Laser Time – Unofficial Sequels


Unsanctioned, unwanted, or otherwise retconned follow-ups to some of the most famous film series of all-time…


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20 thoughts on “Laser Time – Unofficial Sequels

  1. Yay! lasertiem is here!

    And aw, I was sorta hoping and fast and furious related episode. Just watched the movie yesterday, it was stupid fun as hell, and a fitting escalation to what the series has been with every entry.

    1. That actually would’ve fit into this episode since Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow is technically a Fast & Furious prequel (Sung Kang plays the same Han character in both of them).

      1. Huh, that’s pretty interesting! I’ve never heard of those movies, but now that you’ve mentioned them, I’m curious, are they any good? I like Han as a character, so I might check them out if they are at least fun.

        1. Godammit, you’re so very right. So embarrassed I missed this since I’m one of the few people who has seen and still owns Better Luck Tomorrow. Fast 7 was pure magic BTW!

  2. Yay Laser Time!

    But oh god, Never Say Never Again. I actually just rewatched it this past summer and I’ve got to say… it really is a stinker. It’s far from Moonraker levels of terribleness, but it’s above and beyond the worst Connery Bond movie, and makes Octopussy look like a classic. Connery’s aging Bond is an interesting concept that Skyfall would use later, but the damn WarGames scenario is beyond stupid and it commits one of the worst sins a Bond movie could manage – it’s boring as hell.

    1. A-freakin’-men. Connery looks so bored. He did it for the money, and he just doesn’t care. Nobody cares.

      But at least the WarGames stuff is goofy and dated, making it more fun than the 17 hours of scuba diving in “Thunderball.” And I think the scene where he kills Fatima Blush is hysterical. It’s like an SNL skit about how dumb his secret gadgets are. “Before I kill you, I want you to write something with your pen, the Killershooter 9000!” BANG! “Oh, I could not have anticipated this!”

      Yes, I’m the Lasertime Bond nerd, which is weird, because Bond Nerd Girls are rarer than you’d think. I’d do a whole podcast just about Bond, but it’s been done (and done well) already.

      1. I’m glad someone on Laser Time has some pretty good Bond knowledge. I for one would definitely listen to that Bond podcast, even if it was just a single episode of LT. Maybe to tie into Spectre this year?

        Although, I will admit I do like Thunderball beyond those damn underwater sequences. They do drag the film down A LOT considering how much time they take on how many there are, but I find the rest of the movie interesting enough. I don’t really remember the novel dragging as much as the movie which is usually opposite for this franchise

  3. First time commenting here,

    Huge fan from kuwait

    I just want to kiss whoever choose the background music for this lasertime

    Captain tsubasa nes soundtrack is the best

    You guys rock, love your shows, and your cast, except for Chris Antista because he always messes up the cape crisis intro

    Chris, I swear to god that if in the next cape crisis you dont mess up the intro with the henry, I will donate 50$

  4. I’m surprised you missed the most popular unofficial Italian sequel. The follow up to a film about a young boy named Harry Potter, who discovers he has magic powers, and uses them to fight evil. I am of course talking about Troll 2.

    1. I mean, I know that director hates that movie, but wasn’t it made by the “official” holder of the film rights?

      1. Yeah, you could be right. To my eyes it’ll always be “unofficial” though.

        By the way, I love the podcast. I’ve been quietly listening for about a year yet this is my first time visiting the site. Thanks for all the work you put into Laser Time. You have a UK fan right here. 🙂

  5. I was anticipating you mention this, but maybe this was a bit of a stretch: “Jackie Brown (Miramax)” and “Out of Sight (Universal)” are sidequels to eachother. They have at least one recurring character. Unofficial, because they’re different studios, but less unofficial because they share the same source material author.

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