Wrestlemania – Behind the Scenes Tour


Get a quick and highly unofficial look behind the curtains of Wrestlemania 31 with the Laser Time gang!

I know Laser Time’s been lousy with wrestling content, but before you can complain, please know that the marks the end to the annual extravaganza that is WRESTLEMANIA. I consider myself a casual/lapsed squared circle fan, but this trip was downright magical, so we figured why not share the experience. Most importantly, this was the drunkest I’ve ever been on camera so let’s see how I do!

Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to listen to the latest Cheap Popcast for more tales from the Wrestlemania frontlines, bruthur!

24 thoughts on “Wrestlemania – Behind the Scenes Tour

  1. Great edit job Chrissy-Poo. Brett looks fly, though I’m sure his opinion of the beer bus has probably changed if the Cheap Popcast discussion is anything to go by. Hopefully one of these days WrestleMania will make another appearance in the Midwest so I can finally see it in person.

    Did you guys ever meet up with Grimm or was he just a lone wanderer, in search of the cosmic key?

    1. We met up after for drinks. I literally got my tix the day before, cuz one of Brett’s co-workers had a friend who backed out. He was cool and we drank Budweiser/hooted and hollered in unison.

  2. What an excellent video…you’re a talented guy Chris. I’d love to see more videos of the LT crew hanging out in random places. And I know I can’t be the only one holding out hope for a video version of shitlords/movie commentaries one day.

  3. Great video Chris!! Glad you were able to dupe the lowly security guard so your filming could commence! I will be enjoying the new CheapPOPcast tonight at work… where I am a lowly security guard! HAHA!! Love every podcast on the network and appreciate all you guys provide! Thanks for the hours of content!!

  4. …wow Chris’ arm hair damn near reaches his shoulders. Also you guys really looked like you had lots of fun.

  5. Great job Chris! This is what I’ll show to anyone new to wrestling. I give it 2 out of 1 star. That’s double the most stars you could get!

  6. Awesome video! I could tell by the end that everyone had a awesome time and were pumped. And holy cow, was that guy throwing beer in the for-mentioned bus, or was that snacks. My sympathies to Brett and his ear if that was how hard the throwing was.

  7. SO MANY PEOPLE! i can’t believe how many people are into wrestling. just wow.
    I legit wish you guys did more road trip video produced like this.
    Henry is more than a little excited, that guy is pure energy. haha

    I love that the edits made the footage mostly seem non chronological but still understandable.
    Also, Chris… did you do the video editing? if so I’m jealous and I should have pages attention in my more of my media editing and animation production classes. D:

  8. awesome!! definitely going to try to go to next years wrestlemania. not the same level but I went to the Ring of Honor Wrestling taping this past weekend. forgot how much better wrestling is live! recommend checking it out next time they’re in town. anyway…keep up the great work!

  9. I have never heard of you guys but this was a great video you did and now I will have to check out the rest of this site! I was there to and it was so freakin awesome!

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