Unsurprisingly, Star Wars as Anime totally works!

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Go ahead and file this face-melting Tie Fight under The Best Thing You’ll See All Day…

Goddamn, this is fun! Although I feel like I’ve seen bits and pieces of this elsewhere, but Paul “OtaKing” Johnson has (un)officially released his Tie Fighter short film and it proves beyond a a shadow of a doubt that Star Wars works astoundingly well with an anime approach. Not that there was ever any doubt, really, but how can a respectable nerdlinger not lose their shit watching the Rebels getting the space-piss gorgeously pounded out of them with a hyper-shreddin’ F-Zero-esque soundtrack?! Better still, fans of the classic Tie Fighter PC game series will also find some extra nods and whizzbangs to latch onto. WATCH:

Just Saying: I’ve had plenty of good things to say about Double J’s practical approach to Star Wars as well as the new animated series, but the old fashioned 2D animation fan would probably prefer something more like this. Hey, Lucasfilm has officially done much worse.

Oh, and I also put up some incredibly purdy Star Wars iOS wallpapers this weekend ripped straight from the comic, but I digress! Kudos to OtaKing77077! Peep the official poster below.


17 thoughts on “Unsurprisingly, Star Wars as Anime totally works!

  1. Bad day to be a Rebel…

    Why does it have to be such a rare thing for even professional creators to shoot for that level of creative detail and authenticity?

    When that ISD opened up with its main cannons, it brought forth all the power my EU books told me it had, but nothing in the movies or TV shows ever reflected. It’s called a Goddamn STAR DESTROYER!!! When that beasts throws down, the fight should be over nine times out of ten.

    Awesome work!

    1. Well, on that note, I’d like to point out that this piece’s creator give props to LucasFilm for encouraging these kinds of projects, and I would guess, offering up some of these assets/sounds officially throughout the web. And who knows?! It wouldnt be the first time something like this became official!

      1. @C.Ant: Fair enough. Credit where it’s due, no doubt.

        I’ve just been very frustrated with the SW property since…well, I probably don’t need to say.

        But when I see incredible work like this, I just want to jump up and down and wave my arms! God, there is just so much coolness to Star Wars that -for whatever reason- the suits seem slow to mine; awesome space battles being one of them.


    Ultra super mega-props to you, Paul Johnson!

    1. Yeah, in the YouTube description he mentions it’s the result of of four years worth of weekends. That’s dedication!

  3. This is really incredible! Although I have to admit, the music really didn’t do it for me. And I’m a huge metalhead. I guess I just don’t think it fits Star Wars, or at least if you’re going to go the rock/wailing guitar solo route, make it more orchestral in nature…

    1. I dunno. The orchestral stuff, even with guitar riffs and all, could feel out of place with the tone that he’s going for. I think some 80’s synths and guitar riffs work pretty well here considering that he animated this with this style and color palette. But then again, I’m not listening to whatever soundtrack you picture in your mind so whatever 🙂

  4. Coming from someone that hasn’t cared about Star Wars in a long time, this was really something else.
    Just as long as you avoid the YouTube comments on it. No appreciation for the wailing guitar, sheesh.

  5. That was really impressive, especially considering it was 1 guy doing the animation. I could have done with different music but probably can’t use John Williams on Youtube 🙂 Also interesting point of view, don’t usually get to see the empire dominate the rebels that much.

  6. Holy crap that was awesome. I’d absolutely watch a Star Wars TV series purely focused on space combat.

  7. That was amazing, especially liked the call backs to the way the films showed the pilots on the cockpit as the ships exploded

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