This Week’s Best New Releases: Irish Fantasies


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Final Fantasy Type-0
This seemed like it’d be the Final Fantasy game you’d only ever be able to play in Japanese, all thanks to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Originally planned as a spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII, Type-0 became its own thing on the PSP. That system was relatively healthy in 2012 Japan, and effectively dead everywhere else, dooming the twin UMD release to never come stateside. However, via the power of high definition, we’re finally getting our hands on what may be the best Final Fantasy game of the last decade.

But just what makes it so special? Well, for one thing, it’s shockingly bloody for FF. Just watch this Chocobo die in the intro!

Yup, child soldiers are sent off to a war they’re grossly unprepared for, and things get ugly. Speaking of bad situations, Final Fantasy XV is part of the deal. The game that was announced before the PS3 was even RELEASED might actually, for real be coming out soon. It’s real enough to have its own lengthy demo that comes included with the game. We wouldn’t blame you for still thinking the whole thing is a big scam and it’ll only see release on the PS5 in 2023, but have a little faith. At the very least you’ll have the impressive-looking Type-0.

Song of the Sea
While American animated films grasp polygons tightly, and anime gets animeier, a studio in Ireland keeps making the most critically praised animation of the last few years. From the same group as The Secret of Kells, the Irish director Tomm Moore made a gorgeous film that’s heavily inspired by Ireland’s myth – and just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Instead of getting drunker than usual, why not instead grab the Oscar-nominated film that somehow lost to Big Hero 6. Find out if the legend of an adorable sea otter-child hybrid is actually a more compelling story than a superheroes battling in Tokyo/San Francisco. No green beer required (though we won’t blame you for drinking it anyway).


Mario Party 10
Let’s pause for a moment while you spill all the vitriol you have over Mario Party. Did Nintendo run it into the ground? Did some of the early minigames destroy both your hand and the controller? Is it too god damn cute? Yadda, yadda. Now that you’re done, I think the franchise is still a moderately good time, making it better than 99% of real board games. And this one is fully optimized for the Wii U Gamepad, with some of the most creative second screen interface the machine has yet seen. The four vs. one Bowser mode seems to be the best feature of the game, and seems a damn sight more fun than Evolve. And then there’s the fact that the game comes alongside its own set of amiibo, including one you can use in Captain Toad’s game. Seriously, if you own a Wii U and regularly have more than two game players in your house on a given night, this should be on your pre-order list.

Resident Evil Revelations 2
Or, as some wags have dubbed it, Biohazard Revelaitons Too. Seriously though, the episodic sequel to the 3DS game that became a next-gen game that skipped portable is now on a disc release and we couldn’t be more intrigued or confused. Released over the span of four weeks, this is the complete experience of the survival horror game, made for those that forgo the whole “internet” thing for their consoles. What do you get for waiting to play Rebecca, Barry, and Moira’s adventure on a piece of plastic? Beyond the game itself, you get the same bonus episode and Raid DLC that season pass buyers get, plus you have something that collects dust and will eventually go in a landfill. Win-win!

Halo: Nightfall
By most accounts, last year’s Halo: Master Chief Collection was a lot like Communism. Good in theory, but a massive catastrophe when attempted in real life. The Xbox One version of Microsoft’s biggest cash cow barely worked online, and after numerous patches, it still… kinda broken. That certainly hindered the release of a tie-in TV show, one of the first projects of Xbox Entertainment, a department that has since been shuttered. Man, Halo: Nightfall can’t catch a break! Well, if you’re still signed on for Halo 5 (that one can’t release broken, right?), then Nightfall might be required viewing, as it introduces the new costar of the series, Locke. After seeing him at a Comic-Con party, I can say he seemed like a cool dude. Since you may never get that Halo movie, why not enjoy the next best thing?

Squidbillies Season 6
This was still on TV? Boy, shows you how few times I’ve stayed up till 2am watching Adult Swim lately, huh? I haven’t seen recent seasons, but I always had a soft spot for this vile, mean, hateful show and it’s cruel celebration of rural Georgia. Protagonist Rusty may be the meanest sociopath to ever lead a TV show, and the stupidity of his entire family is a sight to behold. This is the first DVD release the series has seen since 2012, which should tell you how much streaming has murdered the TV-on-DVD market. This is from Warner Archive, so don’t expect many extras, but better than nothing, right? Just like the Squidbillies, we should learn to settle for what little we have.

Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe
Jim Gaffigan may be the best stand-up working today, because he’s smart, hilarious, a total pro, and can tell some of the darkest humor while still staying completely clean. It’s comedy you can watch with you mom (I’ve done it), but laugh heartily at the depths to which laziness and gluttony can take human despair. Mr. Universe was released originally in the Louis C.K. $5.00 download model, and now you can get it how it was meant to be owned: ON A DVD! If you’ve never seen Gaffigan’s work before, this is a good place to start, though I find it hard to believe you’ve lived the last 10 years without ever hearing his Hot Pockets routine.

Battlefield Hardline
Cops and robbers! See if you can enjoy this Battefield side game without thinking of a single news story about police brutality. If you can, then this might be the game for you!











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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Best New Releases: Irish Fantasies

  1. Oh Visceral, how I worry about what EA is doing with you. If Battlefield Hardline bombs…..which from the sounds of it is the case currently, I’m thinking Visceral might be next on the ol EA chopping block. Dead Space 3 severely under preformed and with EA throwing them on a Battlefield game when they are used to making DS game….

    1. Visceral (or at least developers titled “Visceral”) also made Dante’s Inferno and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel and survived those. Plus I believe they are working on a Star Wars game with the lady behind Uncharted. So I wouldn’t be too worried about Visceral; as long as EA needs shooters made not by DICE.

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