Vidjagame Apocalypse 104 – Fake Irish Accents


Given that St. Patrick’s Day was this week, we opted for the convenient holiday theme and made this episode about the most Irish thing games have to offer: Irish accents, affected by (mostly) non-Irish actors. Then it’s on to some brief talk about Battlefield Hardline, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and Jason Voorhees joining Mortal Kombat X, after which we take a look at your ideas for the perfect VR experience.

Question of the Week

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, what’s the most memorable gaming experience you’ve had while drunk?



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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 104 – Fake Irish Accents

  1. Not drunk, but I did play WiiSports for the first time on shrooms. On one of my golf swings I let go of the wiimote and smashed my friends precious family heirloom, some old and ugly clock. He was loaded too, so we laughed for a while, and then played tennis instead.

    They have mushrooms in Ireland too

  2. My best drunken gaming experiences usually involved several 1 litres bottles of strong beer (yes litrlitre, I’m Canadian) and trying to play Mario Kart Double Dash. While a couple of my friends seemed to handle it quite well, I quickly fell apart and would race backwards on the track trying to screw everyone else up. They were not very amused, but I had a blast.

  3. Question o’ the week : A few years back myself and a group of buddies took a long weekend to a cabin on a lake in Northern wisconsin in november to relax, unwind, and work on some music. It was cold and snowy, so we decided amongst the other things we wanted to accomplish, we were also going to try and marathon through FF7 on my ps3. the first night there, we drank a whole 6 dollar 30case of something called “Blatz” we found at walmart in bufu, and several quarts of sangria from a sheepskin we found, and started the game. I remember as far as Shinra Tower before i passed out. When i awoke, My buddy Shane (you remember shane) was training to defeat the midgar zolem and was still drunk. Characters were named as follows, and all came as a surprise to me in the morning. cloud=tifa Barrett=Big Show Aeris=soldier Redxiii = Mr Burns and Tifa = Blatz+ . We continued drinking and defeated the zolem, and stayed drunk all weekend, making it to late disc 2 before we had to pack up and leave a couple hazy days later.

  4. Hahaha. Back in High School smoking like you do in the late 90’s as a high schooler. Out of a Coke can. Because out of 4 dumb stoners no one remember to bring ANYTHING to smoke with. Man that weed. Jesus. So we’re smoking, I’m talking with my girlfriend and she just doesn’t stop smiling we’re having the best conversation. You know, deep stoner things I can’t remember. She walks closer looks at me and mentions, “Why the fuck are taking to a Dodge Neon?” Well, that’s about the highlight, shit gets real weird have never had hallucinations before, about fifteen minutes later she complaining her arms are melting off her body sitting in a Denny’s. I decide it’s OK to just vomit every where. EVERYWHERE. Smothered and covered hashbrowns. Check! Thrown out of Denny’s? Check! Now comes panic, where and how the hell are we going to come down, and why the hell is the afternoon sky look like 2 year olds coloring book!? And WTF is in the weed!? We manage to get ourselves to a park about a quarter mile away. I all vomity try and make out with my girl, that doesn’t go well at all. We eventually come down, get home, and sell the rest of the bag to some other chump that says he likes acid… Good luck with that buddy. Before that I had wanted to try acid or shrooms or whatever, after that NOPE. Still smoked a lot for few years though until college got hard.

    —–A couple beers or Bourbon and I’m asleep, always been that way so nothing to exciting drunk. That and I’m a puker. So yeah. 4 drinks hehehe… I’ll drink ’em but don’t get to close to me.

  5. My friend and I got wastey faced at the bar. Neither of us remember walking back to his apartment, but we ended up playing 1 v 1 Super Smash Bros for about four hours. The next day we both recall squinting at the screen in order to prevent drunken double vision.

  6. Pokemon Snap is a game that IS literally looking left and right and pressing a button
    It is the definitive VR headset game.

  7. I only got in a few drunken gaming experiences (and only a few good druken experiences at all) before I was diagnosed with an alcohol allegry BUT: playing Mario Kart 64 with your feet while drunk is an awefully interesting experience. It can be fun, challenging, and you’ll probably ruin a friendship or stain a carpet with blood. My toe nail still grows-in weird.

  8. My wildest substance experiences with games were on acid. The quick one is Braid. Play Braid on acid. Just. Trust me. The longer one is that one evening my roomie and I dropped acid and decided to play Minecraft. We were making some amazing stuff when a homeless lady showed up on my porch looking for a ride. I told her I was not sober and she asked me to call the cops to pick her up. So, on acid, I called the cops to pick up a homeless lady from my porch. While they talked to her outside we continued on Minecraft. The epilogue is that my buddy built his perfect home underground, but close to a hidden vein of lava. So when he got up the next morning the whole thing had burned up.

  9. The most memorable would have to be playing proteus while smoking dmt. I wast playing to so much as I was just holding forward while everything turned into ice cream and was melting

  10. QOTW: Ever try to play Mario Kart Wii drunk? Suffice to say it was near impossible to claim that any of us were doing half well, the winner being the one who came in second to last… or something, I still don’t quite remember that haze but somehow one Wii controller ended up in the next garden over…

  11. My most memorable drunk gaming experience was playing guitar hero 2 in Iraq. It was actually the first time i got drunk. We drank Wild Turkey and Gatorade, it waa awful but it was all we get especially when we weren’t suppose to any alcohol.

  12. The best one for me was when I was still in high school, 17ish. I came home late one night in a drunken stuper and decided it was much smarter to stay awake for awhile then go to bed to avoid the dreaded hangover. So I proceeded to play nba court side for N64 until about 5am after realizing I was too drunk to actually play it. Then managed to get 2 hours of sleep before my dad stormed in and I was asked several integration type questions concerning how I procured booze etc. to this day I have no idea how he found out but I know my N64 never ran nba court side again after that… Talk about a hangover.

  13. One night I got so drunk I had no idea what was going on, except that my friend had put on Megaan III and had placed a controller in my hand. Even in my intoxicated state, I got halfway through the game with no problems. I must have played it so much as a kid that it had become tattooed on my brain.

  14. I don’t drink often, but when I do, I can’t go to bed without jumping into world vs world on Guild Wars for an hour or two. Being tipsy always makes me enthusiastic about contributing to my server’s war effort.

    Once I recall spending a good 20 minutes on a set of battlements holding off a group of about 50 enemies with only a handful of my Sea of Sorrows kinsmen. With arrow and rifle we held those Maguuma bastards at bay long enough for them to get bored and leave.

    I slept well that night!

  15. i think i fought off like 200 dudes in assassin’s creed 3 ones while pretty fucked up. i was just in the zone, dude. every time a new group would come at me my brain would forget how long i’d been doing it and i’d just start brawlin all over again, like some kind of pugilist goldfish

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