Agents of SHIELD “Melinda” Review

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We finally learned why Melinda is known as The Cavalry!

It took over a year to finally get the whole story, and the reveal itself was a super dragged-out thing. That being said, the writers found an explanation that doesn’t disappoint, but at the same time isn’t anything too special. Some super cheesy moments remained though, like May talking to herself out loud about her motives, and some on-the-nose dialogue. The child being the true evil mastermind was a nice twist, even if the child actress wasn’t the best — and having to kill a child fits perfectly into May’s back story. I want to give credit to Ming-Na Wen for doing a great job at differentiating pre- and post Cavalry May.

May was also the focus in the present-day story, one that was very well done, with a credible way for May to actually question Coulson’s motives. I look forward to when all of these characters come back together to actually these issues out (what could Project Theta be?). And I do wonder about whom else Coulson could be working with beyond Deathlok. What other powered people have we not met yet? It was nice to see a pre-Avengers Coulson too, even if he did come with a corny line referencing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, show, review, season 2, episode, melinda, Marvel, MCU, marvel cinematic universe

The Cavalry has arrived.

Having spent more time with this new group of SHIELD, their motives and mind frame are becoming clearer and clearer, and the line between the right and wrong side has become blurred.  It’s almost like my stance is slowly changing right alongside May and Simmons. They no longer come off as the bland “I just want to be in charge of SHIELD” bad guys they seemed to be when we first met them.

Opposite of May’s story is Skye’s, and she rather suddenly found out the true identity of her new trainer. Chloe Bennet’s performance was fantastic, and you could feel the raw emotion present in their exchange, one that Skye had been dreaming about her entire life. More Inhuman info made Jaiying’s true relation to Skye something that had to be a secret from everyone — one that I don’t think will be kept much longer. The impromptu dinner scene between Skye and her immediate family was great too, although I find it weird that Jaiying still has some sort of connection with Cal. I mean, we still have no idea how she’s even alive.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, show, review, season 2, episode, melinda, Marvel, MCU, marvel cinematic universe

Family dinner!

Overall, this was a good episode with May in the spotlight. The ending scene teased that Fitz will be joining up with the crew again, and I certainly long for an out-of-the-lab character with a new dynamic. On the other hand, I was a bit confused at the Raina and Lincoln storyline here. What exactly did Lincoln get from the dinner scene? Raina’s hidden ability? Either way, I still look forward to how all of these story lines play out. And hey, aren’t we fast approaching the Age of Ultron tie-in episode?

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

2 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD “Melinda” Review

  1. It took way longer than usual for me to watch this episode. Blame it on Daredevil XD

    Anyway, good review as usual, although I’m surprised at how confused you seem to be about what Lincoln saw and figured out. I mean, it’s not spelled out and I might be wrong, but I think what was revealed is that Raina’s “Nightmares” are not nightmares at all, but premonitions. Because she apparently dreamed about that family dinner, and Lincoln saw it happen, which is why he said what he did. It’s rather bizarre that on top of her weird porcupine appearance, that would end up being her main power, but then again, Inhumans do seem to have weird combinations, like Gordon being blind and also able to teleport.

    Also… How was Lincoln there in the first place? If the nature of Skye’s parents was meant to be such a big secret, you’d think her mother would have done a better job of keeping anyone from entering that place. Lincoln literally just stumbled inside…

    1. Daredevil is always a good excuse!

      And yea, I did not get that from how they played that scene out. Maybe I missed Raina mention the dinner? I only heard her ramble on about how happy Skye was/will be, and that alone didn’t give me enough information to connect those dots. I’m sure they will make it clearer next week. It was odd that Lincoln just stumbled into that highly guarded secret. With Gordon, do we know how his blindness works? He acts like he can see and all; is he an enhanced Daredevil? I have forgotten if they gave any explanation to it yet.

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