Agents of SHIELD “Who You Really Are” Review

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Look who showed up! Lady Sif made her reappearance on this week’s episode, complete with a handy case of amnesia. Now amnesia plot points are, more often than not, just lazy. That being said, I can let Sif’s Amnesia slide this time — if only because we got some awesome revelations thanks to our other visitor: a living, breathing Kree!

This show keeps surprising me, and I was very happy to have a Kree take part in the episode. Thanks to him, we got even more information on the Inhumans, the Terrigan mist, and even references to a Kree city. The show barely touched upon the whole nitrogen plot point, pretty much dropping it completely after the Kree was found; I guess he was using the nitrogen to keep himself undercover as a human-looking figure (still doesn’t explain the height/size difference from other Kree we’ve seen, but I can look past that).

It was really great to see the team discover that Skye is an Inhuman (or at least has been changed) so soon. If this were Season One, the show would have dragged this revelation kicking and screaming through the dirt. Coulson reacted just how you’d expect, with pretty much the whole team being on Skye’s side.  Chloe Bennett has been handling all of the weight on her character quite well, and I look forward to seeing her evolve with the character.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season, review, episode, who you really are


She and May had some nice scenes together too. Part of me wouldn’t expect May to immediately come to Skye’s side, but I was impressed at how impactful Skye’s shooting was. My only complaint with this new material involving Skye is the dramatic slow-mo shots of holding her head as something shatters behind her. I feel like the first one was enough, and I hope we don’t see this every time she gets emotionally unstable.

The other big part of this episode revolved around Bobbi and Mack — the writers are seriously teasing the secret between them. I was wary when Mack brought up the whole “you should push away your romantic lover that you like because it will save him” bit; it’s a tired trope that I’m glad was seemingly avoided thanks to the twist at the end of the episode. I really like Hunter’s character this season, and seeing how observant he is shows that you shouldn’t underestimate him. I’ve heard fan theories about Bobbi’s backup too, but now I’m really anxious to get the answer from him and Mack themselves.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season, review, episode, who you really are

Who the hell is the backup?

Both Fitz and Simmons kind of took a back seat this time, and I’m noticing a trend in this back half of the season that every group argument scene is seriously well done. This group of actors can play off of each other very well, and it always feels intimate. As for Simmons, this episode didn’t really do anything to correct her path towards Inhuman hatred, a path that was only advanced thanks to her finding out that Fitz lied. I’m hoping that either Simmons gets a change of heart soon, or that they flesh out her reasoning more so that it doesn’t feel as forced.

This week’s episode didn’t slow down. It brought us tons of cosmic revelations — something I hope to see more of by the end of the season. Sif made for a fun guest appearance, even if some of her lines were a little corny. As for the core team, they now know that Skye is a changed person, so we can look forward to how they will handle her. Personally, I wonder how Ward will react when he learns about what has happened to Skye.

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

9 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD “Who You Really Are” Review

  1. This show just keeps getting better and better. I love that they no longer need to stall for time like they did in the first season (At least, I assume that was what was going on: stalling for the Captain America tie-in) and are revealing stuff quickly instead of dragging it out. I’m also very curious about the whole “backup” situation. I hope they don’t drag that out, though. Can someone link me to some of the fan theories about who/what “backup” could be? I don’t mind spoiling myself with theories, I find it fun 🙂

    1. Since the latest episode revealed who they are, I actually mentioned one of the fan theories in my upcoming review!

  2. *Grins* I’m so glad that this episode proved me right on several predictions made in the previous review. The stage for SHIELD now battling against inhumans and other super-powered villains is now fully set, and given the twist at the end, I would be genuinely surprised and disappointed if we didn’t find out who Mack and Bobby are working for within just one or two episodes more. I don’t think anyone can now doubt that Agents is a much more confident, riskier and fluid show this season than how it was in the last one.

    I also was really happy to see that this Kree wasn’t for once utterly evil or unreasonable, and in fact, it felt very refreshing that his arc here pretty much subverted what we’ve come to expect from the show every time a super powered person appears.

  3. Another great recap. I’m really enjoying the show. You were dead on about what Season One would have done about Skye’s reveal to the team. In regards to last weeks episode, I fully expected them to hide Raina until the finale. Glad I was wrong.

    I do worry about the show adding villains and aliens like this, I feel like it’s a gimmick but at the same time I don’t know what else they could be in conflict with. The Hydra threat is getting a bit old by now.

    I hope whatever Bobbi and Mack are talking about isn’t too much of a repeat of Hydra. I wonder if it’s SWORD or Fury.

    1. Who? Sif?

      No, she’s not forced. I’ve liked her appearances so far. She’s only been in this episode, and one other episode in season 1.

  4. I must admit I was wondering if they would add the Kree since the Inhuman aspect was there. I’m pretty psyched about what this means for both the TV and Cinematic Marvel universes. Oh and sidebar maybe they will introduce A.I.M next.

    1. A.I.M was already introduced in Iron Man 3 though. Probably not the kind of representation comic books fans wanted, but still.

  5. Oh, anyone notice the lifting of a line of Two-Face’s from Batman Forever? “Noble. Stupid, but noble.”

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