Let’s Do This! LaserMania 2015 wrestling stream at 3PM PST on 3/26!

[UPDATE: YouTube archives embedded above and below, including our WrestleMania 31 Pre-show predictions and our super-secret playthrough of WWF’s Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game!]

Dave and Chris gonna run through the WrestleMania card in WWE 2K15 on Thursday 3/26 at 3PM and then take part in a special main event with your creation! Read on to find out how you can become part of LaserTime’s Showcase of the Immortals!

WrestleMania is this Sunday, and the gang here at LaserTime is pretty darn psyched (we even talked about it on the latest Cheap Popcast). While we’ll have the standard prediction contest up over the weekend, we can’t let the biggest WWE show of the year go without a crazy stream commemorating the event!

At the very least, we implore that subscribe to LaserTime’s Twitch channel and check out the stream on Thursday, March 26 at 3PM, but you can do even more to make your mark on the stream! After Dave and Chris run through the WrestleMania card, we’re gonna need all of the wacky characters we can get for our SUPER SECRET MAIN EVENT (Now embedded below!)

If you have WWE 2K15 for Xbox One, create and upload your characters to the Community Creations; whether it’s your take on one of the LaserTime hosts (if you can top ours), your own character (name it after yourself or put a note in the upload comments so we’ll recognize ya!), or even a gigantic horse to commemorate our original wrasslin stream three years ago (just don’t upload Chris Benoit). How will we find it? Here’s the key part; make sure to enter LaserTime as a keyword when you upload your character. Don’t bother tweaking entrances if you haven’t already; we usually skip them during streams as WWE themes can lead to murky YouTube copyright issues.

Got it? Good! We’ll see ya on Thursday March 26 at 3PM PST for LASERMANIA! The stream and chat are below!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Do This! LaserMania 2015 wrestling stream at 3PM PST on 3/26!

  1. Just the title image made me think this was the Brian Williams edition of the game. “There I was inside the ring with my tag team partner Chewbaca facing off against Michael Jordan and Randy Orton for the WWE title!”

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