Laser Time – Live-Action/Animation Hybrids


IRL Cartoon! We’re on a mission to find every movie that combined live-action and animation into one handsome package. Your mission is to tell us what we missed!


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37 thoughts on “Laser Time – Live-Action/Animation Hybrids

  1. This looks like an awesome companion to the commentaries! I still have Cool World left, but I’ve loved the other two. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any IRL cartoons I can think of that you guys don’t discuss this episode…

    1. Hope it doesn’t seem too “pimpy” but had it listed as a potential topic forever. I don’t think I did a great job with this topic, but hopefully it comes off funny anyway. I suck!

  2. Ha! So I guess I’m the dick who didn’t see this one coming. You guys are awesome. By the way, it’s 8:22pm.. That’s a thing with my former group of friends and I’m pretty sure you’ll notice that time all the god damned time from now on. Ya I’ve been drinking a bit, what of it?

  3. I have one that makes Cool World look like Sleeping Beauty/Citizen Kane. It was a shitty movie from back in the early 90’s called Evil Toons. It was essentially a vehicle for soft core nudity (which I was completely fine with as a 12 yr old) featuring a group of girls who live in a house possessed by horribly animated cartoons.
    Watch the freakin trailer, it features some of the rapeyist cartoons you will ever see.

    1. Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the commentary on Cool World. I haven’t got to the others yet but that was because, having previously seen CW, I was aware how shitty that movie was and I wanted to get it done with. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen made bearable by a very great commentary track.

      You guys were right….that movie made no fucking sense. At no point were we given a explanation as to why things were happening and what the fuck was going on.

  4. I’ll say you left out the Spongebob movie, which I still think holds up even if I don’t watch the show anymore. You didn’t bring it up in the show Chris, but where do you stand on rotoscope in movies? I find it more miss than hit, but I do find it incredibly intriguing to behold.

    1. I feel the same, although I’m not sure I’ll let rotoscoping get away with being called animation. I use a lot of filters in Photoshop, but I’m no Digital Artist!

    2. I remember not liking it even though I loved spongebob at the time, like the simpsons movie, it felt forced and not like the series i loved.

    1. Even when young and having no concept of voice acting or filmmaking I noticed the actors werent reacting to the tunes and dialogue wasnt matching.
      Space Jam is way better.

    2. I am disappointed Dave didnt respond to Chris mentioning there was a Brer rabbit, fox and bear with

      “Thats unbrerable”

  5. I have an android phone and I use an app to download/listen to the podcast. Anyways, this still hasnt shown up on there.

    1. Toonstruck, maybe
      Bedknobs and Broomsticks, had it written down just forgot to mention it (FUCK!)
      Incredible Mr. Limpet: Doesn’t count! The rarely, if ever, mix live-action and animation and instead cut between the two.

      1. Thank You! I was waiting all episode for you to bring up Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It was still a great episode thought. 😛

  6. i i used tto wach a movie as a child cacalled “Dot and the kangaroo” ii hope that is mentioned, a bit like an australien petes dragon but with a kangaroo…

  7. I just finished watching Roger Rabbit with the commentary, and-combined with this episode-it was like a freaking university lecture. And I mean that in the best possible way. It’s easy to forget that behind all the boner and fart jokes (which I love, too), Chris is basically a Historian Channel talking head when it comes to animation. Can’t wait to listen to the rest of the commentaries.

  8. Cool episode, I found the history stuff really interesting. I actually had that Disney sing along VHS with Song of the South in the mid ’90s, never knew until years later it was controversial…

  9. You gotta stop being so down on your self. I love your history lessons and ramblings about your love for animation and I’m not nearly as much of a fan, though I love film itself so it definitely strikes my interest. As a minor complaint, you guys always seem to breeze over The Three Cabelleros whenever it comes up in conversation but it is my favorite Disney movie. I’ve always been obsessed with it’s crazy premise, animation, music, it’s so energetic! I guess maybe you guys just aren’t very familiar with it, Saludos Amigos also seems to take over the conversation a lot but I never got into that movie. Idk, just my two cents. Love you guys, keep it up.

  10. One obscure movie I saw years ago on TV was “Twice Upon A Time” (1983). It was an interesting film involving George Lucas, the voice of Garfield, PG level bad language, and a character with a TV for a head that could only communicate with real TV show/movie scenes.

    Just found out it’s getting a DVD release this year.

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