Laser List: 4 Disney Plot Points That Make No Sense

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You guys like it when I talk about Disney. And by “talk about,” I mean “ruin.” Here’s to your childhood! And by “childhood,” I mean “total lie fed to you by bad writers!”

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2 thoughts on “Laser List: 4 Disney Plot Points That Make No Sense

  1. Hmm. Tarzan was an American made kids movie made for American kids. I don’t know if we can really hold the accent against it. I get it doesn’t make sense but when I was a lad, no one was talking about how Kevin Coster didn’t have a english accent…..and that was a movie with the teen/adult crowd in mind.

    The Cinderella explanation is a pretty easy one. She was probably left those shoes as a memento from her fairy godmother.

    My preferred theory is that the fairy godmother set up the whole situation to end with them finding each other. Sure she tells Cinderella that the magic ends at midnight but why should we believe her? Who’s to say that the shoes were not enchanted the entire time with the ability to change thickness and size every time it was tested on someone? (Think of it as the less evil version of The One Ring) Are we supposed to say, “Well transforming pumpkins and magical dresses are on thing, but a shoe that doesn’t disappear at midnight and most likely changes size at the exact moment the prince chases her?

    I could explain more but you probably get the gist of it.

  2. I’m pretty sure Aladdin was put in prison before he was made a prince. The reason why he couldn’t use his royalty to save the day at the end was because Jafar was already an all-powerful sorceror. Good video regardless, Tony.

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