Laser Time – The Weirdest Final Seasons


Television’s got no shortage of great goodbyes, but what about those shows that spent their last year deviating wildly? Get ready for time jumps, dream sequences, and repiloting aplenty…


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25 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Weirdest Final Seasons

  1. Is this round 55 of Dave trying to convince people that lost is not shit despite everyone else disagreeing with him?

    1. Over $10. I usually give $10 anyway, so you bet YOU ASS I’LL SUPPORT YOU! Also, I will be among the first to back you on Patreon, I can’t wait!

  2. Great episode guys! I love learning about old ass pop-culture shit from you. Laser Time has really been on fire these past couple of episodes.

  3. Haven’t listened yet, but I hope you mention Family Matters. That show makes a weird transition from Full House for black people (but really for white people) to wacky scifi buddy comedy.

  4. Haven’t listened yet, But Twin Peaks BETTER be represented! The first season, strange; second season made almost NO sense.

  5. Can somebody list the series that are represented? i still have alot of shows to binge watch and am a hater of spoilers, thanks

  6. That was some Henry G level Brit abuse from Archie Bunker 🙂 I kid but seriously there’s an alarming amount of people who come into the pub i work at that still have that old racist archie bunker mindset.

  7. the writers of Lost basically came out and said it was all BS and they were making it up as they go along, I never bothered with it and don’t see how ppl can defend it

  8. The sit-com you were thinking of Chris, where the guy says the series is cancelled instead of his flight was “I Married Dora”.

  9. it’s funny hearing you guys talk about the last season of parks and rec before you’ve reached the end, but with me being in a place having seen the end. haha so weird. I really want to hear how you guys feel about the end of that series now. maybe you guys should do a part two to this episode just so you can talk about this one or an addendum. it was such a great series finale.

    the time skip is a mainstay in Manga/Anime, they’ve been doing it for decades.
    the slight shift from final episodes to racism/prejudice content in old shows was odd…

  10. Great episode idea, great episode.

    Was really hoping to see appearances from awesome shows with pseudo finales (Community, Arrested Development), but this’ll do.

  11. Ooo, this should be a good one. It’s really surprising the amount of shows that, not so much jump the shark but rather say “fuck it, let’s go all out”. How many of these were even planned that much in advance?

  12. Great ep all around. I love diving into corners of pop culture that I was unaware of.

    Also, Dave, I never watched ‘Lost’ and therefore cannot judge it, but as one of the five people in the world who loved the whole Matrix Trilogy, I respect your unpopular and determined stance. I’ve got your figurative back on this.

  13. Fantastic episode. Loved the Rosanne talk, had no idea that show got even more awesome than it already was! Also, will be donating again soon

  14. You guys always talk about Prison Break, but you guys have never seen it. The premise sounds sooooo stupid I agree, but once you watch it it is really good.

  15. Y’know, I think that Archie Bunker discussion really exemplifies Chris’ mindset. Satire and humor are meant to shock, they’re meant to provoke some kind of reaction. You can joke about the “naughty words”, because that’s how you change the perception of that kind of neanderthal thinking. That’s why anyone who truly enjoys comedy can’t stand the bland, multi-cam sitcom formula; hearing a fake audience go “Ooooooooh!” after some vaguely saucy aside is just stomach-churning.

  16. Christ, Henry, you don’t have to try and host shows your not the host of. You don’t always have to be the center of attention. Let the funny people speak occasionally.

  17. Great episode. I thought I was the only person in the world watching “Get A Life” when it aired. As to Chris’ comment about Angel knowing it was the last season, as I remember it, the show runners had no idea it was the last season until they had already shot all but the final four episodes. They actually had to do a crazy run around to re-configure the end of the season to double as an end to the series.

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