Xbox Live Beermageddon Showcase – Let’s Do This!

[UPDATE: YouTube archive’s embedded above and below! Enjoy Roger Rabbit because we didn’t!] In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Chris and Dave will take you on a brisk journey through several alcohol-fueled XBLA games today at 3PM Pacific (7PM Eastern),… Read more

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Take It Back to 2012 with Sleeping Dogs and Punk Music!

Yes, those are two things you probably haven’t thought about recently, but thanks to the PS4’s Share Factory, Laser Time has a very special video just for you! Grab that karaoke mic and shout it out: “So f***ing what!?”

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Why We Need More Characters Like Mako Mori

In the midst of all of the increased negativity surrounding the misrepresentation of female characters in the entertainment industry recently, it’s become popular to complain and argue about how unfairly women are portrayed in mainstream entertainment. While this point of… Read more

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