Vidjagame Apocalypse 105 – Games Overshadowed by Pack-In Demos


Fresh off our playthrough of the dazzling Final Fantasy XV demo, we begin this week’s show by looking at the proud tradition of packing high-profile demos to help sell (and, more often than not, almost completely eclipse) medium-profile games. Then it’s on to some rapturous Bloodborne chatter, our thoughts on Hideo Kojima leaving Konami, and your best drunk-gaming experiences.

Question of the Week

If you bought a PS4 or Xbox One (or a new graphics card, sure), which game has justified the purchase the most?



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listed roughly in order of release date

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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 105 – Games Overshadowed by Pack-In Demos

  1. I bought an Xbox One, and I have not regretted my purchase at all. The two games that I have now that have currently justified the purchase are Fantasia: Music Evolved (which is why I bought the Assassin’s Creed Unity Kinect bundle, and man is Fantasia awesome fun and makes that Kinect totally worth it) and Halo: The Master Chief Collection (especially now since it’s multi-player is working really well and its value is more than what you pay for in my opinion). Have yet to play Shadow of Mordor and I will say that I did like AC: Unity. Looking forward to Arkham Knight, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Kingdom Hearts III.

  2. RE: Bloodborne

    I watched another stream, and the gun can be used as a parrying item. If you shoot enemies at the right time (right before they strike?) then they fall to one knee and you can essentially one hit kill them then.

  3. I got a PS4 first since I preferred the device and interference rather than any games out at that time, although inFamous: Second Son was a plus. It was more the promise of games like Bloodborne.

    The Xbox One however was for Killer Instinct, both new and the HD classics because the 90s was awesomely dumb.

  4. I bought a ps4 and nothing has justified it yet because everything that’s being released are games i still own on 360 and ps3. Infamous and watch dogs were disappointing. I should have just bought the wii u first at least i could have been playing bayonetta 2 or 3d world.

  5. I got a PS4 near launch, and every game I got has been just amazing!! Its like every swing they take is a home run, thousands of hours of perfect gameplay, fresh new ideas, and sublime enjoyment! I have had to buy several new pairs of pants since, as i keep ruining them out of sheer enjoyment! You should all have a PS4, but for one lucky individual, I’ll help you out! you can buy mine for 20$ below market price, as I’ve enjoyed it so much i want to pass the love on to someone else!

    For sale, one PS4, hardly touched.

  6. I haven’t bought an Xbox One or a PS4, because I don’t like games that are 100% based on online multiplayer like Titanfall, Destiny and all of those other games that should just be called “I can’t believe its not CoD.” I don’t play video games to get in boring repetitive deathmatches and be repeatedly called offensive things by children that are younger than my niece and nephew. There are games for those systems that I would enjoy playing but the majority of them are available on consoles I already own with slightly less impressive graphics. More pixels are not worth 100’s of dollars.

    Instead I bought a 3DS, because Animal Crossing….

  7. As someone who recently played BOTH Zone of the Enders games in the HD collection. I gotta say that both Chris and Mikel are pretty wrong. Chris for claiming no one likes the series and implying it isn’t any good without having ever played them (Fanbase isn’t HUGE, but it’s there, and they are great games, specially because they are pretty original and unique in what they do.)

    And Mikel… I have a feeling you might have been disappointing by SoE2 because it was less “open” in it’s structure than the first game… But that’s actually a good thing. The first game’s structure was incredibly repetitive, and it had a ton of missions that required you to protect buildings that were a humongous pain in the ass. Honestly, the first ZoE doesn’t hold up nowadays very well, not just graphically, but gameplay-wise as well.

    Zone of the Enders 2, however, one of the most underrated games of all time. The graphics STILL hold up to this day, the gameplay was super fast and varied, and it’s astounding how much the developer did to keep the game varied, every single mission had very different structures and things to do. From stopping a high tech train, to infiltrating a mine riddled hidden base, to destroying a fleet of flying dreadnoughts, to then taking part in a HUGE 200+ mech battlefield. The game is fucking fantastic, and most people, like Chris, are honestly all the worse for never having even tried it.

  8. The X-Files adventure game did let you annoy Skinner by shining your flashlight in his face during meetings in his office, which I always did. Skinner does not like flashlights in his face.

  9. At first when I purchased both PS4 and XBone I had a lot of regret, but then two games came out that I feel justify’s my purchase. Destiny for the PS4 and Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare for the XBone. Both games in my opinion graphically show what both systems are capable of doing and they are both extremely fun to play and immerse yourself into….. Oh, and by the way, The Order 1886 has also justified my purchase of the PS4 as well…. So you guys can go shove it! Just kidding, keep up the good work.

  10. I was honestly so surprised at how good Crackdown was considering it basically just bought for the Halo 3 Beta access, but damn did I put in at least 100 hours into that thing… too bad Crackdown 2 was an utter letdown.

  11. I am neutral to say that I bought my Xbox One on day one with only two games in mind at the time. Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2.
    Since I was young and to this day I’ve loved Ratchet and Clank, so when I heard of a new game by Insomniac Games with an eye popping art style, weird, creative weapons and the off the wall feeling of an energy drink apocalypse I knew I would love. I did and I still do.
    Forza Horizon 2 justifies the Xbox One for me because its just like the original except prettier, bigger and features additional and diverse distractions. Horizon 2 is by far the best Xbox One racing game in my opinion.
    Now that anyone can buy an Xbox One for $350.00 on average, it’s more than worth the money.

  12. QOTW: Man thats a hard question I guess batman Arkham Knight I really want to see the world of batman post major incident of arkham city, also you’re not fooling me batman those tank rounds dont “Knock out” you’re atleast putting those thugs in a comma or worse.

  13. I somewhat disagree with Chris’s assertion that the developers/studios mistakenly released sequels to these games by blindly misreading sales numbers. If I had to guess, the whole point of this style of demo-pack-ins is to try to get new original IPs into the hands of gamers who might otherwise not be interested in hopes of kickstarting a new franchise. As part of that strategy, a sequel would more than likely already be planned, if not already in the works.

    Sadly, this rarely pans out, but in an industry that tends to be so hostile to new IPs (especially if the cost a lot to make) I applaud this strategy and think it’s worth revisiting.

  14. I might have to stop listening because you dissed the east. Philadelphia 4 Lyfe.

    QOTD star citizen, considering I can only run it on low settings, I can’t imagine I could have run it on my old card.

  15. What’s a PS4 or Xbox One? I just bought a New 3DS XL and it was worth it for Smash Bros. and Smash Bros. alone.

  16. I have my Wii U and an Xbox One and so far I think my Wii U has gotten more use between Zelda Windwaker HD and Mario Kart than my Xbox One has. I will eventually get a PS4 for Uncharted 4, Killzone and The Order 5 hours long. I’ve been playing more games on my PC via Steam than anything else lately. My back catalog is so laughably huge it’s sad.

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