is cannon because Toriyama wrote it and set it after the events of the final manga chapter.
    Jaco is actually really good and Toriyama’s art has changed and is way cartoonier now than it used to be. it looks really good in my opinion. you should check it out if you even in passing like the dragonball series or akira toriyama’s work.
    can I get the Wikiparez sound now?

    um… yes please do a Lasertime Patreon!
    I want to help you guys the best way I know how, as an artist.
    i want to open and fill a redbubble shirt shop for you, with cool graphic tees and stickers
    I want to help you guys do videos, I’m sitting on all this adobe creative cloud stuff and I’m not using it enough!
    you guys started to open relations with the artists in your readership to produce new shirts but then that forum thread went dead. wtf? I have been doing raccoon artwork a lot lately you guys need more ways to let people support you. just hitting that paypal button doesn’t engage people enough. it doesn’t invite them to participate. I hang out with the cartoon hangover guys a bit and I’ve been learning a lot about what it takes to get your audience to really support the heck out of you.
    I’m working on my own stuff during the day but I would gladly put aside some of that work to help you guys as artistically as I can.

  8. I’ve been listening to you guys since tdar 31, so the idea of you not being a part of my week anymore is kind of scary. Give me more ways to help keep this nightmare from becoming a reality!

  9. I think Chris needs to get over his dislike of Patreon.

    It’s just a simple fact that lots of people can’t afford to contribute to podcasts regularly(which is what podcasts need to be able to be created regularly). And while it might not seem fair to expect a few to pay so that others don’t have to, it’s a system that’s productive.

    A lot of my favorite podcasts thare are run independently are all funded by Patreon now, and frankly, they’re all the better for it.

    I mean, Jesus, the Comedy Button makes 22k a month. I mean, okay, you guys aren’t the Comedy Button. But even the Geekbox makes $250 dollars a month. That’s probably more you guy’s speed, but that’d be enough to buy you guys new equipment at least.

  10. It was nice to hear pretty honest responses to the listener questions, and less cynicism than we’ve been getting from the guys for a while. I’ve been listening since Brett did Tokyo Elevator, I guess, before TDar even started, and I look forward to new Laser Time shows every day that they’re supposed to release. Listening to all the shows makes them all sort of blend together, so the lack of total focus (except on Cheap Popcast, which is always super focused on wrestling, which I don’t care about) works for me. Hearing that you’re part of a group of only a few thousand, or fewer, fans is kind of thrilling and weird. I hope we get more chances to ask questions.

  11. I really enjoyed The Darkness 2. It took around 7 hours to complete and had a good story. The first one was excellent also but had 3 or 4 hours of filler and would have benefited from being shorter.

  12. Two things 1)Tyler seemed really sad and a little more sour than usje, I hope he’s doing ok and hope he gets better :). 2) Chris mentioned not begin on welfare or unemployment, I don’t want to get in your business but you should get government aid, they exist for a reason and when you’re employed you pay taxes on it so you’re entitled to it. Don’t burn your savings because you’re too proud to get help. You’re not some lazy bum, you do actually work so go get aid to help you get back on your feet. That’s why it exist in the 1st place, there’s nothing wrong with it.

  13. I will continue to love LaserTime and everyone involved with it if you never do a Patreon. Please do this forever. and ever. never stop. ever. I don’t want to be alone. lol.

    1. Just do a recurring monthly donation and pretend its patreon, i mean chris does more than most podcasts do on their patreon and he does it for free.

  14. I actually owned Miami Vice and really dug it because it reminded me Winback and even this Stallone fan could not finish a play-thru of Rocky Balboa. Bought it day one and tried so hard to love it but it was just so mediocre! Holy shit I owned 300 as well! Jesus what was I buying back in 2006? How about a “M4S” T-shirt? Jk lol great episode as always guys!

    1. Don’t blame yourself man, im sure it was only good because they wouldnt accept Sly’s input on it. What changes would there have been if he had? Maybe a meat shaped gamepad that you use by punching it?

        1. Lmao! Pre-order at Gamestop for your day one meat remote skin for your wii mote and Paulie “All you gave me was this stinkin watch” dlc pack.

  15. QotW: To take the easy answer Order 1886. The game is short but tells the story it wants to and it’s pretty good, not to mention really pretty. Sure the controls are your generic third person shooter controls but you’re not in this long enough to care. As for the several QTE’s, eh. Telltale’s gameplay is the same as Order but without the third person shooting segments, and I love Telltale games so bitching about those controls with a game like Order seems hypocritical. The only problem is that the price point, 60 dollars is too steep, but whatever I borrowed if from work so I played it for free.

  16. i really enjoyed this episode, tyler was cool and chilled, no shouting, the top 5 was hilarious.
    great job especially loved the Raccoon moments, excellently done!

    its sad to think that 2015 will be lasertimes last year, if it helps i kickstarted a popular podcast and bought airtime for a ad, i asked and they said its ok to advertise another podcast, i might need help with a non sweary 20 second ad (any help would be great fellow lasertimers )but hey its yours !!
    i do wish you guys would try patreon

  17. QOTW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game on NES. I played and replayed that game a lot back in the day. I guess because I could just pop in the game and be pretty sure I’d get the satisfaction of seeing the Technodrome blow up pretty shortly.

    I was not expecting such honest talk from the hosts this week. Lasertime is my favourite podcast, and I listen to all the other shows on the site as well. I’ve donated a couple of times in the past, and after tax time I’ll try to chip in some more. Chris, I understand your reluctance to use Patreon but it’s the most efficient way for internet media creators to get financial support, unless you get millions of visitors that you can live off the ad revenue but I’m guessing you’re not there. Regardless, I do hope you don’t get discouraged Chris and keep the show going. I for one look forward to each episode every week.

  18. I just want to say that The Order 1886 is actually a very good game with a great story. I get so sick of people who put it down so much cause of how short it is. I also hate it when someone says that it is not worth 60 dollars when games like Evolve and Titanfall are online only and barely feature a story. If The Order 1886 is not worth 60 bucks the neither is Evolveor Titanfall (when it first came out).

  19. Really enjoyed the question segment, it’s cool to hear about you guys’ lives, how the podcast is doing etc. I love each and every single one of you even though we’ve never met. Keep making this awesome shit, and I’ll keep listening.

  20. I really appreciated the candor of your answers everyone, though it was worrying to hear that Chris wants to wind Lasertime down.

  21. Really enjoyed this episode, especially the questions at the end. I’m sad that Chris thinks this will be Lasertimes final year though, which i hope isn’t the case. Lasertime and the rest of the shows on the network have made me laugh and have given me so much entertainment over the past few years, probably more then anything else I watch or listen to.

    I try and support Lasertime as much as I can, donating when i have the money, buying all the premium commentaries etc. but I want to support you guys by clicking the Amazon links too. However, I’m in the UK so those links are linking me to Amazon US. You could set up those links to be regional as I understand it, as Podcast one has something like that on their site. The other Brits like me could use that to help to support the site, I can’t be the only Lasertime fan in the UK so maybe that would help if you could add that feature to the site.

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