Should You Use Marvel Unlimited?

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Hot on the heels of this week’s Cape Crisis — it’s more comic book talk!

OK, I’ve had some time to play around with Marvel Unlimited, and so far I’d say it’s a great system for people like me. There are a few annoyances, but overall I’m very happy with the service. Of course I’m still getting used to it; I’ve already become more accustomed to navigating the site and finding different comics. Let me tell you about the last 24 hours and how I spent it with Marvel Unlimited.

So far, the website has taken some getting used to. You can pretty easily pick a character you like, pick a series, and start reading. I ran into one annoying thing while reading the new Guardians of the Galaxy, though. They had a crossover with All-New X-Men, and instead of having a quick shortcut over to the X-Men comic series where I could pick up and continue reading, I had to stop and go hunt down that series and the book where the story started before I could get back to reading. It’s not a huge deal, but if they do a lot of crossovers (which it looks like they will be doing), it could get very annoying.

Laser Time, Marvel Unlimited, Marvel, comics, review, buy, issues

I spent a good amount of time reading GoTG and almost caught up with the current series. I say “almost” because new comic books come to MU after 6 months: the May issue was released in November. I understand that they want to encourage you to buy the books new or get them digitally, but it’s something to be aware of. You won’t be able to get the latest, most up-to-date issues.

As far as actually reading comics from the site, things haven’t been perfect. The website (and Flash-based reader) barely works on my phone’s web browser, and I’ve given up on trying to get it to work for now. As far as using the service on a regular computer or tablet, I was also having some problems with the beta reader, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can make it work reliably — my enjoyment of the service greatly improved as a result. I’ve been doing most of my reading from my two-plus year-old Surface RT Tablet, and the site has been running fine on it. I’ve also used the site from my laptop and desktop, both with Windows 8.1 and Firefox. The tablet is by far the best device to read on.

Laser Time, Marvel Unlimited, Marvel, comics, review, buy, issues

As for my personal experience, the ease at which I’m able to find a new series and start reading is very nice. And since I’m new to this, it’s extremely helpful since I can get an idea of what series and characters I like. I can also get caught up with characters from the Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies before they come out. I’m also using MU as a way to decide what physical copies I want to subscribe to.

I purchased the Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus Subscription, which is $100 a year. They have a monthly plan at $10 a month, and they have a standard Marvel Annual subscription for $70 a year. The latter is probably the best value, and I may change my subscription to reflect that. The Annual Plus gives 15% off digital comics and collections and 10% of merch. Event at a full $100, that comes down to only $8.33 a month for access to 15,000+ Marvel comics — I think that’s a good price. The $70 a year membership is less than Netflix or Hulu, so I’d say it’s an easy decision.

Laser Time, Marvel Unlimited, Marvel, comics, review, buy, issues

Overall, I would definitely recommend this service to someone who is interested in comics and wants to start reading them, and fans of Marvel characters, of course. For the people who own every X-Men comic, maybe there are other series you haven’t read. And with the movies generating additional interest in the Marvel Universe, this is definitely a nice way of getting more familiar with the Marvel characters. You can also always sign up for just one month and cancel if you don’t like it.

Article by contributor Vincent Sprague.

2 thoughts on “Should You Use Marvel Unlimited?

  1. Have used it for almost a year and it is totally serviceable. Granted I have never used comixology. Great article!

  2. I have just recently purchased this and I do not regret this purchase in the slightest as it allows me to work through Marvel’s whole backlog at a much cheaper rate than purchasing the comics. Also I can read the new releases as long as I mind-wipe all the spoilers from my head and Henry drops all the time on Cape Crisis….
    I will say though that the app is made for tablet use. When I read on a borrowed iPad it is GREAT.
    When I use the app on my iPhone it is to small to use the regular view, and guided view sometimes cuts text speech out and you never get to see the big splashes. So I really recommend using the app on tablets.
    Funny that the writer doesn’t… oh its because he still uses the window tablets…

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