Xbox Live Beermageddon Showcase – Let’s Do This!

[UPDATE: YouTube archive’s embedded above and below! Enjoy Roger Rabbit because we didn’t!]

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Chris and Dave will take you on a brisk journey through several alcohol-fueled XBLA games today at 3PM Pacific (7PM Eastern), plus maybe, just maybe…

A playthrough of the NES “classic” Who Framed Roger Rabbit, in honor of our latest IRL Cartoons Commentary Pack!

3 thoughts on “Xbox Live Beermageddon Showcase – Let’s Do This!

  1. Two things 1 is it 3pm Pacific and 6 Eastern or 4pm P and 7 E? Also since you had Chris Waters ya’ll should see if you can get Danny O’Dwyer of Gamestop/Giantbomb to join Mike Grimm on another Ireland episode.

    1. I keep waiting for those crossovers. So far only Cheap popcast had one with Dan Ryckert I think (and was it Henry with their own wrestling podcast?). Gotta bring in those Giant Bomber audience. All of them seem like a perfect fit for Laser Time episodes. Hopefully they keep bringing in guest stars, be it from GB or somewhere else.

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