Cape Crisis #132 – Running Late To Flash


Henry and Chris are joined by Dave Rudden for this one, where we get a Walking Dead update, Henry FINALLY sees The Flash TV show (and really likes it), the guys discuss duck faces, super sight and sound, and give a lengthy Superhero Spotlight on a Marvel character that will likely be extra famous real soon…


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Cape Crisis #132 Question: Would you rather have super hearing (and be blind) or super sight (and be deaf)?

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #132 – Running Late To Flash

  1. Humm. I was skeptical about The Flash but I guess it’s worth taking a look at. I’m curious to hear your thoughts next week on how Suicide Squad’s Joker is coming along too.

  2. Glad Henry finally gave the flash a chance. It’s definitely a better show than I ever thought it could be.

    Unfortunately for me, I’ve been lazy and haven’t watched any of the episodes that have come out this year. So a lot of what I’d talked on in this episode was spoiler-y for me XD

    So happy with the brief but cool discussion about furious 7. And yeah, it’s amazing how far the franchise has come, since I also was someone who watched and hated one of the first films, (2 sucks balls, the third one is legit cool though.) Skipped the others until 5, and then fell in love with its ludicrousness.

    1. You have to admit, it’s kinda jarring to make a movie about a character that’s completely separate to an ongoing show of that same character. Specially knowing that both ARE owned by the same company, and they COULD make them work with each other if they only were willing to put the effort.

      1. It’s always seemed incredibly dumb to me that they aren’t allowing the TV universe to connect to the films, especially when they’ve established so much and in terms of quality the shows are better than most of DC’s movies. But nope, let’s have two versions of the Flash, Deathstroke, Deadshot, and inevitably all the Batman characters who have appeared on Arrow, not to mention the stuff that’ll be introduced with Supergirl…

      2. I have to disagree there. I don’t think anyone other than a really young child would confuse the 2 versions of the same character, and even then the child wouldn’t care. It’s been happening for forever.

        You know who would be confused? People on the internet. I think that those are the only people that find that jarring.

        I see it as a breath of fresh air. You can also be as wild as you want with any particular version of the character and please any kind of viewer.

        1. I may have misunderstood the meaning of the word “Jarring”. But I didn’t mean it as to say “confusing” so much as I meant “cringe-worthy” or “unpleasant”.

          And sure, it can be, and the movie could be just fine. But it’s just not as exciting. At least for me.

      3. Yeah its too complicated to have two different versions of a character, that never happens in comic books.
        We shouldnt have any cartoons with the Flash running….. at the same time either, there can only be one incarnation at a time because the public is too dumb to tell the difference or ask the question is that the same one and get over it.

        Frankly Agents of shield is the lowest common denominator of the Marvel shared uni. and has only soured my love of coulson, so Ive yet to see “crossover”(I dont even think it counts since nothing original from Agents has affected the films yet) thats good between the movies and tv. Maybe the netflix stuff will(eventually) but until then Id just rather have a tv universe that you can do whatever with and not try to pull off some cheap plate balancing trick between mediums and trip over one another.
        Also that Vixen animated show has me excited.

        1. The fact that it happens in other mediums and in comic books doesn’t make it a GOOD thing. Besides, when it’s done in a way that’s clearly done to be different or a “What if” story. It tends to work much better. Otherwise, instead of helping each other, people will gather towards one and abandon the other.

          Furthermore, there’s not a lot of crossover between people reading comics and those who watch the TV show or the movie. However, the crossover of people that both watch TV shows and movies is much higher.

          Besides, combining universes is far more tricky and hard… precisely because it’s more worth it. It takes far less skill to go “Eh, let these two things be their own thing, that way we don’t have to worry about putting more effort.”

          And lastly… you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re dead wrong about the Agents of Shield show. You’re right that some crossovers haven’t worked… when they feel forced and are two small. But when they have truly have interplayed with the movies? it might be some of the best moments in the show ever. When the Hydra reveal in Winter soldier tied back in a mayor way in Agents, it’s when it’s universally agreed that the show got significantly better. And now that they are introducing a major race from an upcoming movie? it’s super exciting stuff.

          And the same applies for the Flash/Arrow interplay, some of the most fun moments in the series is when both have played off on each other.

          The flash movie might turn out to be excellent, and I sincerely hope it does, but it’s still less exciting than trying back to the show.

      4. Nah. While I’d love to see Grant Gustin as the movie Flash, there is already too much baggage to bring to the screen. Good for a TV show, bad for a movie universe.

        And you can go “oh but Marvel do it” all you like, Agents of SHIELD doesn’t affect the movies in any way. And consequently they have to make do with crappy Z-list characters like Quake or The Absorbing Man while on the other channel The Flash is battling his arch-nemesis the Reverse Flash, the Rogues and Gorilla Grodd.

        While it would be nice, it means DC are getting a big movie universe and a big TV universe too, filled with exciting characters and storylines, and you don’t need to be an avid follower of Arrow to enjoy Suicide Squad. In an ideal world I’d want it all shared, I understand why they want to keep them separate.

        It was still a shitty move announcing a Flash movie with a different actor the week the TV series premiered though.

  3. you know listening to you guys talk about transgender people coming out made me think about Sophie Campbell, who is the artist on the new Jem comic as well as having worked on many of the Ninja turtles comics and the run of Glory with Joe Keating. She used to be Ross Campbell (of the former podcast “a podcast with Ross and Nick”) and cane out on tumblr and twitter as trans and transitioning over the last year. I love her so much! She’s the greatest.

  4. Chris may have a point to the F&F series being marketed to young people (although that seems like a bad argument but whatever) but I’ve watched them at multiple points after they’ve released and at a few points in my life and I think they hold up in different ways.
    1 is a perfect encapsulation of a time period with great race scenes, 2 is pretty bad actually but Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson save a lot of it, 3 is legitimately awesome (I watched it two days ago), 4 is the lowest point of the series I don’t have anything good to say about it, but 5 is the height of the series in my opinion it’s awesome on so many levels, 6 is almost as good as 5 and 7 is almost as good as 6.
    Just my opinion of course but I think most of these hold up more than lots of people give it credit for.

  5. Chris mentioned the 1990s Flash serier and I went to IMDB and was super surprised that John Wesley Shipp guy playing Henry Allen (Barry’s Dad) played Barry Allen in the 1990s series!?!?!?! That is crazy. Also glad that Henry is now watching the series good on ya man!

    1. They reference the 90s show all the time in the new one. At least two people have actually reprised their roles, including Mark Hamill as the Trickster – and they even used shots from the 90s show in that episode. And had Trickster kidnap John Wesley Shipp too.

  6. I still need to check out Flash myself, though I’ve heard really mixed things. I am a big fan of Arrow though, so I’ll definitely give Flash a shot.

    Meanwhile, I’m three episodes into Daredevil as I write this and holy crap is it awesome.

    1. Fuck Yis. And I’ only ONE episode in XD

      (It’s what happens when you have a super busy fiancée who also loves comic book movies, but barely has the time to watch anything.)

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