Laser Time Commentaries – Live-Action/Animation Hybrid Pack


Wanna watch a bunch of cartoon characters messing around in the real world? Or vice versa?! Well, here’s your chance to watch some highly notable flicks with us and help us out in a time of need!

[UPDATE: Our physical award has been revealed! Scroll down or click here to see more.]

Let’s get this out of the way upfront: The is the final time we’ll be offering a commentary pack in this manner and we desperately need your support right now because we’ve been hit with a substantially higher tax bill this year. We hate asking you guys for money, but I honestly like to think of these little pledge drives as us offering something a little more substantial in exchange for your assistance. Furthermore, these are highly watchable movies near and dear to my heart, so why not watch them with me, Hank, Dave and Mike Grimm?! Oh, and we need the money to continue to exist/so I can live. How’s it work? Simply donate to us on PayPal! $1 to $4.99 will get you two full-length movie commentaries, anything over that will get a bonus commentary, as well as the satisfaction of keeping Laser Time, Vidjagame Apocalypse, Cape Crisis, Cheap Popcast, and VGMpire alive and on the web-based air for the remainder of 2015. More details below.

On Demand | Blu-ray
I’m positive I could argue that this is the greatest movie ever made. Barring that, it’s at least the biggest and bestest piece of cinematic fan service ever forged, as Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and Richard Williams offer up a blockbuster tribute to both film noir and the cartoons of animation’s mid-century heyday. The staggering amount of character crossover courtesy of competing companies hasn’t truly happened before or since, and in a time before CGI, no film has worked this hard to dazzle your face off with every single frame. If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for an unbelievable treat. If you have, know that there are few things I know more about than the glory that is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and you’ll be a fucking expert by the time the credits roll. Better still, this one’s on Netflix Instant if you’d like to save yourself the trouble of buying it/piracy!

On Demand | Blu-ray
Because we know many of you are a little younger than us so your nostalgic pool may not cover Roger Rabbit, we thought it important to add here since this weird little cartoon hybrid won the hearts of a generation afterward. As a diehard Looney Tunes fan, I had every reason to hate this Nike commercial spin-off starring a terrible amateur actor upon its release, however, my affection for it grew a billion fold watching it immediately after Roger Rabbit. It’s such a similar lovingly-crafted salute to the pinnacle of the animated art form, and even though it’s working with a much smaller pool of characters, the added focus allows them to do right by perhaps the greatest cast of cartoon characters of all-time. Whereas Roger Rabbit is a noir movie featuring cameos from famous cartoon characters, Space Jam is at least a 100% Looney Tunes movie featuring cameos from athletes. I’ll always argue that Back in Action is a better movie, but only now am I supremely grateful Space Jam exists.

On DemandDVD (I dare you)
We’re so, so sorry. Although I’m sure many of you have heard about this bizarre Ralph Bakshi film, and we’re honored to walk you through this feature-length 90s curiosity, Cool World so much worse than I remembered I almost wish we hadn’t selected it. Viewing it immediately after Roger Rabbit and Space Jam only highlights its halfassed attempt at animated synergy, with most of the cartoon characters popping in your face with all the abruptness and asynchronicity of Tyler Durden’s dick. Speaking of which, a smoking hot Brad Pitt makes one of his first-ever starring appearances! And the guy from The Usual Suspects fucks a cartoon played by Alec Baldwin’s ex-wife!  But rest assured, this movie makes almost no sense, delights in holding your head at ugliness, and should only be watched with your boys from Laser Time and/or healthy does of marijuana. Aha’s “Take On Me” video is more coherent.

TIER 1: Donate $1 to $4.99 and you the Silver Pack, featuring a full-length commentary for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam!
TIER 2: Donate $5 or more and receive the Gold Pack, featuring full-length commentaries for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam AND Cool World.
TIER 3: Donate $10 or more and receive PHYSICAL LASER TIME ITEM! We’ll have more details soon, but we needed to get started immediately due to the urgency of the situation. Just be sure your PayPal contains the proper email and shipping address.

coin painted 2
uper Taxio Bros Commemorative Coin! Click here to learn more

-Each Commentary track will prompt you on when/where to sync the movie. Hit play, it’ll all make sense, I promise. If you’d like to avoid further syncing issues, a hard file or DVD is your best bet.

YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT: You should probably have one already, and if you have a YouTube, Gmail, Goggle+ account, etc., you already do even if you’re not aware of it. If not, we recommend getting one for a billion reasons beyond getting these commentaries. Click here to see your Google Drive status. Log into your Gmail/Google account when clicking our download link.

-If the email address associated with your PayPal account is not a Google address, add it in Paypal’s Notes and/or Comment field for a smoother process. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., tend to file your download link under spam/junk because they’re dicks and hate Google. I can be found at on Twitter and Facebook if you have any quick questions.

Within 48 hours of your PayPal donation, you will be added to a shared list on Google Drive where you may download a zipped archive of your commentary MP3s. You should receive an email with the link to the email associated with your PayPal account. Please refrain from messaging any of us if you do not receive your link immediately, we’re doing this by hand.

ANYONE WHO HAS DONATED TO OUR PAYPAL DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH WILL RECEIVE THE COMMENTARY PACK. If you’ve set up a recurring donation and/or already donated after March 1st, you will be receiving a download link soon via the email address associated with your PayPal. Because that’s what’s fair.

NOTE: I know this looks like a lot of info, but I swear, it’s 100% safe and easy. We point this out because while this system works smoothly for 99% of people, some people have had issues we cannot possibly foresee. We have no idea if you’re behind a firewall, what territory you’re in, what access you have to the internet. We are dummies with no IT department and don’t have a lot of time to help you figure out what’s wrong on your end. If you cannot access the files, we will be more than happy to refund your donation, but please make sure you’ve explored your options first. Here’s a quick Google Drive tutorial. I will do my best to answer any other questions in the comments below. If you don’t have access to Google Drive, let us know and maybe we can work something out. I assure you: We are not out to screw the very people who support us the most. Thank you for your patience.

WE HEAR YOU: A few of you have expressed your dissatisfaction with this commentary distribution system, and even more of you have urged us to start a Patreon. As such, we will be creating a Patreon in the coming months, and this will be the LAST TIME we offer commentaries via this distribution method. But again, this is a somewhat urgent situation, one where the future of Laser Time could very well hang in the balance, so we hope you’ll understand and offer your support. The government is none too kind to the small business man. We don’t like asking you for money, and especially without something to offer in return, which is why we make the movie commentary packs. It’s also why we’ve been hesitant start a Patreon before we figure out the proper incentive. Your time, eyes, ears, and financial support mean the world to us, and we want to find the best possible way to earn your further support. We’re on to something… stay tuned.

62 thoughts on “Laser Time Commentaries – Live-Action/Animation Hybrid Pack

  1. Do you have any interest in a UHF styled fundraiser/ variety show? We can’t allow big government turn the kitchen studio into a parking lot.

  2. been looking forward for another commentary pack for awhile, thank you guys so much and really appreciate all you do!!!

  3. You had me at Space Jam. My favorite sports movie and my favorite podcasting crew in a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

  4. I will surely donate to help you guys out!
    Also, I was literally thinking about wanting a Space Jam commentary last week.

    1. Chris mentions in the post that anyone that has donated this month will get the commentaries so you are already golden my friend.

  5. I’ve already donated to LT this month, but I’m still going to donate to the $10 tier. You guys have always been there for me in my times of need, now I want to here to support you during your’s.

  6. This is as good an excuse as any to watch Cool World and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (haven’t seen either before, and yes I am ashamed that WFRR has eluded me). Plus, I’m more than happy to contribute and help out whenever I can. Hope we raise enough to deal with the situation!

  7. I’ve been listening to you guys since talkradar 50 and i cant imagine life without your voices in my earholes. Please dont go! Monthly donation starts today!

  8. Oh boy, Cool World. I remember playing the SNES game before I watched the actual movie (which I was very excited for and proceeded to be very heartbroken by). I will try to pitch in $10 tonight and hopefully can set up monthly payments in the summer.

    I really hate the economy right now.

  9. im in the UK will i still be able to recieve something from the store? i can make a biggger donation.
    so glad you guys are doing patreon

    1. That is a humble suggestion I’d like to make, but just so we don’t have to complicate things, OVERSEAS DONATIONS WILL STILL RECEIVE A PHYSICAL ITEM for a $10 donation. We will eat the cost, there aren’t as many of you, no worries.

      1. I was planning on donating $10 anyway before I even noticed the physical part and this lovely post for us UK listeners, so you’ll be getting double my friend.

        And yes, I’ll be there cash in hand for a Patreon on these – even if I’m still trying to find out what version of Friday the 13th Part 5 you guys watched! It doesn’t seem to sync up with any UK or even, ahem, “downloadable” version.

  10. I will definitely be throwing some money your way. Money is also tight for me, so unfortunately it won’t be as much as I gave you last time for the movie packs. Honestly, I don’t mind this distribution system. I’m sure it’s hell for you, though, because I think you have to manually add people’s email addresses?

    Looking forward to seeing what the Patreon reward levels are 🙂

  11. I just donated the moment I read the post. I love the commentaries and supporting you guys makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It was Australian dollars though. So I don’t know if a kangaroo has to deliver the donation personally to the kitchen studio or not.

  12. What makes life worth living?
    Who’s the master today?

    The LaserTime
    Wants to time my laser

    Ra-na-na-na, Ra-na-na-na.

  13. Thanks a lot Chris. Now I have to take time out of my busy to to masturbate to this article image.

  14. I’ve sent my donation, I look forward to re-watching Roger Rabbit, semi-looking forward to re-watching Space Jam with you guys, and not really looking forward to sitting through Cool World for the first time, but at least you guys will entertain me.

  15. Please don’t stop being Laser Time. Bought at ten bucks, haven’t read the post or even know what the bonus is yet. I was gonna do it anyway.

  16. I feel like you guys need better accountants. That or an off shore bank account.

    Also was waiting for a commentary pack to donate my first time and a mystery gift.

  17. Why don’t you add additionally tiers? $10 isn’t that much. I’m sure people would be willing to donate more.

  18. Cool World and Roger Rabbit are currenlty on Netflix instant. I’ve never seen Space Jam, but I’m not sure I want to get the disc from Netflix, and I definitely don’t need to own it, I may just listen to the commentary without watching the movie.

  19. Why Is this the last time you’re doing this? Do you guys seriously plan to stop this year? 🙁

    Anyway, in going to do my part to keep this going. Thanks for all your hard work guys, believe me, many of us do appreciate it!

    1. I can’t remember exactly how he worded it, but in the latest episode of Laser Time Chris mentioned that he’s working towards a Patreon which may go up some time in June.

      If enough people get behind that hopefully Chris can keep the lights on, as he likes to say.

      1. Ahhhh! Got it!

        I’ve been bedridden for the last two weeks since I broke one foot, and I haven’t been listening to podcasts since I usually listen to them when commuting or at work. That’s why I missed his announcement.

        Thank you for the clarification! ^^

  20. Looking forward to hearing Chris talk about Who framed Roger Rabbit aka the best movie ever made. I’ve never seen Cool world before so that’ll be a first for me. donated $20 to you guys from the UK.

  21. Happy to donate and not worried about getting a physical reward. The amount of content you give to all of us on a weekly basis is more than enough!

  22. As a UK listener Chris I have donated extra but don’t worry about physical goods. You guys and your dulcet tones are more than enough for this humble limey. Keep up the good work and bring on the patreon.

  23. First time poster, and long time supporter; Feeling like I needed to chime in to show my support for the network and its guests/hosts. People usually never know you like their work unless you vocalize it, and so here I am.

  24. Well, my plans to go to PAX East fell through this year, so I can’t think of a better use for that money than helping to save Laser Time. You go, Chris! We’re gonna save this fucking Youth Center from that evil land developer!

  25. Heh, I completely forgot Canadian money is worth peanuts right now! Oh well, I’ll pitch in another donation hopefully next month, though I think I might have to round it down to just $20 Canadian next time.

    Sorry guys, I’m pretty broke.

  26. Hey guys, $30 donated as another UK listener here to help cover the costs of getting whatever physical item sent across.

    Still got a few of the old commentaries to listen to, but will save these up for when I have a spare hour or two.

    Glad to hear you are setting up a Patreon, having listened to you guys for years and never getting round to setting up a recurring Paypal donation this will no doubt help me help you guys out.

  27. Whatever version of the Cool World that the guys watch seems to run a little faster than on Netflix, I had to pause my iPod for a second or two every minute or so to let the movie catch up.

  28. garnsr, I had the same problem with Space Jam. I think that it’s a problem with the audio file? Maybe a conversion between sampling rates that causes the audio to run a little fast?

    1. I didn’t watch Space Jam, but Roger Rabbit synced fine, and the sound seems fine in all three commentaries, so I guessed it was the movie file the guys watched. If I let the commentary run in Cool World it would have ended up way off by the end.

      1. yeah same problem with me, Roger rabbit and Space Jam were fine but Cool world seemed to always by out of sync for me.

        Really enjoyed the commentaries though guys, hope you do some more soon.

  29. I will always be willing to donate when you guys need it so long as I have the money. Best podcast on the internet as far as I’m concerned. Where else will I learn such interesting pop culture knowledge and get my laughs all in the same place?
    Just wish I had time to sit in during game play throughs on here more often. I’ve had a lot of fun in the comments on those videos but unfortunately my internet service runs twitch slow and I don’t have a lot of time off lately. But I still enjoy watching them afterward! I just can’t thank you enough for this network… It’s a big part of my life…

  30. just mentioning, but Who Framed Roger Rabbit is on fire sale on @ $10 on Amazon for the Blu Ray. A STEAL. I just upgraded my copy till the 4k version comes out.

  31. yo chris, i donated, but my paypal account is fucked at the moment. the account is linked to a non-existent gmail address. I’ll be listed as (no “L” in mail), but obviously there is supposed to be an “L” in it.

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