Cape Crisis #130 – The Lex Express


Henry and Chris have another two man talk about everything going on in comics, like a brand new Avengers team, rewatching X-Files, comics of shame, and Jesse Eisenberg’s bald head. Plus, a very lively discussion of the question of the week, and a superhero spotlight for Lex Luthor!


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Cape Crisis #130 Question: What’s your favorite super villain scheme?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #130 – The Lex Express

  1. Eisenberg looks surprisingly fine bald, but then again the fact that he looks okay isn’t really news… It’ll be nice to see some actual stills or a trailer for Batman V Superman.

    Also, I’ve got a question for Henry, Chris and whoever is on next week’s episode: what do you think would be some good Hulk stories to read and/or recommend to others? I was trying to pinpoint some specific trades or story arcs, and I couldn’t seem to come up with any myself.

  2. Shit, I was trying to find the comment but someone on IGN quoted a fantastic bit said by Lex Luthor about Superman. I’m going to butcher it but it was essentially that Superman is an alien threat that could turn on a dime one he decides the criminals aren’t worth it anymore or if he becomes bored with humanity.

    If I can find it I’ll post it. Definitely makes Lex a more interesting character.

  3. To answer your question, well this may be recent but it does have a bit of familiarity involved. I pretty much like The Inventor’s kidnapping of teens to use as batteries for his machines. Yeah, something like The Matrix but this is probably more nightmarish, I guess as the teens are so easy to lure and what he had to say to sell them on this that they think they’re doing a lot of good for the world.

    That to me is pure evil genius.

    1. The Inventor’s plot was pretty neat. Preying on teenagers’ weak minds, convincing them they were only good for generating clean electricity. It will be interesting to see what the next big threat will be for Ms. Marvel.

  4. Eisenberg looks good, but I will always love the Justice League cartoon version of Lex Luthor. The deep and commanding voice of Clancy Brown lends him a lot of gravitas. I imagine that Snyder is going for a very different take, and Eisenberg is a good actor, but I’m just not sure he can be threatening enough.

    1. Two words: Heath Ledger. Or even Michael Keaton. I don’t think any superhero movie in the last ten years or so has had a miscasting, so I’m totally fine with this. I’m sure he’ll be great and the picture makes me even more certain.

  5. I love Chris’ philosophy on piracy, and it’s particular pertinent in my country, where everything is more expensive, and we have less disposable income.

    If I hadn’t stolen things as kid, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge base necessary to study computer science. My friends in animation would never be able to afford licenses to professional tools like the ones made by autodesk, and they can’t practice enough to be competitive without them (university labs aren’t open all night).

    Things are much better these days. As long as you understand the consequences of your actions, and pay for everything you can afford, piracy can exist without completely ruining content creator’s lives. (Though stealing is still most certainly morally wrong as well as illegal).

    Also, I remember Bendis on the Nerdist podcast mentioning that you can watch powers through one of Sony’s sites if you have ps plus. I’m not sure which one though…

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