Cheap Popcast #43 – We’re From Hollywood


With the final big show before WrestleMania in the books, Dave, Henry, and Chris discuss Fastlane and Raw’s fallout (while Dave discusses “Give Divas a Chance” and ‘Mania’s ladder match). Later on, the trio discusses Hollywood sports entertainers who were too big for ‘rasslin.



10 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #43 – We’re From Hollywood

  1. I’ve been in a weird spot for a year now. I haven’t watched Wrestling in a decade, my wife loves Diva’s and says to me a year ago that she wants to see what the Bella’s and company do. She had never seen wrestling. I was like WHAT? So first I explain why What is important. The I get her started on RAW, and good god why is it 3 hours long. Now she’s an addict to the point of we went a RAW live show (that got cancelled and pushed to a Smackdown) Every NXT. Hell, she wanted to go to a road to mania house show this weekend.

    And that gets us to Fastlane where I’m now so proud of her. She’s in the Cenation, and absolutely hates Lana because jealousy. Best match ever for me as my wife watches intently, and says “Why does Cena talk so much?” I instantly pause, show her some botchomania segments, and she’s now on my side. Best PPV ever.

    She’s now fully on the heel side with Rollins, Paige, Alicia Fox (She says why doesn’t she get to do more?), Stardust, Sasha Banks, and for some weird reason Big Show. Not going to blame her too much for liking Bayley, Zayne and Ziggler, because talent counts.

    So good to see another one in Cenation down.

  2. Great episode. I really enjoyed the discussion on the Kaufman/Lawler feud. Andy Kaufman was probably the greatest at Kayfabe of all time. As a kid I was a big fan of his, having enjoyed reruns of Taxi. To this day, it’s a bit hard to watch their fight on Letterman because of the level of commitment Kaufman brings to everything. He really was truly unafraid to make himself seen not just as a heel but a really pathetic person.

  3. I really wish Henry would watch TNA again. It’s not nearly what he’s making it out to be. I’ve been enjoying TNA personally for a while now. EC3 can draw heat from any crowd, Spud’s actually *wrestling* now (thank god), Storm’s been doing the Wyatt Family gimmick better than Bray for a while now, and then you have Roode, the BDC, Lashley, Angle, etc. It’s a damned good product.

  4. To the “Losertown” discussion, just because TNA is not happening in Japan doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. I also think that Erik Rowan has improved MASSIVE amounts and how they’re using him isn’t right. He should tag up with someone as he works best as a foil, but deifying Harper (who is awesome btw) and damning Rowan is off the mark for me. Loved the episode as a whole though, Henry, Chris, and Ruddy brought it in this one!

  5. Chris that sound did totally sound like the original Playstation boot up music lol Great episode and where else can you hear a group of friends talk about Ernest, Hollywood Hogan and Three Ninjas Kick Back! Dave, have you ever thought about a MMA cast? Love to hear your thoughts on Anderson Silva on roids and who is going to win tomorrow, Rousey vs Zingano?

  6. Kaufman was an amazing heel, totally committed to the role. I laugh so hard every time I hear him insult Memphis.

    1. I love when he sang the “I’m the King, I’m the King of Tennessee!..” and so on. It was so obnoxious and funny.

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