Vidjagame Apocalypse 102 – Musical Acts With Non-Musical Games


This week, Ray Barnholt of Scroll, No More Whoppers and Retronauts joins us for frank talk about five faintly embarrassing vanity games that recast popular musicians as action heroes (or action-hero enablers). Then we move on to talk about tepid new releases, gross baby-delivery games, and games you loved because they were short.

Question of the Week

What’s the most embarrassing thing (you’re willing to talk about) that’s happened to you at a convention?



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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Smooth Criminal (Genesis Remix) by Michael Jackson and Chris Antista. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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listed roughly in order of release date

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18 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 102 – Musical Acts With Non-Musical Games

  1. Hey! Glad to see Ray back on the podcast and I hope this time he plugs No More Whoppers 😛

    1. Also Chris how can you hate Aerosmith, Rocks, Get Your Wings and Toy in the Attic are all time classic albums. Pump, Get a Grip, Permanent Vacation and there 1st album are also very good. Don’t let “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” ruin Aerosmtih for you, listen to there 70s albums and you’ll see why GN’R and Van Halen exist.

      1. As a life long fan of Ronnie James Dio and Video James I somehow only heard about this on a recent episode of the Bombcast. But despite being called Holy Diver seems to circle more around Ozzy’s side of the Black Sabbath tangents.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Def Jam Fight for NY, it’s actually a great game, it’s the best of the 3 Def Jam fighting games.

  3. This wasn’t at a convention but when I was 10 I was at the mall my with my Mom and Sega had a display in the center with lots of tv’s to show how much better the Genesis was than the SNES. There was a guy running the event and said anyone who could name 10 sega games in 30 seconds would get a free Sonic t-shirt. I ended up on stage and when the timer started I said Sonic and then my brain shut down and I froze. The guy had to whisper some names in my ear and I was well short of 10 games when my time was up. It wasn’t a total bust though because the guy gave me a shirt anyway.

  4. Ah! Great that you guys got Ray on! I love all the collab you guys are doing with the Retronauts crew.

  5. These “only five” Top 5s are always informative and entertaining. Also always cool to see talent from Retronauts appear on LT shows

  6. First time I’ve ever heard of Ray Barnholt, he was pretty great though! ^^

    Except for his bashing of To The Moon. Glad he admits it’s a matter of taste, but now I’m kinda curious to know why he hates it so much XD

  7. Time for me to chime in on bad convention stuff since it’s happening as I type this en route to PAX. East Coast snow affected a ton of flights here. Wednesday I think “Hey, let me move my flight time up to give more time for the roads to clear tomorrow.” I do that. Thursday I get a notice that the new flight is canceled. I move up my time again. Departure time approaches, everything seems fine. No notices sent to my phone or email. I arrive at the airport, go to print my pass…and receive a “your flight is canceled” message. An actual notice of this cancelation doesn’t hit my phone until ten minutes later. Great timing, Southwest. Meanwhile, I’m scrambling to check other airlines. My only options are flights priced at nearly a grand with three stops completely out of the way. Eventually, I manage to find a train ticket for about $200. I do the hotel dance of moving my reservation back a night, cancel a mid-morning demo for the next day, and finally board the 3am train. All this to cover PAX as a freelancer and hopefully do a few things for you, Laser-ites. Gah!!!

  8. I have only read two comic books and I hate most everything about comic-con but 4-5 years ago I decided to get Stan Lee to sign my copy of season 3 of The Big Bang Theory, which he appeared on. The drive down was fine, it took 30 minutes of waiting to get inside, my father and I waited in line to Stan Lee for an hour and half but I did get my copy of a crapshoot of a show signed and Stan Lee was more than happy to sign it saying something like different thinking like yours is a great thing but sad embarrassing part happened when several nerds, who looked like the stereotypical nerds thought of by most, called me a pussy and an ass hole for not getting anything Marvel signed by Stan Lee.

    On a side not I will be attending PAX Southwest next year and am looking forward to it.

  9. Back at PAX 2013 I was able to attend with a press badge. I was interviewing one of the creatives behind a game, he just brought up a weapon named “Lightbringer” and the following exchange happened.

    Beezn: Your doing some real religious stuff with that name there.

    Dev: We got a lot of Greek gods in there. Is Lightbringer a religious thing?

    Beezn: Latin for Light bringer is Lucifer…Yeah.

    Dev: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I meant it as genuinely, it brings light.

    Beezn: More like Prometheus.

    I felt the cringe in his voice so hard. I felt bad for bringing it up. making a game based on religious figures you’d think that name would have been called out by someone in editing the story.

  10. Qotw: At a anime convention My bro’s girlfriend and i were walking behind a “full figured” girl dressed as the chobits robot. (i don’t know anything about chobits… they are sex robots or something? you tell me ) If you don’t know the character its a young girl (18 in anime years) with robot cat ears, a long see-through vale and pretty much nothing else. (again if this is not the chobits girl and some other girl from some other thing please let me know in my comment comments)

    My Bro’s girlfriend decides it would be a good idea to smack this girl on the ass as hard as she should could and zip away, zoidberg style.

    That’s when the real horror begin. When this girl turns around its clear she is in fact, a girl, no more than 13-14 tops. I am a large, bald, bearded and at the time 24 year old man. She scowled at me with such disgust/disappointment and huge tears began welling in her eyes. I was the realization of all the reasons her parents must have told her she couldn’t leave the house dressed in her costume.

    “You can’t be chobits!! Around your friends its okay, but in the real world men will treat you as an object, cat-call, harass you and even sexual assault!”
    “You don’t understand me mom! People there aren’t about rape! The’re about understanding and the love of chobits! I’m running away from home now!”

    Still dumbfounded about what happened ( i initially thought my friends gf must have known her. I mean who does that!) i was tackled by some guy dressed as justice (from guilty gear. that franchise i know) Yelling “Arrest the pervert!” or “baka” or something dumb.

    The gathering crowd caught me red handed, actually red assed cause this girls butt had become a bright crimson as she was showing the damage and re-enacting the play-by-play to the security guards. Everyone was surprisingly okay with some person dressed as a robot holding me down by force. I thought Megan’s law app here i come!

    Finally some kindhearted witnesses came forward and explained i had nothing do with it. My bros girlfriend came back and took the blame. Then she said to the girl. ” i just thought you looked hot in your costume!” and all was forgiven. They were chatting it up like old girlfriends.

    I stopped going to anime conventions after this. Just felt like i was getting to old for this shit. Also, Justice never did apologize to me.

  11. One of my most embarrassing convention experiences? Well.. I was meeting a certain Brett Elston at PAX Prime 2013. He was showing off Ducktails Remastered and Lost Planet 3, and I was cosplaying as Booker DeWitt along with my female friend who dressed up as Clementine from TellTale’s The Walking Dead. I yelled “Hey Brelston!” which he immediately responded, and I told him how much I appreciated VGMPire and all his other collaborations with the LaserTime network. I then asked Heather to take a photograph of us both, and later asked her if I came across as too nerdy and spastic. She reluctantly admitted that I was, and upon looking back at the image, I suppose she was probably right. Oh well, I’ll try to be less awkward the next time I go to a convention. =)

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